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Warm Email Prospecting with Ed Gandia

Lesson 26 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

Warm Email Prospecting with Ed Gandia

Lesson 26 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

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26. Warm Email Prospecting with Ed Gandia


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Lesson Info

Warm Email Prospecting with Ed Gandia

All right, lesson twenty four is our skype chat with ed gandhi a so let's bring up ed hello, ed hey, where you well, how are you? Well, this is really cool that we're doing this. I am thrilled that you're joining us. Thank you so much. I think I have set things up properly and explained a little bit about warm email prospecting, but let's begin with you telling the people who you are and what you d'oh. Sure, so I'm a freelance copywriter in freelance writer I also spend quite a bit of my day teaching training and coaching freelance creative professionals on launching and growing their businesses. So really on the business side of things on dh I really passionate about helping creative people get more and better paying clients and doing that in last time so our anymore in less time essentially I excellent and you also created this program that I've been talking about it so far all during this segment called warm email prospecting so maybe in your own words, tell us what it is you know, ...

the simplest way to describe it is it's cold calling without the yuck factor so it's really about sending very short personalized, relevant email to another individual toe wonder one communication you know, this is not a mass e mail with a very specific message one hundred twenty five words or less in the objective is not to elaine the client is not the land of project the objective is to start a dialogue excellent and one of the things I want to do two things with you today as we discussed one is talk about resource is for researching actual living breathing prospect so you know exactly who you're talking to and how to find the connection with them and then we'll go over the anatomy of your version of the warm e mail man message sure, go ahead. So let's talk about you know you've done a lot of work here this week with ok, how do you find the right person? How do you know who we need to target? Right? So assuming that you already understand who you need to target, the next logical step is okay, great. But I know it's, abc company on I know it's a marketing director, but how do I find his or her name in his or her contact information? So should we start there? Right? Because I think it's okay, so there are a couple of different ways, but I'm going to show you kind of the fastest path because this will really cut down the guesswork of the first thing I would do is if you have that you already know it's, a marketing director and, you know it's, a v c company there's a very simple tool called linked in, you know, and go toe lengthen if you go to the you see the search field in the top right next to it there's a link hold advance, it's an advanced search paige will take you to on dh. You have a lot of different fields that you can enter data and and you want to enter the company name and you want to enter the term. I like to start with market. So rather than marketing director of marketing manager I just marketing because that's gonna tell linked and he's looking for someone in abc company with a name with a term marketing in their title. So I want to kind of keep it brought at that point and it's going to turn up a list of people. Some of those people no longer work for that company, but he usedto work in that company. So that's what they're showing up there, a marketing person. So you sift through that now here's the tricky thing, and lengthen this kind of change this over over the years. But you will not find the person's information isi find somebody and you were there not a first level or second level connection. They you will not get all their contact information, but assuming they are first or second level connection you found what you needed so far at least you got a name if their third level or above there's an easy trick and I'll just give you this request, but this is gonna happen to many people. You copy and paste the information you do have let's say is cindy s and then the title or part of the title you take all that highlighted you copy you paste that into the google search fields. He opened up another tab, paste it on there and it's crazy how many times it works? It will turn up that person's full name in entitle right there. So now you have that information and this works about eighty percent of the time you have first name last name you have title at abc company. What do you miss it? Their email address lincoln is probably not gonna have that. So there many different ways of doing it, one of my favorite and that this is the first one I'll go to is google. I'll just go to google and type in the person's name, and then I'll type the at abc co dot com if that makes sense, right? So that's the that's their domain name writes, what I'm looking for are instances of that person's name in the at abc co dot com that being their domain name you have to play with it a little bit google has some advanced search features of done things like first name and last name under quotation marks on dh then do the abc co dot com I've done email type in the word email as well just to see my see instances and what will happen is's not that google is from sort of you know, a magical device if that person's email is somewhere out in the web and google has index that information, he should be able to find it this worse about sixty seventy percent of the time but it's free so that's that's where I like to start so now I have company I have the person's name I have their title possibly their email okay at this point I'm maybe five or ten minutes in that the most if google doesn't work there's a tool out there I love it's called data dot com connect they used to be called jigsaw seals force that calm bottom and it's a paid service, but I tell you if I can't find it with google, I don't wish time I go to d did not come connect a p two hundred fifty dollars a year to use it it's a crowdsourced database of email and contact information in most of the time I can find it there beautiful, very specific information that I think could be very helpful so now ed, thank you for that and let's spend a few minutes going over the anatomy of an email, a warm email message and again the outline for this people have it in the workbook but they're not looking at it right now they're looking at you and me so uh I need you to kind of talk us through what the different elements are okay sure so keep in mind that the beauty of this email hundred twenty five words or less case you don't have to come up with a lot of content here in fact shorter is better when you want to do the subject line is critical obviously the subject line it's not right what people look at in their inbox who is this from what's a subject line they don't recognize the name they'll go to the subject line the subject line has to be relevant so in the subject line I have ah I insert some copy there for when I called a meaningful connection and I'll get to that here in a minute so that's something find something about the meaningful connection you found then you have a salutation hi city then you lead with a meaningful connection right? Because you give something in the subject line you don't want to feel like a bait and switch she start with a meaningful connection, I'll explain men and second then your value statement then a credibility statement sense or earl linked to something that will show that your credible and then a simple called action so let's let's talk about the elemental lee so meaningful connection the best way I can explain that this is a connection this is not someone you know is that someone you both have in common? A meaningful connection is simply a bridge this is you saying, look, I'm writing you you don't know, but I'm writing you because I found this about you this is what I do and this is why it's relevant to what I saw on your website or would have okay, so this is like, this is why I'm writing there's a connection here there's a very specific reason and I'm going to be a couple of examples, so this will bring us the life then your value statement is just a couple of sentences it say, so I'm writing you because of this this is what I found I were with such and such companies to help them do this I'm a little different from many other designers in that you know, I do this that or the other ok? Or maybe you name some of your past or current clients, right? So that kind of credibility edge to it, then you move into the credibility, earl and that could be many different things you could choose to bend at that point me and some of your clients he could choose to send him a link to some of your sample work he could choose cinema linked to your why me patri or about me something in they can click too because the tendency is all but I want to tell them or I want to tell them or just to be you know what? You don't have the room and your email cinema link where they can find out more and they can sell serve they're interested and then a soft invitation to connect and that's how you gonna cap it off soft invitation I always like to end it should sail with ninety percent of the time I like to end with a question and it's basically this should we connect it's a pattern interrupt? They're not expecting that they're they're expecting you to pitch some hay and willing to work with you on awesome look, I don't know I'm giving you this information here's what I've found here is what I do I think there's a reason for us to connect here's one incredible here's what I do I don't know you tell me should we connect questions begged to be answered that's why I love to cap it off with a question and again all this has to be done in one hundred twenty five words or less beautiful all right so let's see if we have any questions for ed and then let's see if we have any questions in the chat room we'll start with the in studio audience and then we will tell people where they can find a lot more information about this because obviously in five or so minutes you're not gonna be able to tell all of it and nobody actually got all of it because there's so much to learn but you do have a cheat sheet that we're going to tell people where to find but questions on the couch justin because I have a question about the follow up email like I should should you be rephrasing you're asked like what's what does a follow up email actually look like so so hopefully if they didn't respond to the first one they'll don't know engage with the second one yeah it's a great question so I have some rules that I've set up for myself because you know we're emotionally tied to this right and you're like oh my god say and respond what should I d'oh and so you need to set up different rules so you know how to act right so the first thing is I I will always send a follow up email if it's a really good prospect that there are like men this's right up my alley then I will do some more follow up but let me give me the initial follow up I do with everybody I find that the tendency is you only have one hundred twenty five words or less. You want to do it that way because it stands out it's short to the point. Why this going out right to it? You want to include more there's so much you could tell this company, right? Pick something else that you had to exclude from the original e mail and use it in the follow up. But here's, what you do have a very exact process. Go to your sent folder. Find the original e mail you sent cindy two weeks ago. I usually like to wait a week or two. I had forward. Hey, so now I'm sending it again. But it's got the original body of the email right there, so I'm able to type something else above it. There's no point in telling her. Hey, cindy, did you see my email below? No, you're not doing quality control for the email company, right? What you want to do is you she can read, she'll connect the dots, hasten me. I forgot to mention that one of the projects I worked on recently is very well aligned with the initiative that you parked on last year. In fact, here's a link to what I did with his company anywhere take care or hopefully I'll talk to you soon and she'll say, wait a minute, what is this again? It should read the original messages he just added some more information that you're probably gonna add in the first email anyway but now you have a way to get back to the top of of the inbox that makes sense beautiful one more question sure, I had just wanted to know wouldn't it be more effective if if you want to try to reach out to a second or third degree connection by asking for an introduction from your first first doing connection? Yeah, in fact there's our that's a great question they're about ten different archetypes for these warm emails many different ways you could approach it one of the archetypes is exactly that it's delivering a mutual connection and that's one of the most powerful ones right? So I'm trying to contacts in the joe is a mutual contact on not lose contact I mean I know jo well and he's seen he's a connected to cindy first level I asked joe hey, listen, can you broker an email introduction and here's why? And I always like to justify it so joe doesn't feel weird about it s o that is a very powerful way of doing it on dh well sometimes happens you know right is fifty percent of the time the response rate is usually pretty high when joe connects you but fifty percent of the time you won't get a response so I'll go ahead and take the initiative and email cyndy hey cindy we have a mutual connection and I'll pretend that that first people never happen because I don't want to make her feel bad she was probably busy so I'll say it and I'll explain here's our connection here's here's what I see here's what I d'oh here's a credibility link you see what I'm about should we connect yeah so it's a great point any questions in the chat room for ed just one on lots of people want to know at what type of dog do you have we're yeah I can hear you know with our online or it's a very acute she is a great mike use the people makes you a month said it was a lap was wrong she's not she's very far and suppression excellent all right so ed thank you so much for joining us this was awesome I love all the practical details and information and obviously there's a lot more that people can learn from you thank you so much thanks for having of course let's talk about what? What ed shared essentially because I think it's very inspiring to have all of these practical details so what does it inspire you to dio and what will you do about it? Let's put that in the chat room and also here in the audience zane is nodding sure yeah I really like two strategies especially when he talked about howto you know have a introduction email on right effectively if they if they didn't reply so I'll probably be implementing that more beta thing that's pretty powerful just having an inch one it makes it even more warmer right? I really like ending on the question should we connect it's so leaving it up to them and prompting a response and really like that excellent justin what about you think like the strong subject subject line is really important not just a hello you know and his whole thing around kind of hacking the email figuring out somebody's email and actually powerful and I think you could do the same thing with the phone the phone systems like I often and able to search somebody's like last name through just the phone through the company's phone system and then often they have their email in that so the fastest way to connect with me is so I've been able to do that teo was good to hear him good yeah what about in the tack room? They really liked his advice on the detective skills for linked in and people realize they need to really tighten up there they're linked in on into actually implement warm emails that's what lilly guzman says she needs to do next and indeed work some people know they they need to work on there email. Template. Sue. Beauty consultant says. I just love the phrase that jews should. We connect. I'll use that, absolutely.

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