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The 4 C's of Marketing

Lesson 11 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

The 4 C's of Marketing

Lesson 11 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

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11. The 4 C's of Marketing

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The 4 C's of Marketing

Lesson ten the foresees of marketing so the first sea is choose right and we've been talking already about deciding the things that you need to decide choosing is a variation on deciding you have to choose what you're offering and who you're offering it to in order to do the marketing I've been trying to reinforce that over the course of this session so far I hope I have what is your unique gift that is part of what you have to choose uh number two is connect so once you've made those decisions the first activity is to connect with people and you do that by introducing yourself and finding something in common the third c is cultivate so you're going to cultivate relationships and connections that you've made by staying in touch and to keep educating people about you and we've talked a little bit about the email newsletter as one way to do that but there are many ways to do that on the fourth c is a word I made up it is credibility eight and really what I wanted it to say was build cred...

ibility but it needed to be illiterate tive so I came up with credibility eight and the idea here is that you show what you know and you become what justin was talking about earlier as a thought leader right now let me tell you a little bit about why I came up with these foresees because often people ask me what marketing tools they should use and I have given you already what I consider to be the five top marketing tools, but the problem is that marketing is not just about the tools it's really about the activities that you need to be doing and then the tools reflect the activities the tools are how you take the activities and implement them so that's why the whole idea behind these foresees is once you have figured out what the activities are than the tools that will allow you to do that will be more obvious. So for example, in credibility, date or building credibility, there are many tools that can help you do that blog's speaking social media webinars and on and on. But if you said to me, should I be on social media, should I be on facebook? Should I do speaking? It depends on one act what activity you are trying to accomplish toward what goal again, which is why you have to make all these decisions and it's not quite as easy to say, oh, I'm gonna market myself here's my marketing tool, right? So there's a whole process that's what we're trying to do here is kind of pull all this marketing piece together so the four seas will allow you to do that so let's talk a little bit about these foresees maybe we can come to the studio audience here and come to the chat room also, the question really is which of these four seas is most natural for you or are you already doing justin what would you say? I would say cultivate um like once you already have a community or you know your tribe like staying in touch um and keeping that personal think that that's really important good and so what tools would you or are you using to do that? Um you were talking about earlier sending handwritten letters, you know, because emails conf lud in there easy there fast but like stamp on a nice car just checking in and, um, you know, I think that that's something that I've done and I think has been successful and that's a very good, uh, tool for cultivating relationships definitely I like that. What about you, raina? I'm just thinking about choosing because I used to be more of a generalist and it's helped me so much to kind of defined my nation more narrowly um to something that I feel more passionate about and everybody you think agrees that when they are really passionate about what they're working on, they do their best work so that's something I could probably do fine even mohr like hone and even tighter on to that specific target excellent and what about using for me, naturally, I think I'm more towards connecting, huh? So I can connect people and introduced myself on, uh, something that I'm working towards. This, uh, you know, credibility. Eight establish myself, it's credible. Excellent. I was. So we're going to get into which marketing tools will allow you to accomplish these activities. But before we do let's, see if people are answering in the chat room, picking all sorts of different ones. Um erin ji is saying connecting so his coastal kathleen, but car saying it's cultivate because she finds its easy to stay in touch that way three, eighty meters says both cultivate and probably credibility. And I say that, right, kathleen alisa's, it's choose on dh j large says it's two and three and most natural for me, but one is definitely not choose to come for them. Well, we're gonna focus on that in session two, there will be a lot of choosing to dio, so this just leads to the exercise that goes along with this short lesson. So in the workbook. There are all the details about the forces, an article that I wrote about it that goes into a little bit more but the exercise which we've already started is of the forces which one comes most naturally to you the next question is of the forces which one is the most challenging for you let's see what they say briefly in the chat line bit in the chat room there and then also what one task can you commit to doing to address the challenge of one of these forces because you really do need to be doing all four right? It's nice to know which one is the most natural for you but how can you do all four justin which one is the most challenging for you at this point right now? Azzam transitioning definitely chooses is challenging because I'm kind of working on two projects and just need to focus and figure out like who that audiences like who say it again my tribe who my tribe is and and then how to clearly um you know, communicate what I'm offering and what I have to offer to him maybe I should add a fifth c of communicate right because I mean that kind of addresses all of them at the same time but it is a very important one, okay, great, what about you in terms of challenging raina? Definitely the credibility as one you know, I the thought of me is a thought leader just sounds of impostor I feel like the more I learned the more I know what I don't know the limitations of my knowledge so I feel like I'm constantly learning and growing but I don't see myself as the expert in anything even though of course I know a lot but so that's something to work on and I think I might take your email um challenge challenge yeah yeah well I think you're making some really important points there that I want to emphasize because I think the words thought leader are scary for people and the truth is you don't know what you know once you start digging into what you could say and what you could share and this is what I meant before when I said that people start writing and then they write too much it's because they didn't know what they knew they just thought it was natural of course everybody knows that but they don't especially your prospects and clients and so it's not really about being the expert it's about being an expert and it's all in a context and the context is you and your prospects and obviously you know more than they do about what you do and that's all that matters we're not talking about the expert in the world about everything we're talking about a specific expertise in a particular market for particular people and those are the choices that a lot of people fail to make and therefore can't do any of this. So thank you for prompting all of that. All right, zane. Which one is most challenging for you? Yeah, I would also say credibility. I feel that I could be definitely producing a lot more content that I'm not doing, you know, could be starting to do a podcast, or, like, maybe logging more there's. So many things that could be doing, uh, just maybe I need to push it harder. Absolutely. And I think the podcast is great. That was a tool that I haven't mentioned yet, but it's, a really very easy to produce, um, tool and the way that a lot of people like to learn. So I highly recommend that.

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Helping others help themselves. Ilise Benun is clear and well-organized. The methods she shares are easy to understand while honest and straightforward in approach, stating from the git-go that work on my part is required. Ilise draws on her own experience as well as the methods and experience of other professionals in this course. She welcomes us into a proven plan for successful growth embracing an attitude of progress rather than perfection and attraction rather than promotion. This is my kind of mentor!


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