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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Commercial Photography: Thriving in a Competitive Industry

Joel Grimes

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

My name is ken klosterman, and I am your host for commercial photography, thriving in a competitive industry with joel grimes, we want to congratulate joel as he is a brand new cannon explorer of light. He has been rocking the photography industry as an artist and educator for over twenty seven years. Please help me. Welcome back to the creative live stage, mr joel grime thank you. Cannot I don't have a good crowd here, so you guys gonna keep me going? All right, so I have a passion for the creative process, but also the passion to get other people excited about the creative process. And not only do I like to teach about photography lighting techniques, I also like to get people to have a success making a living at this. So I've been going around for the last couple years kind of preaching my little I guess, um, message and that is that you can succeed in this industry now, it's hard work, and I do a whole thing on marketing, but we're going to talk a little bit more and sort of narrow...

ed down to commercial advertising photography, so let's, get this slide show going here. So I've been doing this a long time now when I said I got my degrees and fine arts, and so it didn't really have, like classes on well, I took a business class ticket business one on one class but really didn't understand the marketplace when I got out of, you know, college and I had a hard time figuring out where do I start? That was the biggest thing now I did a little assisting but I was fortunate in that I had a studio mate uh steve sammons who was really good at marketing and so he kind of coached me and the first thing that I had to learn was to make a kel call and I actually actually stood over me as I made my cold calls and I was literally shaking that was so hard I could hardly get my name out, so in the first year I made over three thousand cold calls and that's what's launched my business, so when I talk about market they say if you can't make a cold call, you will never survive in this industry so but I had I had a lot of things to overcome a lot of barriers I wasn't the most outgoing person you know people see me now and they say, oh, you know you're very outgoing well, I had a learned to be outgoing I had learned to exert myself and so it was brutal and even today it's still hard to make a cold call and ever get like, you know it's it's easier but still difficult

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James Munroe

Very good course. Joel tells it like it is. Very cool photography & Photoshop tips that I'll use in my business. Thanks Joel and Creative Live for an awesome course! James

a Creativelive Student

Commercial Photography: thriving in the competitive industry is a very straightforward class. Joel is clear and to the point, breaking down step-by-step how he did it. From developing a portfolio to getting your name in front of people; from setting up the light to the post-processing thinking. I am so happy I bought this course. Thank you Joel Grimes for your time and expertise.

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