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Post Processing: Set-up

Lesson 11 from: Commercial Photography: Thriving in a Competitive Industry

Joel Grimes

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Lesson Info

11. Post Processing: Set-up

Lesson Info

Post Processing: Set-up

All right, so let's talk real quick about um backgrounds and um so I want to go out to like old graveyards cycle walls down arizona there's lots of stucco walls I snapped pictures everything we're in england a couple weeks a month ago whatever it was I shot all these you know, stucco wall or you know oxford all these different walls so I'm trying to build a background of library of backgrounds if if you don't have a lot there's some great resource is one is photo amorphous dot com so it's photo m o r p h I s photo amorphous dot com and um this guy I came with his name but very good artist but he's just put all these backgrounds together for you and so if you for very expensive they're not much money right? You go and there j pegs now that's the only down side is they're j pigs but for a background you could get away with jay pick because you're not really doing a lot of manipulation but but if you build your own background you get a fifty megapixel psd you know are you know a tiff so i...

f if you build your own background you're probably better off um at least down the road but I even go back to these a lot because he's got some really cool one so let's take a look at this couple of them here um I love this one which is the artistic uh the number thirty eight but he's gone through and created some pretty cool ones like this one here was pulling a little bigger here um ancient walls like here's some good ones um so all these backgrounds I can now stick to that gray it's a miracle so um that's that's the that's the beautiful thing here so hey also didn't want to cuban these air some extra ones let's see here like that that is a cool looking background um look at this one here so it's like having a studio full of backgrounds with this that's one cool background so um but let's go to I think I'm gonna make it simple and we can try a couple right? So what I do is I open him up okay? It'll go over there I go down here and I'll open up another one so I have a couple options and sometimes I mix the two together where is the one I love this one I use this one more than anything okay? Lips and so they're over here where's my photo shopped it just disappeared on me okay? They're overhearing photoshopped okay? They're small and I guess I have to go to this there they are um I'm gonna have to stretch him out a little bit they're not going to his biggest my fifty megapixel capture here but again that's okay for what we're doing so let's go over here we're still downloading five seconds all right, so we now have um a folder so what I do is I'm going to get rid of this card I usually get rid of it. Um so it's not it's not there so I don't buy accident start working on the card all right, so here we go we're going to separate r j pegs from my um raw so I go up to kind so here's kind and it's going now separate I got my rausing the top so here's a little trick my son taught me um you click on the first one you scroll down to you start to see the j peg but there it is and then you click hold a shift key and click on the last one and then you control control we go up not to trash we go move to folder ok it's going to move in a folder and I say raw then I go and I go select all command a and I hold that by two fingers on the option the command and I hit the wrong folder now I've got everything else selected I control click and I go jae pigs um so now I have two folders j pegs and raw so the j pegs why would I take it a j pagan? We're all the same time well besides we had to do it here anyways for this presentation but clients go we don't want a contact sheet and you could make a make a a j peg contact like fashion you kind of raj a pig heard you're all contact sheet so I use it for the client not for me I would never use it um all right so now we're going to go over here to my um raw folder and doubleclick so here we go so here's the hard part picking a killer image right? So we're going to have a lot of good ones here um so what I do is this I take and I just do command five is a five star and um I go through here and I say ok what's a command five I'm gonna go look here and that was the very beginning okay, so I'm just going to go through scroll I made him darker and here just cause so let's do one that sort of um straight on you see here let's just do that so I know I have one of those okay, she starts to move a little bit well, this is a good one right here. Okay. Command five so then I come down here that's kind of interesting command five looking here oh, look at that straight on look um so I'm just gonna go through really fast and we got to find I like that smile she's just amazing um well let's go I'm just gonna I know I got some really good ones down here so let's just get to the point folks um I like that and then what I'm gonna do is on a spring up all my fives here in a second so that's kind of that kind of like that you know but but again for this class probably gonna not do something that I like that I like a little bit of a smile on that one okay over look at that oh my gosh that's straight on look of hers is is just piercing that's amazing to all right so what does this tell you? Lots of good images but here's my problem when I go and do a portfolio I can't use ten shots of her on the same shoot right? So that's one of the problems I have like I can all these great shots but I can't even one so I got to really make sure I picked the right one and I do know that I've gone back three months later I found a picture I like better I just somehow missed it and and so that happens too so that's a beautiful one two very soft intimate um let's see if there's any that's a little too serious well look at these right here okay at last we shot a little smile I don't mean that all right, so now I'm gonna go down here, and I'm going bring up all my five's, um, okay, so my because we're hooked up to a projector or a system it's not letting me get down. Here we go, okay, we had eleven. All right, so really fast to do what we want for this class. Let's. Take let's, take one of the horizontal tze and all right, class. Um, let's dio, that's. Pretty amazing right there. Okay, that's, a good one, that's. Pretty good, too, so well, I liked all right, so, um, but the rembrandt triangles not showing a lot there. Nothing. I have to show that. But, um, let's, do this.

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James Munroe

Very good course. Joel tells it like it is. Very cool photography & Photoshop tips that I'll use in my business. Thanks Joel and Creative Live for an awesome course! James

a Creativelive Student

Commercial Photography: thriving in the competitive industry is a very straightforward class. Joel is clear and to the point, breaking down step-by-step how he did it. From developing a portfolio to getting your name in front of people; from setting up the light to the post-processing thinking. I am so happy I bought this course. Thank you Joel Grimes for your time and expertise.

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