Brush size demo in Photoshop


Complex Selections: Furry, Fuzzy, and Hairy


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Brush size demo in Photoshop

First often change this size your brush there's many different ways of doing it but um you can do it a couple different ways let me share with you a modern way in an old school way you'll find me using the old school way because I've done it for twenty years and so you've so programmed in my by the time I think of the new way I've already done the old way and so I don't do it so let me show you the new way first so you can be gotten into it with a more modern method then I'll show you what I'm actually doing so that you know both I'm gonna hold down two keys on my keyboard the keys are right next to each other on my keyboard and on a mac it's controlling option so that it should be controlling altai believe in windows although I haven't tested it on window so it might be slightly different when I hold on those two keys I can click the mouse and I see a preview of what it would look like if I were to paint that's what the red stuff is and it tells me the settings for the brush tells me ...

how soft the edges tells me how large it is and if I drag horizontally I can change how big my brushes what's nice is I'm seeing a preview usually the only preview see is a little circle and most people think that circle represents the edge of your brush but it doesn't it indicates where your brushes halfway done fading out it has a soft edge it's halfway through the softness now if I drag left and right I change the size I dragged up and down I can change how soft the edges and that's when you might notice that that red overlay actually goes beyond the circle that usually see to indicate your brush so what was I just doing? Eyes hold down two keys there right next to each other it's controlling option and then you drag one direction left and right to change signs dragged up and down to change how soft the edges and that's useful because you're seeing a visual preview and therefore you can say does this match the edge quality of my image or does that you know so it's a little easier now what I was actually doing though just because I'm old school on to program to be doing it is to change the size of my brush I use the square bracket keys smaller brush larger brush into change how hard the edges you add shift so if I hold shift and I use the right bracket is getting a harder edge and you can see it if you look up here watch that little guy ah hold shift and I'll do it left bracket you see that getting softer right bracket harder and I think there's a total of five settings when you use this keyboard, charcot, because it doesn't twenty five percent increment. So that means one hundred seventy five fifty twenty five. Zero are the hardness studies. You can get so that's what I was doing, it's holding shift and using the brackets, but it might be better to hold, control an option, click and then drag because you can see it in their four it's. Easier to judge when it would match the hedge quality of your image.

Class Description

Complex textures can be a challenge for image editors – but they don’t need to be. Join Ben Willmore for a guide to working with furry, fuzzy, and hairy textures in Photoshop.

You’ll learn how to isolate complex objects from their backgrounds and tackle hair, fur, and other difficult image textures. You’ll also explore ways to refine your work to get professional-quality, sophisticated images every time.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Selections have always been my nightmare, Ben Willmore is a Godsend. His easy to comprehend teaching method and techniques make learning fun and the lessons taught stick. I now own others in his lineup of classes with more on my wishlist. Thank you Ben for making Photoshop Selections less daunting and complicated than it can sometimes be and thank you Creative Live for having one of the best teachers out there. I highly recommend this course to any and all.

Cheryl Bouffard

Love Ben Willmore's classes. Explanations I understand and can follow easily. Thank you.