Detailed Baby Hair Selection in Photoshop


Complex Selections: Furry, Fuzzy, and Hairy


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Detailed Baby Hair Selection in Photoshop

All right, now, let's, go back to the select menu. Let's, go back to refine edge and get in there. And as usual, we see it on our white background to begin with. And the way I think about this is I'm usually gonna paint where I can see hints of the old background. Now I can see hints of the old background around darn near the hole thing. You see it over here in his arm that's where the slaughter called radius is useful. Radius means act is if I use the brush that we've talked about in here, but I'm going to paint across the entire picture as if I had a brush of this radius that I die. Elin. So watch the edge near the arm over here is I bring radius up. Do you see it? Change the teeniest bit? Just stare kind of down here all seem up further, so you might see it better, but I'll bring a radio some more, and you see that change change, but you'll find at a certain point, it just doesn't seem to help anymore. Instead, it's actually bringing noisy and from the background, he just want to br...

ing that up so the edge does not look jaggi if the problem on the edges not that it doesn't fade out properly, instead, the problem is one of color there's, a different feature that will help us with that, but to be honest, I should have done a better job of my original selection there. This isn't thie best place to fix it let's deal with the hair when I'm done dealing with hair, we'll see if we can get it to fix the color over there on the edge. So thinking about the hair I'm going teo paint where I can still see little hints of the old background, see if I can get it to recalculate there, and I'm not sure I might go in here just changes to overlay and just paint wherever the red doesn't match up well, with the transition where the hair is because that's where it needs to have control, so I'll paint right there except see those little flyways we wouldn't want to mess up on, and now that looks much better on that look over here, and this is where on this particular image I notice is quite noisy. Um, and so it would have been most ideal is if when I opened this, if it was a raw file, I opened in camera do the noise reduction first, it'll give you a cleaner image teo do this with, but we're not I'm going to spend the time they're a little bit they're here they're now just so you know, with that slider we had up here called radius that is going to act as if we're doing what I'm doing right now, but we painted all around the entire image on where its edges using a brush of this wide but there is a checkbox called smart radius and what that would be four is if the edge of your object in some areas is soft in other areas is really crisp this would try to prevent the really crisp areas from getting soft all right, so we have that for now I'm just going to think about the top of the head as faras what we're doing here we might later on look at the rest but uh, unless we have when we got this furry thing down here on the right so I might at least come down here and paint where its edges you know, at least get that, but the rest of it isn't really furry, fuzzy or harry, so we're not using the best feature for to fix the rest. All right, then let's do this on white what zoom up and one of the issues you can have is first off a little bit too much of the background showing up and if that happens that's where you grab the little eraser to remember the one in the top left of my screen and you contempt. Come in here with that and say, this isn't hair. I see little hints and noise here, and you could try to get it to clear some of that up. If it's there, we wouldn't have had that in the first place had we dealt with the noise, and the image is a hole to begin with. But you can try to clear it up.

Class Description

Complex textures can be a challenge for image editors – but they don’t need to be. Join Ben Willmore for a guide to working with furry, fuzzy, and hairy textures in Photoshop.

You’ll learn how to isolate complex objects from their backgrounds and tackle hair, fur, and other difficult image textures. You’ll also explore ways to refine your work to get professional-quality, sophisticated images every time.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Selections have always been my nightmare, Ben Willmore is a Godsend. His easy to comprehend teaching method and techniques make learning fun and the lessons taught stick. I now own others in his lineup of classes with more on my wishlist. Thank you Ben for making Photoshop Selections less daunting and complicated than it can sometimes be and thank you Creative Live for having one of the best teachers out there. I highly recommend this course to any and all.

Cheryl Bouffard

Love Ben Willmore's classes. Explanations I understand and can follow easily. Thank you.