Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Designers


Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Designers


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Intro to Advanced IP for Designers

Hello and welcome to advanced type for designers if you are a website designer a graphic designer you are in the right place today you're going to learn so much about intellectual property in your business you've got eyepiece sitting in your business and I'm going to tell you exactly how to protect it and how to be in a position to profit from it now this is the advanced course person specifically for designers if you haven't already you should definitely check out my other course protecting profit from your intellectual property that's sort of the intellectual property one o one course to this course so definitely check that out first and then come back here and do this course with me if you've already done that one then awesome I'm excited to have you here if you've decided to check out this course it's because you obviously take your business very seriously and you're ready to really go pro right and make sure that you're covering your ass in every way possible and that you're prote...

cting the valuable intellectual property that makes up your business so here's what we're going to cover today we're going to talk about what intellectual property actually is so I'll help you define it and understand what it looks like in your business and then we're going to cover how to protect it with your client service agreement incredibly important we're going to get down and dirty I'm going to show you the contract clauses I'll show you what they actually mean in plain english and you'll see that there's a bonus included which is a you know, cut and paste clauses that all every closet we're gonna go over is in that bonus so you can use them take amuse them in your client service agreement so making it really applicable zoo that you can go ahead and start using it today right and take action you don't want to just learn about it, but you actually want tio implemented in your business so we're going to talk about how to do that. We're also going to talk about your work with independent contractors if you're somebody who hires subcontractors to work under you that's another way that you need to actually protect your intellectual property so we're going to talk about that they were going to get into copyright registration we're going to actually walk through copyright registrations I'll show you how to do that, why it's important for designers, the types of things that you can copyright and the types of things that you can't copyright as a designer? So we'll go through that and then we'll also cover copyright infringement in you know, for designers and show you how to avoid infringing on other people's copyrights when you're creating your your designs ok, so that's the overviews for today and just so you know a little bit about me I am an intellectual property lawyer. I have my own practice. Rachel rogers, law office, that I started shortly after graduating from law school. So I'm an entrepreneur as well. Andi, I've been practicing for about five years now, and I worked with a ton of designers, and I have to say, my designers, they're the ones that have the most legal issues with their client, unfortunately, and so I want to help you avoid that problem. So we're going to dive into client service agreements in just a little while, because that's, one way that you can really avoid a lot of the legal issues that happened with, with designers, ok, and with, you know, your interactions with your clients. So now you know a little bit about me. You know what? We're going toe go over today in this course, let's. Just go ahead and dive in.

Class Description

Your designs are just that – yours. Do you have the legal knowledge and skill to protect your intellectual property, copyright, and trademarks?

Join Rachel Rodgers for a deep dive into the intellectual property concepts every designer should know. You’ll learn about properly copyrighting your work, creating client service agreements, preventing infringement, and much more.

No matter what kind of design you do, you’ll leave this class equipped and inspired to protect your unique work.