Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Designers

Lesson 6/14 - No Guarantees & Cancellation Clauses


Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Designers


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No Guarantees & Cancellation Clauses

This is the no guarantees clause, so it says design studio cannot guarantee the outcome of design services and design studios. Comments about the outcome are expressions of opinion on lee. Okay, so what this is doing is just, you know, making it so you're not in a situation where a client says I don't love my website and therefore I don't pay for it doesn't matter, okay? Because I made no identities when a guaranteed on lee is that the services that I've described, that I'm going to deliver them to you, so if I deliver them to you than I deserve to get paid period end of story so you want to have that in there and then here's a cancellation clause, this is an example from one of my clients contracts, so she requires a minimum of thirty days written notice to her studio in order to cancel the contract. So if a client if you're working on a project and a client, wants to cancel it that's fine, but you're going to have to pay for another thirty days of my services in time and energy becau...

se I've already reserved it for this project before you khun consider it cancelled cancellation of this agreement by client will not extinguish klein's obligation to pay the project fi specified. Okay, so that means that, you know, hadn't canceled, but you still owe me the money doesn't matter, okay? Because you are liable for that. We've entered into an agreement I've, you know, pushed away other clients to take on this project, and so if you want to cancel that's, fine, but I still need to get paid for my time and for, you know, what I've already provided for you. So that's, what? This does very, very important for designers, especially how the cancellation agreement and then you also want to preserve the right for you to cancel if a client is a pain in the ass, if a client is just a jerk and their abusive, I've had that happen to you with some of my clients, they've had nasty people that they've unfortunately wound up working with. So if they are doing something like that and you no longer want to work with them, you need to preserve the right to cancel the agreement. So design studio may cancel this agreement at any time for any reason by providing written notice to client. So you got to do is send an email or send a letter and say, hey we're done here, okay? And then in the event that design studio cancels, this agreement design studio will provide a pro rated refund of unearned fees paid through the date of cancellation, minus any approved unpaid expenses and clarity on klein's behalf. So there may be times when you're purchasing stop photos where you're purchasing licenses for fonts or different things like that, you're making sure you're getting paid for that, and you're also giving them a pro rated refund of unearned fees paid. This is pretty fair, not required, ok, you don't have to give them any refund if they are abusive or violating one of the clauses of the contract, and you make it very clear that if I have to cancel this agreement because you've been abusive or otherwise violated, this agreement that I don't have to give you a refund, so long as you have it in the agreement and it's signed before you begin working together, you can create whatever policies you want, okay? So feel empowered as a business owner. That's one of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is that you decide what the terms are. You decide how you run your shop.

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