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Create a Hiring Plan & Grow your Standout Business

Lesson 21 of 34

Identify Your Next (or First) Hire

Tara McMullin

Create a Hiring Plan & Grow your Standout Business

Tara McMullin

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21. Identify Your Next (or First) Hire

Lesson Info

Identify Your Next (or First) Hire

Now that we've reached this place in the class, I wanna know who is your first or your next hire? I know the wheels have been turning here in the studio audience, and so I'm super curious to find out who you guys are thinking about hiring. Obviously, you don't have to give us names. Give us roles, let us know what role on your team you are gonna be hiring for. Lashonta? A project manager. Project manager. I think when I'm doing work I try to be like the Mary Poppins for my clients and I need someone to make sure I stay in scope so I can serve better and more effectively. I love it. Ayelet? I've been struggling with this. I think if I could have someone (fingers snapping) just magically hired right now, I would definitely pick someone to help me with marketing. But I kind of see the place where I will be once I am in need and able to support someone as something more like your sort of member experience specialist people that can have a little bit of a hat in both my sort of communit...

y value creation and value delivery area, as well as the growth area. Lovely. So that's where I'm at. Excellent, well we're gonna go over the job description later-- Can't wait. Okay. of that particular position. Perfect. Jen I'm gonna skip you (laughing). She's getting a promotion. She's getting a promotion, that's what we've learned here today (laughing). Meghan? I love the name too, definitely the client success manager and then also kind of redefining my admin role, 'cause right now she very much is the taking stuff off my to-do list and I loved that realization that I need to define an actual role for her. Yes, awesome. Well might I suggest that as we work through job descriptions here later, that you start thinking about her job description first. I will do that. Excellent. Beryl. After I promote Jen (laughing), then an admin role. Okay. Yeah. Excellent. Sharon? I need probably a marketing director of some sort. A new client intake person to help me make more money so I can afford the bookkeeper (laughing). Okay, excellent, I like where this is going. See this is the thing, hiring people is addictive (laughs). (audience laughing) It seems scary now, but once you start, you're like, oh, yes, I see how I can make the next hire and the next hire and the next hire and they all help your company grow and help you feel more in control and confident and capable (exhales deeply). And those are good feelings that you wanna add to all the time, right? So, yes, it can get a little addictive. Maya? My equivalent of the client success manager. I'll have to think of a more resonant name for me, but a similar role. Excellent. Melissa. I love the idea of being a job creator. I'm not yet in that position, but when I am, what I see myself hiring, and I don't know if this is appropriate to be one job or not, but somebody who would be an awesome admin and a client happiness value delivery person, like follow up with clients and that kind of thing. And an integrator. Okay. So I don't know if that's one job or multiple jobs. My answer to that question is always, write the job description and see if that person makes themself known. Excellent. Because it's less about whether that's an okay job to give to one person or not and whether you can actually find someone who has the skills and the talents in each of those areas. What I've found is more often than not, when I create like the vision for the job, the person makes themselves clear. I'm not gonna say that's always the case, and it may not be that that job always stays the same in your organization, but you can try. And also I wanna flip your script, it's not that you're not ready to be a job creator yet, you are ready to be a job creator yet, you just have some homework to do first. Well, the business is not ready, let's put it that way. Okay, you're not ready to hire. I'm not ready to hire. You are Melissa Dinwiddie a job creator. Thank you. You're welcome. Shelley. I want an instigator. An instigator? Tell me more about this person. So I want someone who's gonna help me get me out there. So they instigate the meetings for me to go to as well as maybe that also might include some content creation or helping me with the product development. I love it. I can see the business card now, "Director of Instigation." (audience laughing) That sounds like a very fun role. All right, so let me know at home who's your first or next hire going to be? You can tweet me @taragentile. Maybe take an Instagram of where you're watching the class from. I'm also there @taragentile as well. I'd love to hear who your next or first hire is going to be. We've got quite a range of folks here in this room and I know that if we can get you guys to chime in, we're gonna get an even bigger range of jobs that are that are being created through this class. That might be an interesting metric. We need to find out how many jobs are created from this class. And then get those statistics to the government. Can we do that? (audience laughing) All right, awesome. So let's actually talk about what it's gonna take to take the leap towards your next hire. What are some of the fears or concerns that you have about the legal issues behind hiring? Workers' comp. Workers' comp, okay. What else? What are some of the fears or concerns you have about the legal issues? That I don't know what to be fearful of. (laughing) That you don't know what to be fearful of. Okay, we're gonna take care of that one (laughing). Maya. I'm probably gonna be hiring across borders. Yeah. 'Cause I'm thinking of hiring a family member who's not in this country right now. So that's kind of been the big thing for me to wrap my head around. Yeah. Yeah. Or even just across state lines. Or even across state lines. Is quite tricky (chuckles). One of the other policy things I'd like to get changed. Social security and health insurance and all that stuff. Yep, yep. Taxes. Taxes. If it's not the right fit, that I'm kind of, not stuck with the person, but it makes it a little bit harder to say bye. Yep, we're gonna talk to Patrice about that. Absolutely.

Class Description

Are you too damn busy? Your business can’t run—let alone grow—without all the hard work you put into it on a daily basis.

What’s worse, you don’t have the time to hire anyone, you’re not making the money you need to hire anyone, and you don’t see how anyone else could do the work you do.

If you keep at it this way it’s just a matter of time before you burn out. You will end up closing up shop, not because the business wasn’t working but simply because it wore you down. You had something and couldn’t make it last because you just couldn’t do it all.

There is also the problem that if you hire the wrong people you will be wasting time and money on a series of hires that don’t alleviate your stress.

Set up your business to be the best place to work—even for yourself.

Finally, retire from being “too busy” and once and for all streamline your operations and systematize your workflow.

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe your company culture and why it makes for a great place to work
  • Streamline your business operations, focusing only on what really counts
  • Systematize your workflow so that you never have to reinvent the wheel
  • Create a plan for fulfilling the roles every business needs to succeed
  • Identify who you want to hire and when
  • Craft a job description that brings in the right folks

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LaShanta Green

If you are hesitating about whether or not your should purchase this class, DON'T. Truth is ,as a business owner you are already hiring on a consistent basis when you make the choice to charge yourself with doing all of the work. I'm sure you didn't leave a normal "job" just to to do several jobs. Don't be the boss you left, be the boss you wish you had. The boss who empowered and encouraged you to work in your zone of genius, be the bearer of opportunities, and the overcomer of obstacles. Tara's course teaches you how to be resourceful by working and hiring with intention. From what I have learned from this course, it's never too early to set yourself up for success. Even if you are not in the position to give up all your hats yet, you'll leave this course knowing how to where them more efficiently and effectively. You are more boss thank you think! The most boss thing you can do for you as an owner and creator of opportunities is click the buy button.

Lyn Parker

I am only on lesson 6 and already have my money's worth. I feel relieved, confidence and prepaid in running my business; even if I never hire. (But I will)

a Creativelive Student

Tara is my go to business leader. What she create with her community CoCommerical is a must join for anyone wanting to build a business regardless of the size. You not only will learn more from her wisdom but other highly accomplished buisness owners and entrepreneurs