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Create a Hiring Plan & Grow your Standout Business

Lesson 17 of 34

Show Me the Money

Tara McMullin

Create a Hiring Plan & Grow your Standout Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

17. Show Me the Money

Lesson Info

Show Me the Money

You guys ready to kind of dive in to this nitty gritty stuff? Alright, we are starting off this lesson with talking about the money. Stop, yay money. I think it's the topic we all love to hate or maybe hate to love. You can go either way and sometimes I think we go both directions, right? I think we've all had different relationships with the almighty dollar. But the biggest question I think that people ask when they're considering hiring someone, when they are realizing that they're out of time, out of sanity to run their business is where do I even find the money to hire someone to help? Where do I scrounge that up from? I'm just getting by myself, I'm just figuring these things out, it's a crapshoot month to month whether I can pay myself and so we're gonna kinda tackle that throughout the day and I'm gonna share with you, as I have been, some of my own personal aha moments on this over the last the few years, specifically over the last year and hopefully that means that you can get...

started on the right path much more quickly than I did. Today is all about shortening your learning curve based on my very lengthy learning curve. Sound good? Alright. So before we get into that though, let's just take a look at both where we've been and where we are going. In the first half of the class, the first four lessons, we reexamined your goals and your vision, we designed your ideal team, we developed your company culture, and we discovered your business systems. 'Member I told you you guys are all a lot more organized than you gave yourself credit for? Was that resonating with you yesterday? Were you like, "you know what I do have this a little bit more together." Yeah, I'm seeing some nodding here. I'm curious if, as we were breaking between our last lesson and this lesson, have you had any more aha moments or revelations about what your company needs to look like to actually achieve your goals? I know that was a big question yesterday that was left unanswered for many of you. Have you thought about that more at all? Anybody, Megan? Yeah I think one of the places that I was struggling with in my mind is I loved kind of the visionary and the integrator. But where I was struggling is I've built my whole business around helping other people integrate, be the integrator in their own business and I feel like, but if I'm the integrator, can I also be the visionary and do I need to play both those roles in my own business and what I realized is that I can be, in my own business, I don't have to be the integrator. Yes, ooh that's great. Even though I have maybe the skillset to help other people you know, in that kind of area, and so that really then, because I saw that as the top of the, the flowchart or the top of the pyramid so that opened up a lot of ideas of how the rest of the pieces could fit together. Awesome, I'm so glad to hear that. Make sure your pick up Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman too. I started listening to it this morning. I love that. I love the action taking. Anyone else have some clarity on what their business needs to look like? Yeah, LaShonda? I think for me, as far as the clarity, they always say you're your own worst critic and when you ask the question of who's your worst boss, I'm like, I've been my worst boss because I know what I wanna do and I'm doing the opposite. I'm giving myself jobs I don't wanna do, I'm not giving myself the time I want, I'm not giving myself the working environment so it just really put it in perspective. Beautiful. Love it. Love it, love it, love it. Yeah, Maya? So I reflected on something you shared with me and suggested to me about how value delivery is one of the first pieces I can release, that really resonated with me and so that's gonna be the role that I'll be working on and thinking of filling as soon as possible next year. Excellent, excellent, awesome. You guys are taking action already even if just in the foundational planning steps which makes me thrilled to no end. So we're gonna start layering on top of that now as we head into the second half of the class. As I said, we're just about ready to get started on planning how to hire it financially speaking, then we're going to actually name who your next hire is going to be. Obviously, not the person's name but the role, the idea of what hole in the business they're going to be filling. Then we're gonna write a job description and practice interviewing candidates. We're gonna talk about what kind of questions are really great to ask, what kind of questions to avoid, how you can make sure that you're evaluating candidates as best as possible. Then we're gonna talk about onboarding new hires and making sure that they can really hit the ground running for you as soon as possible and then finally, we're gonna talk about evaluating performance and even having some of those difficult conversations and Lucas Lyons is gonna help us make them not nearly so difficult so that's gonna be a really great lesson as well and that's where we're gonna be ending things off.

Class Description

Are you too damn busy? Your business can’t run—let alone grow—without all the hard work you put into it on a daily basis.

What’s worse, you don’t have the time to hire anyone, you’re not making the money you need to hire anyone, and you don’t see how anyone else could do the work you do.

If you keep at it this way it’s just a matter of time before you burn out. You will end up closing up shop, not because the business wasn’t working but simply because it wore you down. You had something and couldn’t make it last because you just couldn’t do it all.

There is also the problem that if you hire the wrong people you will be wasting time and money on a series of hires that don’t alleviate your stress.

Set up your business to be the best place to work—even for yourself.

Finally, retire from being “too busy” and once and for all streamline your operations and systematize your workflow.

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Describe your company culture and why it makes for a great place to work
  • Streamline your business operations, focusing only on what really counts
  • Systematize your workflow so that you never have to reinvent the wheel
  • Create a plan for fulfilling the roles every business needs to succeed
  • Identify who you want to hire and when
  • Craft a job description that brings in the right folks


LaShanta Green

If you are hesitating about whether or not your should purchase this class, DON'T. Truth is ,as a business owner you are already hiring on a consistent basis when you make the choice to charge yourself with doing all of the work. I'm sure you didn't leave a normal "job" just to to do several jobs. Don't be the boss you left, be the boss you wish you had. The boss who empowered and encouraged you to work in your zone of genius, be the bearer of opportunities, and the overcomer of obstacles. Tara's course teaches you how to be resourceful by working and hiring with intention. From what I have learned from this course, it's never too early to set yourself up for success. Even if you are not in the position to give up all your hats yet, you'll leave this course knowing how to where them more efficiently and effectively. You are more boss thank you think! The most boss thing you can do for you as an owner and creator of opportunities is click the buy button.

Lyn Parker

I am only on lesson 6 and already have my money's worth. I feel relieved, confidence and prepaid in running my business; even if I never hire. (But I will)

a Creativelive Student

Tara is my go to business leader. What she create with her community CoCommerical is a must join for anyone wanting to build a business regardless of the size. You not only will learn more from her wisdom but other highly accomplished buisness owners and entrepreneurs