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Create an Effective Wholesale Catalog

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How to Buy This Conference

Katie Hunt

Create an Effective Wholesale Catalog

Katie Hunt

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9. How to Buy This Conference

Lesson Info

How to Buy This Conference

Hello and thank you for joining us. We hope you're enjoying wholesale business for crafters with this very special event we had create, alive or dedicated to helping you take the leap into selling here crafts wholesale by the end of the week, we'll give you all the tools you'll need to successfully launch your wholesale business. This special collection of classes is made up of our best also education, taught by megan almond and katie hunt. With the ninety nine dollars purchase price, you'll have five classes with over twenty four hours of video content. You'll get a beginner's guide toe wholesale sales create an effective wholesale catalog, also marketing to retailers and sell your products to retailers. Also, every class comes with amazing bonus materials, including starter kits, workbooks, sample order forms and templates, marketing guides and a whole lot more as a very special bonus. We're also throwing in the class higher your first sales rep. You've already invested a ton of capi...

tal into aircraft business, so consider how another ninety nine dollars could turn your business life around with bigger profits and a global customer base. Just imagine what it would be like to walk into a boutique and see your products on the shelves, so get out there and launch a wholesale business in just one week.

Class Description

An effective product catalog is a must-have tool in the arsenal of any business with a wholesale arm.   This class will guide you through each step of creating catalog that helps you and your business appear more polished and professional.

This class will introduce you to the process of creating a compelling wholesale catalog. You’ll learn about:  

  • Leveraging dynamic product photos – even when a professional photographer is out of reach  
  • Organizing your catalog to increase sales 
  • Stretching the life of your catalog 
  • Strategies for cost-effective production and printing 
Whether you’re an independent artist taking your first steps into the world of wholesaling or a long-time wholesaler looking to refine your sales tools, you’ll leave this course with concrete, easy-to-follow steps for building a catalog that will entice your customers – and drive your sales.



Even though I've been selling my creative work through my wholesale business for several years, this class was a great refresher! It can be so tempting to make a catalog that's artistic and flashy, but Katie reminds us that the main focus should be to make it easy for your client to BUY! Katie has tons of experience with businesses buying and selling paper goods and gifts, and her insights help me focus in on the details that matter most to my buyers. Thanks for the help!

Katy Casey

This course was fantastic and gave specific tips on how to effectively create your wholesale catalog. It was a perfect resource as I hadn't even thought about creating my catalog yet, but the info I learned will help influence the direction and thought I put into building out my product line.

Tracy Clarke

I already had a digital catalog, but this really opened my mind up to the idea of a printed one and how important it can be for getting sales. It was great to see other catalog examples and learn about the variety of product that a retailer is looking for in a catalog. Really great class for anyone wanting to expand into the wholesale business.