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Create Better Black and White Photographs

Lesson 8 of 8

Black and White HDR Toning

Chris Orwig

Create Better Black and White Photographs

Chris Orwig

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Lesson Info

8. Black and White HDR Toning

Lesson Info

Black and White HDR Toning

This is a photograph from new york. It already has some basic adjustments on it. Nothing no rocket science here little exposure little shadows little clarity it's to be cropped this was doing the shoot for this training movie and I was photographing this guy's a broadway performer and this guy was walking down the brooklyn bridge and I was like, hey, can we take your picture to use like okay and look at the guy you know classic is a classic new yorker yeah question yeah I just want to comment that you can also save presets yes, yes and in that life ways here yes, yes, great comments. So if you didn't catch that you can save and work with your own presets in there as of course you can enlighten room to write so there's presets all over the place so maybe if anything else it's just a shout out to think about how you could use some presets. All right, these guys last time this is a really cool tip landscape architecture, trees, whatever. It's hdr tony sounds weird. You don't think this is...

horrible stick with me so we duplicate the image image duplicate the reason why you have to do that is you have to have two versions of the file for this to work we go to hdr toning has too fast wasn't it? Sorry we go to hdr toning image adjustments hdr tony on a duplicate file when you do hr tony that flattens eum, so anything you've done is now flat, I'll ask you, hey, you're flying with hr tony there's, this great site or called the detail slider, and if I were being really thoughtful, I could actually craft how we want this to look, but I'm not I'm just going to I'm going to just say, ok, the image looks crazy, I think horrible looks like it's deep fried right and loses some of some of the authenticity, but if we bring this one over lots of ways to bring over, dragged the image to the tab or just pull the tab out, drag it over and I hold in the shift key that's going to bring it over in a way that it's registered so there is the same and then take my blending mode. Two photographers favor blending mode, which is on what's the short cut to get there. It's hard to remember shift option f shift all two f windows let's, go into these guys here and just take a look at this without even do anything you see, little snap, I'm getting to see a little texture and getting works really well, like on on fabric or jeans? Do you apply it to the whole image? Not necessarily. Sometimes in fashion photographs, what I'll do is like with jeans, I'll do this. I'll just painted into the genes, and it makes them just have this little nice texture to him. I mean, also works really well, landscaped trees and different things. Could we have crafted that? Even mohr heck, yeah, but I at least wanted to show you that because I think many people are overlooking that's a great way to add some stuff into the image. So in summary okay, hold reason I want to do this is just to get in your brain. What we covered. White room and a little bit of camera. Not as much as I'd hoped, but the basic controls, the sliders air really important and also what we learned there was the the color temperature is one that we often overlook, right? Talk about selective adjustments where we can paint in things or used radiance or radios. And that that's really important to brighten her dark and different areas. Whether it's fixing shadows and her eyes or who knows what the gray scale scope controls where we darkened sky re brightens skin batch processing just where we have a little more speed with the stuff that we're doing and then finally looking at how we can use photo shop either camera rock or maybe some kind of special effects like using o r h e r tony yeah, and so I think on that and then I just want to highlight maybe a couple of my little last thing is highlight that you know, my stuff if you're curious is just my domain name chris or a wig and then I have tutorials, you can google those and they're all over the place all right with that, I am officially done any questions or comments as we wrap, I do have one final questions since when have you been growing your beard? Wait a couple of people tune and they're like, I didn't know chris had a beer. Yes, we'll win creative I've called asked me to do this I started growing it specific I've had it just for a while in my family, my daughter before christmas that's been a few months, she said that the only thing I want for christmas is that you shave your beard on I said, annika, you know when you say that it just makes my beard grow longer, so anyway this it's just been kind of fun and but now it is fitting there's. A lot of other guys with beards here, which is really in santa barbara. Not really. But up here, it's, like so.

Class Description

Most people know how to use Photoshop features to create black and white images, but many of these conversions aren't very good. Join instructor Chris Orwig for Create Better Black and White Photographs and make black and white images that are expressive and strong.

You’ll learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop together in a seamless way to give photographs rich and deep tonal range. Chris will show you how to change the brightness values of specific tones and help you selectively add brightness and darkness to direct the viewer's eye through the image. By working with a wide range of subjects, you’ll explore how to use presets and settings to help you achieve film and analog looks in your digital black and whites.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2, Adobe Lightroom 5.4

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I LOVED this and loved Chris as a teacher! I get frustrated when the teachers jump around and don't explain things thoroughly. But Chris is great! Lots of new helpful ways to do things. Very informative and very helpful. I have purchased countless Creative Live classes and he is a new favorite! Thank you Chris!!

Rebecca George

one of my very favorite teachers -- love this class and found it SO helpful. Chris is so great about repeating the important stuff in a way that makes it stick. This class gave me the tools to be able to edit more quickly and efficiently. Totally worth the money.