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Curved Letter Embroidery

So we finished I finished the first letter l here and I'm gonna walk you through a curve kind of what to do on a curve because we had a couple questions about what's the best way to do the back stitch around a curve so I'm going to start the s here and I'll working around this tight curve here so you can see what I d'oh your stitches were going to get a little bit smaller which is why I recommend starting with a somewhat small stitch to begin with so again I'm doing the back stitch here and I just try to break the curve up to into a few different angles so I'm kind of creating an angle right here we'll see when money threat is put back in there's an angle there and then there's another little bit of an angle here a third here and then a fourth so I kind of broke this curve up to into about forty front pieces and that seemed to work well for the size stitch that I have and then about here is whether it's going to come back down straight again hee hee backward attack that you taught us a...

nd how can I get the kind of on these right angles here? How can I get that tighter so that it doesn't kind of y'all loosey goosey? Yeah that's a good question I'm going to come over and show you so kiffin he's doing the backward hack and what happens sometimes when you work backwards to get this really nice texture you end up with this doesn't have an angle that she likes right here? Is that what you're asking that kind of curves? So because this is now the front and it afterward, this is going to be the front, which you can d'oh, and you can see it here too. I'll show you how this stitch is a little bit off here online, so what tiffany can do is you can come through the back here and kind of catch this thread and pull it to make more of an angle, just making top and just make it taught, so that might not be I don't know if that's the place where you want it, but I think that's how I would do it and because you're this is going to be the top and you're working for the back and this is already textured if you do little tax here and there to manipulate the threat, you're not going to see it that's the thing about a little cheat or hackers, you kind of have to commit the whole cheating throughout the whole thing, so if you do that, they'll be little places where you might wantto move the threat a little bit if you feel like the embroidery thread is making too big of a a mark or a stitch or attack? You could use a matching sewing thread and that's not going to show up at all, and that would enable you to move smaller amounts of the thread over upper sideways. So I'm coming down to another angle here on the s that I'm going to walk you through, and then I'm going to talk about some of the ways that I finished the finished piece with the french nods, so here this angle starts here, I like to break up my curves and angles into a couple different pieces, so I'm looking at my stitch size, and I'm thinking, ok, I'm going to do one stitch here, probably another one here that gets me through that strait, part of the angle, and then they're going to meet up here so that's, my plan, it could work out greater could totally fail. We're going to kind of see how it goes. If I don't like it, I'll just pull it out and try something else, but I think it's going to be okay, okay, so I'm pretty happy with the way that came out there. That angle looks pretty strong now, at this point, you could argue you could do this sooner to, but I'm going to use this point to stop and actually I'm gonna lean this up against the chair and I'm going to step away and look at it to see what it looks like from far away to get a little perspective of it I'm guessing what I'm going to see is there's a couple stitches here that I'm not totally thrilled about that I might want to take the time later to take out and straighten out I'm going to see if I can see it from far away and we'll see but especially if you're doing something like letters you might want to take a moment to get some perspective and step away now I can't my eye of course because I was just looking at and I was like, hey everyone look at this I'm sure you can all see it right there is one little states it's a little bit bigger maybe it's not so perfect but at the same time I'm looking at it from a distance and it is giving the overall look that I want where there is clearly an l and when I finished the ass you'll be able to clearly see that it's an ass so that's looking pretty good to me I feel like there's enough contrast between the fabric and the color and it's looking like letters so I would recommend sort of doing a little check with your self a tw some point making sure that what you're doing is working and making an impact

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