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Edit in Photoshop

Lesson 15 from: Developing and Retouching in Lightroom Desktop

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

15. Edit in Photoshop

Lesson Info

Edit in Photoshop

okay, so that now that I finished all of my work inside of light room desktop, I can either share it directly out to the world. Or I might want to go into photo shop and do some additional work, too, especially if im working on like a senior portrait where there's a lot of acne. Or maybe there's, you know, some kind of issue with. There's a lot I have to put some layers on it, or maybe have to do some really severe editing or some liquefying or something like that. If I need to do any of those things, I probably need to go to photo shop. But I want to go to photo shop first and then let it come back toe light room. And then when I'm finished with Photoshopped, it will send the photo shop document back toe light room, and it will put it with the original image so that then I can still have everything in my little digital universe, which is light room desktop. And it will also share that PSD or that J peg or whatever we edited in Photoshop. It will share that up to the cloud as well so t...

hat that image, the final edit image, will be in my phone and also on my IPad and everywhere else that my ecosystem is reaching. So the way to do that is to go over to the right hands of the left hand side of light room desktop on the edit menu are sorry, the file menu and in the file menu you're going to go to edit in photo shop. You could export the image as a PST or as a J peg and then open it in Photoshop. But it won't do the round trip thing. So what you really want to do is you want to edit in photo shop, and by doing that, it's going toe open that image in photo shop for you to edit, and then when you close it, you're gonna save it. So you're gonna hit command W to close it and then you'll hit save. So let's say we did something to this. Um, I'm just gonna quickly take care of a blemish. So I did something to the image, and now I'm gonna hit command W It's gonna ask me to save it, and when I save it, it's going to close that image, and it's gonna take it back in to light room as a stack and so you can see that the stack is here and there are two images in the stack. There's the tiff document that was sent to photo shop, and there's the original photo here that is the raw image. So any time you're about to send something to photo shop, make sure that you go to the file at it in photo shop option rather than just sharing it out or exporting an image and then working on it later. And Photoshopped always go from light room to photo shop so that it gets the round trip. That way, all of your images air always inside of light room desktop.

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