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Diversifying Your Product Line

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Product, Market Analysis and Fundamentals


Diversifying Your Product Line

Lesson 1 of 32

Product, Market Analysis and Fundamentals


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Product, Market Analysis and Fundamentals

Susie brewer, I specialize in product development and production. I've been working with companies in the apparel industry in the accessory industry and also in the maker and crafter industry around about twenty five years. You probably realize I'm not american, I'm from the u k I don't know if that is the obvious, is it? Yeah, ok, so I moved over here a couple of years ago, um, and set up home here, and over the past two years, I've really been focusing in on smaller businesses on the independent designers who have great products really focused product line, but maybe need a little bit of help in diversifying, setting time, inaction, planning really kind of working on their collections. The interesting thing that I found is from working with large companies on working a small companies, the essentials that you need to know exactly the same, you're basically working with a set of principles on an underlying process which is going to build a collection. So regardless of whether you're t...

he calvin klein's of this world or you're someone just with an idea and in a spare room with a sewing machine, the principles that you work on air exactly the same, ok, now these principles are going to be shared with you over the next two sections. So everything that we talk about the next two sessions is information that I use on a daily basis when I'm working with large companies and small companies so it's not been kind of like filtered down to kind of a craft a market this is ria life information it's information that I use for sourcing, finding manufacturers organizing my time and action setting my deadlines on dh so it's it's going to be a lot of information but it's going to be completely attainable for you breaking it down into bite size pieces it's going to be yeah it's going to be a good collaborative experience so I'm going to start off really asking one question so the first question is who here has a product that they already sell who has an idea for a product they already so chris, I want to take this out to the people in the audience first of all, let's get some information about who we have out there right now where they're come dialing in front by then dial in they type maybe dialling at all slow internet really nice to hear that kind of like tweeting in the background and yeah, okay, so like dining in on a like an old phone or typing in is there's modern people doing things it does, so if you could get some information then we're going to go straight to our live audience because we have fantastic crew in the cozy couch is here really life people who have businesses who I didn't pay them to be here they want to come here, they have great products they're going to share their experiences with this over the next two sessions so I want to start off just having a little bit more information about who we have so actually I want to start with you could tell me who you are, where we can find your product and what you're hoping to get out of the next two sessions. Thank you. I'm ashleigh and I make custom designed pop open zipper pouch is cool. Um and this is a perfect class for me because I currently have one product, so I'm looking tio product thank you. I'm looking tio potentially expand into more than one product even though I love my one product um and you can find me on alphabet summer dot com ok. Oh, and same, same for etc shop okay, about summer great. And you have some product with you, so I hope to do over the next couple of sessions or so we'll be able to have a look at that. Thank you. Great. Okay, okay, so, um my name's, fatima and, uh, my jewelry line is called c pony couture and, um my tagline is jewelry for badasses nice I was hoping you're going to say that it's really kind of and it can be found at my website which is a pony couture dot com um it's all fabricated and hand casted medals are precious metal jewelry right rings earrings necklace, food and what do you hoping to kind of get out the next two days is here um just some insight as to how to organize this and work it into my life like, um I have I wear many hats and immunize tio style in a calendar and know what to look for you know what, theo? Okay, so your plates spinning right now you're constantly spinning plates. Yeah, yeah, we'll definitely be able to help you in the next two sessions. Okay? And catherine hedges, my company is splendid colors and I make laser cut hand painted jewelry. I also make steampunk christmas decorations and souvenir kits, right? And where can we find you? I am www spending colors dot com also on at sea a splendid colors mba um my name's amber and I own flywheel press and I'm a graphic designer and a letter of respiratory great and I have ah line a stationary predominantly greeting cards on dice el wholesale across the u s and in canada I have my own website I have some other type of stationery products, but I am a soup to nuts kind of gal. So from design to printing to packaging, it all happens right with me, and I feel like with the stationary world there's a hole, a slew of products that fit into that realm, and I can't do them all right, but I would like to diversify into some of those types of products. And so for me, kind of going down that journey is much different is a much different approach than what I've done so far, right? And so that's kind of like just a whole another ball of wax to figure out how to wrap my brain around organize, be able to manage and gets nowhere to stop as well. Really? Yeah, yeah, and really relinquish control and be able to sleep that night. You want you want to go to sleep and I think it's really important that I guess. Yeah, see my kids once in a while, huh? You got tonto? Great, we'll definitely I'm not sure if I'll definitely be able to help you sleep and I after two sessions, but I'll give it a go. Well, yeah, I'll make it my challenge of the next generation fantastic, nice.

Class Description

Once you’ve established your business with a single, successful product, imagining what else to sell can be daunting. You don’t want to end up with a disjointed collection of products, but you do want it to be fresh and exciting for existing customers. In Diversifying Your Product Line, you’ll learn the art and science of expanding your offerings and growing your business.

Susie Breuer is the author of Blue is the New Black: The 10 Step Guide to Developing and Producing a Fashion Collection and in this class she’ll help you generate ideas and make smart decisions about expanding your apparel and/or accessories business. You’ll learn how to:

  • Research the market to understand both price and your customers.
  • Build a concept and action plan for starting out
  • Manage multiple product lines
  • Source raw materials and manufacturers

You’ll learn how to accurately assess a product's viability before you waste time and money developing it. Susie will also teach you how to develop a consistent, logical pricing strategy you can use again and again.

Susie makes the complex process of developing a financially solvent product and production plan easy. You’ll get expert-level insights into all aspects of developing a new product and walk away confident that you know everything you need to know to expand your business.



Thank you for an excellent class on a key pivot point no matter what industry you are in. One stellar quality of this course is how collaborative, friend focused peer culture and (rather than hostile competition or dysfunction competition environment and psychological atmosphere). The structure suggestions enable creativity and acknowledges different mindsets required in different phases. Susie honors the joy that comes from making and creating. She celebrates the interdependence between all stakeholders and the fun and flow as well as learnings and choices from being a 'business'. She is pragmatic but high on the inclusiveness of fun and satisfaction. She is interested and interesting: safe, enjoys being a customer as much as teacher and expressions of creative generation for herself. You can be caught up in the delight of her view of the world if you have become jaded or burnout. This brings perspective and empowerment to your desire and goals.


Susie has this most amazing experience in business - she is fashion royalty - but has an amazing ability to put all her knowledge across in a way that you can learn so easily. I was so pleased that she could show you how to learn from her experience and it would make sense for your business. Pretty much whatever you are doing. I came away from these sessions with so many ideas. But of course ideas are cheap. She has made me understand how once you have an idea, how to make it real. So many great learnings about avoiding pitfalls, practical check lists and honest to goodness 'know how'. I am already putting her advice into practice and can see I am going to transform my business just because of these classes. I am going to come back to those videos again and again. Thank you so much for making this great resource available.


I LOVED THIS COURSE. After being a small business owner for 10 years it is easy to focus on what's right on your desk at that very moment instead of evaluating the bigger picture, to forget how to look at what is working as well as what isn't and how to improve upon your process. Courses like this make me want to jump up out of my seat and get back to work. Susie kept me engaged and focused. It can be a long day but time seemed to fly by. I am really glad I got the opportunity to take the course, not only would I take it again but would highly recommend future Creative Live courses and Susie's latest book. Thank you again for the opportunity and now I gotta get back to work!