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Drawing the Everyday Every Day

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Drawing Demo

Kate Bingaman-Burt

Drawing the Everyday Every Day

Kate Bingaman-Burt

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Lesson Info

7. Drawing Demo

Lesson Info

Drawing Demo

For this drying it's going to be a shorter version, something that you could d'oh you know, if you have twenty minutes out of your day thirty minutes out of your day, teo draw an everyday item and so what I'm going to dio for this demo is I'm just going to draw some contents of what's in my bag and also my bag to first I'm just going to be doing a black and white line drawing, and then I'm going to be showing you how you can easily scan this and then simply add color in photo shop, but first we need to rummage through my bag and see what I'm going to draw again when she's that kind of stipulations for yourself like drawing everything that's in your bag, you don't have to drop everything that's in your bag just you could be selective with what you want to draw, so I've got my planner cell pillage on my planner on my headphones, so I'll drop my headphones. I've got my wallet, I'll draw my wallet that also draw stuff that's insight about too, so I might draw, um like a lip stock that's in...

here and then maybe a couple coins and maybe I'll draw my library card um yeah that'll be enough for now because again, you don't need to be too elaborate because remember, this is just you're one drying that you're going to do today and you only want to spend about twenty to thirty minutes on it from start to finish sarah, we're gonna get started here forgot I also haven't have drama mascara too, so then I've got all these items that are in front of me and you kind of start thinking about how you want arranged on the page or you could just dive in and go for it and I'm just gonna dive in and go for it. So this really gross grandi lipstick that I need to replace and when you're looking at your objects again, I just don't think about how they're supposed to be looking just really observe and draw the contours and the lines that you see before you two and I usually just kind of rough out the outlines to start with and then I go back and add details later to next I'm going to draw this library card and I'm kind of excited that I picked this library card because it has some fun type on it. Tio and I one of the things that happened from my daily drawing project wass me really getting into doing hand lettering and that was simply based off of having to draw kind of all the different brands and different type that would be on these everyday items that I would be purchasing and I really fell in love with drawing letters and now I do that all the time just kind of a nice little added bonus and then again, don't worry about things being perfect if you run out of room that's okay, if you have to kind of like make something feel a little bit more wonky that's good too because that is just part of you coming through the drying making things perfect is kind of boring in my opinion and then I don't know if I'm gonna be able to fit all the text onto this card but again that's okay, so I'm just gonna write library so people know that it's a library card and I'm also notorious for misspelling whenever I'm drying letters because yes, I'm writing but I'm also drawing and so yeah, I just missed spell things so I'm just you've been warned, okay, I'm going to do these headphones next get that out of the way and there's something I've always been really attracted to drawing cords because you can kind of do fun things with cords to, like have fun with how the court falls or you know, maybe if you want to you can arrange that actually spell out a word if you want teo or it's just kind of nice additional interest on the page as well, so kind of again like you can arrange the object that you're drawing, you can kind of um improv with what what it does just kind of have fun with it again don't feel like you have to draw it exactly as it is and don't worry about scale either because these headphones are actually going to end up being smaller in comparison to the library card but I don't care again it's just about telling the story of what's in your bag not about making scientific illustrations of what's in your bag and these headphones have cool kind of grooves in the ear patting section so when I go back through these objects for a second pass, I know I'm gonna have fun with the line work on there and that's how it is to like I usually whenever I'm drawing something, I start thinking about how I can either embellish it or accentuate different elements on the object and I just kind of made a verbal note to myself that that's what I wanted to dio with these guys and also um I draw everything in pen which all right, you don't have to do that, but I made a rule for myself when I started my drawing project that everything was going to go in pen because that just reduces the ability to erase things because I knew that when I first started drawing that I was gonna want everything to be perfect and I was gonna want to race things but if you drew in pen you can't you can't raise things and so I purposely set myself up to not a race and then ten years later here we are I still don't really use pencil but it's kind of fun to just go with a line that doesn't necessarily land where you I wanted it to land and see where it takes you to because sometimes those air really fun happy accidents look see I think I'm gonna want this mascara to be open because that's gonna be more find a draw and I might just straw the wand yeah I'm a scoundrel a wand this is gonna be fun with all the hair the little harry one thing going on just looks gross which I kind of like I'm in tow kind of cute gross studying something okay I'm done with you and like see what else to do all that quarter will get I get teo draw george washington I'm gonna make this quarter bigger and I sometimes like to play a scale to like just unexpected scale not having the quarter be quarter size and having the headphones be smaller the library card be bigger just to kind of play with that I think it is interesting to me and hopefully more interesting to the view or two and again like I am not drawing a perfect portrait of george washington I'm making him feel like how I would george draw george washington gonna play with the hair hair's always fun to draw, and then we're gonna have a circle be barely fit in there. And this is I just now realized, because I'm looking at this quarter so intensely that I never noticed that his bag bow in his hair, that he's wearing on the quarter before he has a very nice bo, and I don't think I would have noticed that if I hadn't been sitting here staring out this quarter, which is something that we use all the time, but just looking at it like an extra minute made me realize something that's always been there and that's what's also another really wonderful benefit of drawing is that you get to look at these everyday objects that you take for granted in such a different and intense way that, um, you start to see things differently, too that's kind of exciting, I think I'll be done with that, and I want one more thing to kind of fit into this mixture how I have a vitamin in here e I haven't iron pill wanna try that? Doesn't everyone just randomly have vitamins in their bag? Does my least favorite vitamin take so I haven't taken it yet today, and then I have all the objects that I'm gonna want, teo. Draw and now I am going to see if there's other kind of like details or elements that I want to add to them if there's any like type or notations that I want to include and I do so this is kind of the second pass that I take to the drawing is where I kind of like hone in on more detail things whether that's andi kind of usually stop looking at the object this point to where I just kind of go in and just add my own thing so I'm gonna do that now and I think I'm gonna change brushes this I was using the super fine tip for that and I'm gonna do the black to do this the black brush to fill in for some spots I use the brush to dio either lettering or to do films like this and this gives a really nice opaque fell and you can enhance that photo shop but I can try tio get everything as exact as possible before I take it into the computer like I like having dark lines and not really making them darker and photo shop I like having everything pretty solid before it goes into the computer just because it's just I just I found it to be easier you get a better get a better scan you can work with things better that way e ah wait I think for the sky I'm gonna write a few things teo so first again I want to date thus because it's always good to date stuff to some lettering and sometimes I will just tio sam just simple text so it doesn't really um it supports the illustrations and then sometimes I'll do tack store it's more of like taxes illustration and I think for this I'm going to do more kind of maybe a little bit of both sold you like one line where it's more illustrative type and then I'll compliment it with maybe just like a secondary sentence that's more supporting illustrations so still some and I'm gonna break the word and half because I'm running out of space that's not a bad thing some stuff and then I'm gonna geo quick cursive mmm in my mind then I'll go back to secret type no well oh I know what I can write about these things I currently have thirteen dollars and twenty five cents and library fines so I'm going to write that and these air all these look extra notations and things like that make objects that everyone has it makes it a little bit more yours but still it's relatable tio loads of people because lots of people have library cards and lots of people have library fines too I should pay my library fines I love my library I just forget to return books so sorry this is I'll say iron pill, iron pill that I hate to take these are the best had found, so they'll be deemed the best headphones gross lipstick is grass, starkey it's been totally worn down and so here think that you don't have to like comment on everything, just some things, so I think we're getting about full on the page, and I think that was probably about fifteen minutes of drying, teo so we're right at where you want to be, especially if you don't have that much time. Tio make something, and we're almost ready to take this to the computer to scan in and add some color, although I can't quite stop myself from drawing at this point because I keep unseen things I want to dio see it's addictive, it's, totally addictive, I can't, I can't even stop the demo, but I think I'm gonna have teo, so I'm going to stop, and we're going to go to the computer.

Class Description

Get off your computer and play! Drawing the Everyday Every Day is your guide to exploring your creativity and integrating a drawing habit into your daily routine.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop themes for your drawings
  • Options for presenting your content: zines, prints, instagram, etc.
  • Ways to add color to black and white drawings using Photoshop

Kate will inspire you to explore the everyday by simply drawing what's around you. It is okay if it is completely about your own experiences – in the particular lies the universal.

It doesn’t matter whether you think you “can draw” or not, everyone has a story to tell and you can learn how to tell yours and get drawing inspiration from Kate Bingaman-Burt in Drawing the Everyday Every Day. 



Love, love, love Kate Bingaman-Burt's art and innovative ideas, and this class was just great. It's very brief--you can watch all the videos in one morning--but the effects last for a long time. This course totally revitalized my illustrations. I was stuck in a sort of "cute" mode until taking this course. Then I started using different materials, approaching my illustrations in a different way, and doing exactly what Kate says: drawing the everyday, every day. This hit the refresh button on my style, as well as my desire to draw. My only request would be a little more step-by-step on how to get the background completely white in PhotoShop; Kate demonstrates, but it's a little too quick for me to catch the process. Maybe Kate or someone could give a step-by-step followup here? Otherwise, if you need fresh inspiration, a kickstart for a drawing habit, or just a good pep talk, this is a great course! it's as valuable for inspiration as for instruction.

amy greenan

As an experienced artist, I really enjoyed this class a lot! I found a lot to be inspired by and appreciated Kate's easy, conversational way of presenting the material. I loved seeing her process, her workspace, and favorite materials. I loved hearing about what inspires her. Sure, this was maybe less a "how-to" kind of course, but there is certainly a LOT to take away from this hour and a half or so. I watched course live, so didn't pay for it, but I would recommend this as a good, small investment in your creative toolkit. (I would have just bought it myself except that I just lost my job and trying to save every penny I can!)

Emmon Scott

I'm writing this review not immediately after watching the class, but a year after doing so -- and the impact on my life has been tremendous. Upon taking the course, I began drawing an everyday object every day, and have kept it up for a year, missing only a few days here and there. At some point, I expanded this to also sketching a great work of art every day as well (usually from an art book I got from the library, and sometimes on a trip to a museum). I don't spend a lot of time at this -- I just do it on breaks from work. The result has been my seeing a lots of things I would otherwise miss -- little details in every day things that I'd never otherwise notice. And that, in turn, has given me a greater appreciation of life, of the the visual world, as well as the amazing art works humanity has created. Looking back, I particularly value this teacher's point that your drawing doesn't have to be perfect. For me, that's been hugely helpful. I haven't fretted or been stuck or given up -- I simply draw, and in doing so, ALWAYS notice and appreciate details of whatever I'm drawing, whether it's my coffee mug, or a painting by Georgia O'Keeffe. PS: The drawing has impacted my editing of photos and doing any kind of visual work. I'm much more tuned in to details than I used to be. I may or may not draw better, but I definitely SEE more. And for me that's a wonderful and enriching thing. Cheers!