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Mobile, Conversion, and Analytics

So last segment of the day, we're going to power through mohr total online presence, and we're going to jump right into online advertising first anybody want to read that off? You guys want to read that first bullet point off disagree, right? Jumping in the online advertising strategy before or tactics, right? Figure out what you're trying to do there. This is the to me, this is the ultimate stage and integration you will waste all of your money if you don't have a content platform if you're not capturing email leads from running advertising. So this is the place where I think a lot of people either ignore online advertising or they jump in and they waste a bunch of money landing page is, uh, we're going to revisit that because, again essential part of this if you're going to run any kind of advertising online advertising paper, click advertising saying google adwords advertising on facebook, you want to make sure that you're sending people to a very specific page with a very specific ...

call to action. Google and bang are really the two, you know, primary places in which you can buy paper, click ads, I'm going to talk about a couple places other places that you might consider. Buying ads the social networks all now want to sell you ads twitter, linkedin, facebook on I'm also going to touch a little bit on what I call odo right? You've heard b to b b two c odo is online to offline andi I think that that's an element that a lot of us are in businesses where a lot of the research is going to go on online maybe they're even going to start thinking about making decision but we need to drive them off line into our businesses into a meeting or into some sort of face to face setting on dso actually having some strategies that really enable you to use your online presence to actually do that is part of this as well so remember our landing pages headline video bullet point benefits some way to capture a call to action and then some sort of trust building element every single one of your campaigns should be driving people if you're running ads that air just driving people your website and hoping they figure out you know what what they might find there you know you're going to find that you're not very successful so you want to be driving them too a landing page I've said this over and over again I'll say it definitely tomorrow when I talked specifically about advertising in general early generation in general really the most effective way to use advertising is to use it to promote content promote a call to action so somebody can get content read mohr, attend a workshop so they can find something out on dso that's a key part obviously it's why I talk about content so much it's a key part of making your advertising effective in terms of the online ads game you know this space this is the natural results, right? This is when somebody types in something. I think I put an airline tickets in there so many types in something this is the space that group, you know, they didn't pay to be here, they just worked hard to get there theoretically, and this is, of course paid space these air at these air ads along here they calm sponsored links this space it's getting bigger and bigger the space is getting smaller and smaller. So the reason that paper click advertising, particularly in the the way in which google invented works so well is because they were so good and making the ads relevant. The technology that they developed and purchased really makes the ads relevant, for the most part is rare to find an ad that's not related to what you searched for on dh most people today, even though it's you know it says sponsored links up here and this is yellowed out a little bit most people have begun to sort of blur the line I mean, they don't see this is advertising in many cases because it's so relevant and I think that that's what really makes it so effective quite frankly. So in terms of the basics of paper, click advertising one of the reasons I really love it as you can do testing on conversion for pennies so let's say you build a landing page and you do some key word research and you write your landing page has a great headline and you want to send people there for about fifteen dollars, you can run some ads on google adwords and find out whether or not that page converts or you could actually have an a version and a b version one outrageous headline and one sort of safe headlines right trying to get the same conversion and you contest that and for ten twelve dollars you can find out which one of those really converts and then ramp up your campaign run ads in print publications. Maybe even because now you know that that page is converting, you've tested it using a pretty simple way to send to kind of guarantee that you can send a bunch of traffic there so I actually had people back in the days of the yellow pages we would actually run some paper click ads to try to test one headline or two or three over another before we actually bought the yellow pages and because that yellow pages that stayed there and all year, you got one shot at that, you're right, there was no testing on dso. We would actually use paper, click advertising to test headlines, to try to at least get a a theory about whether or not our ad that we were going to place in a print publication that we had no ability to change was going to be effective. So you could do a lot of really things in testing, conversion and testing headlines and adds that you might actually run in other places. So it's a great, great way to very quickly get some date the whole ad words, you know, bidding platform is really all about, you know, again, all google cares is they want how they want lots of clicks and lots of happy custom he's, right? And so they create this thing called a quality score on dh you will find quality score basically means that somebody saw an ad. They went to a page, you know, they did what they what they came to that page to do. I mean, that's clearly it's oversimplification, but that's clearly sort of demonstrates that that was that was a good at, you know, that there was an ad that somebody got them, the information they were looking for, and the connection between quality that the the key ingredient to quality is relevance ok, so when we talk in terms of pay per click advertising you know a lot of people want to buy one ad that sends lots of traffic you know they but they loaded up with all the key words that they think would be important and relevant to their business and then it sends traffic to you know, one page and so well, you know, in that list of two or three hundred key word phrases for a lot of those people the ad wasn't really that relevant it didn't have the key words and it didn't really talk about what they were interested they got to the landing page same thing the headline didn't mention you know the key word phrase in a perfect world the headline of the ad matches the key so if I was looking for small business marketing consulting that would be in the ad that would be the key word phrase that I optimized for when they got to the landing page it would say small business marketing consulting somewhere in that headline right so that's again that's in an absurd world I mean you're not going to run one ad you know, perky word probably but that relevant is a really, really key ingredient there two networks again I'm talking primarily google adwords here, but they're two networks one they call the search network and when they call the content network, the search network is one person goes out there. I thought I had that page up there still person goes out there and it's, those ads that show up on google on the right side bar on the top, okay, people are searching for something on google, and they show ads that they were relevant to that search, the content network, mr hundreds and hundreds of websites that actually run google ads on along with their content. So news sites, um, you know, a well, I mean, different people, you know, all over hundreds and hundreds of websites can run ads, you've, you've, maybe you've heard of adsense, they had since program really, any, but he can actually join the adsense program and run google ads on their site, but typically, a lot of very large news sites do that, too, so you can actually buy ads in that content network. Now, my belief or opinion on each of those is they have very different audiences, and they have very different performance. Now, the search network ads actually costs a little more, but they'll be much more relevant. But there are cases where you just want to get extra impressions and exposure, and you can buy a lot of extra impressions and exposure on the content network so you're going to be seen your ads will be seen in lots of places by lots of people, but they probably won't get clicked on that much. So I typically like to tell people when you have that option, you know, when you buy ads and again, google wants to sell you everything so that all the default options air in their favor, just so you know, when he going to do the settings, I typically like to tell people to focus on the search option. Obviously, you have all kinds of geography settings, so you can target down to your community. You might not get a whole lot of impressions or clicks for your community, but certainly most of you, you may want to focus just on the united states, for example, so that your ads are only showing in there, you actually have the ability on dh. This is definitely a best practice to run multiple ads, so every time you run an ad and google adwords, I tell people to start with three you should start with three versions of any ad that you run because it doesn't cost any more google automatically start showing them in rotation and again because they want the added get clicked on the most to be shown the most, they will automatically start showing your most effective ads so they kind of do the testing for you and you could set up a cz many versions as you want and then you can go in and the ones that aren't getting any kind of clicks at all you could go in and change try to improve you know and they'll start then showing him in rotation again so you absolute you know from a basic standpoint you know must start with that you can create a daily or weekly budget whatever fits you're a particular advertising budget what I tell tend to tell people is that you want to start with a daily budget because you know you'll blow through your money very quickly while you're kind of learning and testing but what you don't want to necessarily say? Well, I've only got ten dollars to spend like a day okay, so you may if that's all you have to spend you want to make that the calf right while you're testing but the rial when it comes down to budging the real thing you're trying to do is through this process learn what's working fine keywords and then start budgeting for those actual ads or for those actual key words because if you find something that's converting like we talked about earlier you know you'll have you give up your budget on key words you are an actual performance based on the total budget so that that may that may get a little clearer when we when we zoom into some of this okay, so in terms of the actual ads themselves, so this is typical, you know, google adwords type of ad that you can buy, you've got a couple of basics, the headline probably the most important element there. I don't think you get any debate there. That element and blue shows up. That is what attracts people. You get twenty five characters there. Um, the next two lines underneath it, you get thirty five characters each the in terms ofthe writing good ads, it's the same science writing good headlines, being concise, being key words specific pick. Typically you should start testing ads that are very, very related. In fact, what when I get into actually my strategy for buying online advertising, you definitely want to have small groups. So in other words, you might have five or six key word phrases per ad so that your ads are extremely relevant toe what somebody searched for, um, a couple little things you can put you know, you get the ability to put in a whirl that is what you want to show on and typically that you want branded, so I would put in duct tape marketing, but the fact the matter is the earl and actually sending them to maybe some big, long you are all that has tracking goat and everything of that nature on dh that's just what they call the destination you're all so, um this you are also none of these sites of you clicked on that so that's not going to ceo mike dot com that's going toe the landing page, probably that he is designated for that going back to our emojis from earlier today, they're not allowed in google edward, you know, punctuation, they'll actually kick your ads out for spelling words wrong for putting in, you know, for exclamation points, you know, a good ad reads like a good ad. One of the things I like to tell people who try to really focus on in their ads is really hammering home on that kind of unmet number one unmet need that you think your clients have, so I have to explain a little bit of this is this is a really important concept in google adwords called keyword matching ok, and this actually applies to search some a lot of people don't realize this is, well, the way in which you can actually put characters involved in your search and it will actually refine your search. So there are three kinds of keyword matching ok, and what you're doing is you're when you're bidding on phrases to try to win, you know, for your for your ads you actually have to tell google you know how expansive you want to be in a search. So for example, meaning there's exact matching phrase matching and what they call broad matching again, the default is broad magic. So if you just buy an ad, it is typically going to meet, so so let me go through the three so so I could explain then what I suggest you do, okay, so exact matching like it sounds is if you type in tennis shoes, okay, you are only going to be returned results where the exact match so in this case, red tennis shoes because the word tennis shoes so if I ran an ad that said red tennis shoes on and you typed into tennis shoes, my ad would come up because of those two words showed up exactly as I've written them in the exact order that I'd written. Okay, but if you in this particular case, if I had not chosen exact matching, then it might show for other things, so phrase matching means so if you type in red leather tennis shoes, I might be able to run an ad, say shoes for tennis, so the phrase tennis and shoes was in there so my ads would show up, okay, but they're not in the exact order that I put them in and then broad matching is as it sounds google almost makes a determination if they think that's related to what you're searching for so red tennis shoes, red leather tennis shoes, tennis shoes, shoes for tennis you know all of those would turn up your act right? So you have the ability when you buy ads to actually kind of crank that down you could say I only want my ads to show up an exact match or in phrase match or in broad match the other element that you have is the ability to designate what are called negative keywords so again in my example, if I'm selling tennis shoes, I probably don't want to show my ad to somebody types and free tennis shoes not sure who would type that end but again, you know, even though the exact match was there, I want the negative keyword to bounce at out of the results and I've told them if I don't want free associating with my exact match so again farther narrows it down hopefully keeps it more relevant to people that I'm trying to sell to. There is obviously exact matches the most relevant but it's also the least traffic right? Because there are some cases where say a phrase match might actually be somebody that was looking for what you're doing or even abroad match might actually be somebody was looking for what you're selling so you're limiting the traffic but you are definitely increasing the relevance and so I typically like people to start there in exact matching because I think that they can actually conserve their budget farm or by doing so yes question can you um do exact matching with negative words yes yes yes absolutely yeah, that was my example so let's say you did exact no no no it was it was buried within a lot I was stating so men so so here's an example so let's say exact matching for tennis shoes was what you said and add up for and then you told it in that campaign I don't want free yeah so you'd have an exact match you can do negative keywords with everything with any type of matches groups so here is the path that I like to tell people to take start with exact matching and on all the negatives as part of your plan and then you start looking at winners so when a boy I call the winner is a phrase that's getting clicked on an ad that's getting clicked on and actually converting to whatever action it is you want them to take then I'd like to start expanding those so then I'll open it up to phrase matching and then maybe ultimately open that particular add up to a broad matchup okay but only after it's proven results there's some tools out there that you can actually use for negative keyword research does this one have where she you are all for that one? Um, this is the free creative noah word streams are this is word stream dot com it's their free negative keyword tool, and this is kind of a cool tool, so as you're free, is august right? Like most of us probably don't want somebody searching for something free, but what this allows this this this particular person so let's say they sell dog collars? This was actually a client of ours a long time ago, they sold really these gorgeous, handmade, certain specific kind of dog collar can you remember the name of as a name for it? But they clearly didn't want people looking for elektronik dog collars, electric dog collars, leather dog collars because it didn't sell, and so they're so you'd use this tool we put in dog collar, and it just comes up with all of these potential these aerial search terms, all of these potential negatives, and so then we build this list of all these negatives, and it further sort of prunes down, you know, who are it's going to be shown to? Because we know we don't want, you know, any of those people that are looking for those so it's really a great way to kind of build what a lot of people do is they build they're negative keyword list one time, and then they just use it with all their campaigns because that, you know, you can always change it and edit it, but it just kind of gives you the base so in terms of bidding so the way that that google adwords, if any of you haven't purchased before, you're essentially saying I will pay so much per click and in saying that they will say they will determine where your ad shows up, right? It's kind of like organic search me if you say I'll pay, I'm willing to pay five cents a click, and everybody else is willing to pay a whole lot more. You're going to show up on page three, which means you're probably never going to get clicked, right? Because who scrolls into, you know page two and page three just to look at ads and click on ads, right? So there's, this kind of always this dynamic, you know, changing environment going on of how much you bid, you know, based on your, where you're going to show up, my personal belief is, you know, I like to show it on page one with ants, but I don't have to be in number one spot or the number two spot typically, people pay a premium. To get that top spot and a lot of times there's always like to competitors you know that air like bidding against each other so those first two spots in many cases are like way overpriced where three and four and five actually perform particularly on e r a y basis performed just a cz well, if not better than those other two spots so what I like to do is create very small key word key word groups start with exact matching load up the negatives and aim for that third or fourth spot and one thing I would tell you google will suggest a price that you might need to bid they always always shoot for that top spot so they're going to tell the price that they suggest that you should bid is you know might put you in the top spot is least in my opinion that's not only not where you need to be you really letting the wrong person tell you what you what you should bid um another issue that sometimes comes up is competitiveness. A lot of times people will find keywords or keyword groups and they'll do a search on this great there's only like two or three people you know, they're running ads for this I can you know I could totally rock this well there's some people with some really smart computers that can figure out, you know, where to run ads and there's a really, really, really good chance if there's no ads running there because nobody's searching for that phrase that you're looking for so actually competitiveness is not a bad thing. I mean, there certainly are words that are going to be ridiculously competitive, but a little bit of competitiveness is actually a good thing, because it's pretty good symbol that there's some search going on. Yes, no, no, you're supposed to ask questions. Okay, so if you already show up on on page one for certain for forgetting, search your organic, would you then probably not advertise for that same search and ghosts to another search to add? I mean, because I don't know why I would pay for advertising if I'm already on page one for certain certain then why are you asking me the question? No, I totally great, I mean, there's some people that you'll see do it, and particularly like you'll see people of for their name or for their brand or something doing it because they, you know, they want to make sure they're showing up is many places, but I'm kind of with you, um, I mean, certain searches that I'm obviously not I'm not even on the light first five pages. So that would probably be something that that's where I would start to try to focus on right because so and you're absolutely right see this great place where these two things integrate so you're working on a ceo to get his many organic results as possible but you can definitely supplement that in trying to get some of the phrases that you either don't currently rank for or maybe you never will, you know, because they're they're attractive terms that you know, there's just too much competition for your don't use the google suggestion do you have, like, a rule of thumb like if they're saying by spend five dollars would you say all right maybe spend around four or, well, I definitely I you know, I don't typically don't take their suggestion because again I think it's in high I you know, my rule of thumb is I cut in half, okay? And then I just looking, you know, on and I think and typically actually you almost have to do that key word phrase by key word for it you're right, you know? But but I that's my rule of thumb, I don't know if it's a great one or not, but I tend to think that they're way high and so I'm going to come in somewhere and then it just yet so here's your action plan um, I would I really want you to at least take one of your and maybe it's your key words that you know you'd like to rank for you're not I would love to suggest that you all test this out who's running key were who's running and words right now ok, so a lot of you're not currently okay, so I'd really like to challenge you all to dip your toe in the water and start learning about this. There are lots of great resource is perry marshall his is a person that I would recommend written several books and all has all kinds of courses on you know when when you get up to where you're spending several thousand dollars a month, you probably better know what you're really doing but take take the house money the hundred dollars here and play around with it based on what I've talked about and we do a lot of this in our business is probably yeah, we could be doing a ton more, but this is what we are going to do more content. So your guy stuff's going actually right that's that's my strategy going my takeaway, but um one thing that I would I would point out and you probably don't get to this for the analytics but it's it's so important to understand the acquisition costs and the lifetime value of your customer yeah, as you take, take the plunge with this because that will totally dictate your tolerance for how much you pay or yeah or don't pay. Yeah, I mean, when you really understand, as you said, first off, how much is converting on what one conversion is worth to your business then? Yeah, you then the nelson it's like, ok, I can afford two on ly get one conversion out of one hundred and spend five hundred dollars, right? Because I know that if I get that, those kind of numbers I make one thousand dollars, so absolutely no question do you always advocate small businesses doing this themselves or do sometimes is a better toe outsource this management that it's a great, great question I think that every single thing in your business that you know that you would even outsource you need to know enough to be educated to actually buy it from somebody else. But this is one of those categories that sort of dynamic that changes the rules change a lot, you want to pay attention, you can waste a lot of money, you're certainly there certainly are people that can make you make you a lot more money because of all of their, you know, strategies, so I would say learn how to do it, but I'm a big fan of outsourcing this one you know if you're going to spend if you're going to spend three, four hundred dollars a month say in this category you know it's worth the person you would probably hired to do this some of the companies that do this is probably worth that google has a new agency program called engage um and if you just go I think if you just go to the google engage page you'll find that they will show a lit they have a marketplace of adwords certified folks um and you might but I would check out this stuff from perry marshall as well to get a great education but there definitely are places where if this becomes a significant part of your business that it's probably not a bad place to outsource because it does take a lot of time to do right but I think I learned how to do it um and the last step you really want to integrate that with analytic if you want to make sure that your adwords accounts and your analytics accounts are talking to each other on when I get to analytics show you exactly how to do that because you will then have the ability to know exactly which key word is producing the conversion that you want on dso you khun prune from there I mean don't just rely on what word you're getting the clicks you want the ultimate goal I'm assuming unless all you're after is traffic and a new hope something happens magically with that traffic that your ultimate goal is to get a sign up or a sale or enrolled in something on dso you want to make sure that you're tracking it all the way to that end point key word by keyword and all the settings aaron google adwords to do that and in analytics to do that couple tools that you might want to consider the bing yahoo ad center so no for an answer nor account sign up for a google at google adwords center account um I think it was if you wanted you know the question about whether or not how much you should bid on something one of the thing they're a couple tools out there ecm russians buy food that you can actually you can actually learn more about how what people are bidding or what what it will actually give you some estimations on what some of your competitors and by competitors I mean competitors in the key word phrases are paying actually for keyword terms so you might, uh add those to your toolbox of for edwards the social networks are all selling advertising now um I but quite frankly have advertised on all of them just because I like to play with them twitter did a really, really great job at getting me some followers in their adverts ads but you know I really didn't I don't really I'll just be quite honest I don't know what I would do with that necessarily you know, for they had a bunch of free coupons and burned up about one hundred dollars and got like eighty followers and I think that has some benefit I'm not sure it's a clear our eye for me same with linked in I've actually experimented with lincoln adds another great way to burn up a whole bunch of money unless you were really really targeted so for example my favorite way to target in lincoln is by title so if there is a you know somebody that in their profile let's say I wanted tio mind linked in or you run linked in and because I wanted to get more speaking engagements I would target people that have, you know, meeting planner or something in in their title or in their profile on dh they would be the only ones that would see my ass so you wantto with with any of these networks the more targeting you can do the better facebook has really become kind of an odd duck in the advertising realm because one of the ways that you know there's always been facebook ads that kind of ran down the right side bar right did you could bid on it kind of had the same targeting very much like paper click advertising well now they're really monetizing the fact that you've built the following so unfortunately for a lot of people and there's a lot of angst about this right now but for a lot of people they're actually not showing your status updates they're showing your sass upstate updates to about ten to twelve percent of the people that actually have said they're your friends right? Um and so then now you can actually buy the ability to expose that content to the rest of now they're really I'm mixed on it because there really you know, a lot of people around all these campaigns you know, they get a million likes right? And it is because they you know, they ran some you know, like and when a ipad you know kind of thing we'll do those people really want to hear from you you know, my guess is they're their behavior has demonstrated they don't and so if I'm facebook I probably do that as well, but obviously the cynic you know, which suggests that they you know, here I've built this following of ten thousand people and now I got to show my stuff to eight thousand of them I actually have to pay money. I will say this that those ads performed extremely well so the promoted posts and you're on and on your personal page the boosted posts which actually then puts it in people stream particularly on the mobile does quite well mobile device or mobile facebook app does quite well so even though I do it sort of reluctantly those air my highest performing facebook ads so maybe you're like our current carries about your strategy with facebook who were you targeting when you're because it seems like here you're how are you reaching decision makers or is that not your goal with here facebook strategy? Well, so I'm targeting two groups over one group of people that have already said I think what you do is something I want to pay attention to, so they've liked my page or they've subscribed to my public update it's on my personal page so those groups in some ways they've targeted and themselves right they've they've already said, I I want to know more about duct tape marketing or I want to follow duct tape marketing, so if I have something like a webinar that I'm doing or if I release it a free e book, I want to promote an event like this, you know that I want to make sure that lots of people are looking at all by ads to make sure that all of those people are aware of what I'm doing so you need you need the following first and then you're marking following that I wasn't sure in the kind of out there no no so that's one case right? But then there's also let's say I wanted to get more following so the other strategy that a lot of people will take is the out their world they actually can say ok, I'm looking for a whole list of selects twenty to fifty year olds in this country that have that are small business owners that you know that own dogs just like dogs so you know and then what what facebook will do is it all right and ad that will probably promote coming to either coming to my page and signing up for something? Or it can actually send it directly to my website to a landing page to get you know, to sign up for a free e book on dso so there's two strategies there so those that's the global world but it's a little more targeted right it's people that I think could have an interest in what I'm doing and so I will either want to get them. I really don't want to create a campaign that sends them to my page toe like my page so that I could then, you know, continue to market to them or send them to my my duct tape marketing site so that I can capture the lead which quite frankly I want email addresses over likes so that that's working for us yeah issue but the reason that works is because I know what an email subscriptions worth to me so it's not just a numbers game it's it is in a way but I know that if I generate fifteen hundred you know new email subscriptions in a month what that will turn into in sold product and sold courses so that makes sense. Yes, yeah. So that's what makes the advertising just to capture the lead payoff the dollars just to catch the do you have, like, general guidelines for, um percentages on those things like that we should be shooting for how many people subscribe that actually turned into a sale and that's so like tio, um I don't think I really would be dangerous for me. I could make up some things with that it's so hard because I mean, we so much of it had depends on the quality of the first step s o much of it depends on who they actually were targeted. So much of it depends on what the next step is. You know, in our particular business, when somebody signs up if we for our news letter you know, we we really we do target or try to get somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen to twenty, fifteen to eighteen percent to move to that next step to enroll in something else on dso and then from there another two to three percent, you know is a target to actually make a purchase but that's you know, those are our numbers and I mean if I was selling a twenty nine dollars thing that those numbers will be significantly different than if I were selling a fifteen thousand dollars thing but that's that's our targets ways to use your online presence to drive people offline put coupons for free workshops have click to call or click to chat there many, many services that could do that a lot of times when people are out there searching, they're doing the original research they just end up having a question so using some of the tools to actually allow them to ask you a question actually allow them to call you directly because you're going to need to meet with them eventually or because they want to schedule appointments because you want to tell him how to get to you your particular facility scheduling I'm gonna actually show you a couple of these tools but scheduling uh applications for the you know, for those that to do appointment I'm not sure any of you well, you could actually do both of you guys could do a little scheduling do you use the scheduling appiah okay, what do you use it's? Our client management says okay all right so people can actually do it without calling anybody yeah do you have you you probably even embrace that yet, but that would be good for calendar yeah, but I mean that I could see a lot of photographers do that really? Anybody who has an appointment type of business, you know, there are a lot of people I I have to get, you know, an eye exam every year so I could get new contacts every year, and I just love it that I can actually do that without calling, I don't like people, you know, so it really helps in that benefit, I think more and more people are looking for that, you know, somebody mentioned the millennials, you know? I mean, they really don't like to pick up the phone really, I still pay for a cup of my daughter's phones, and I'm not really sure why? Because they never call on him, you know, we need to get a member's e can't stand it when you get him a texting device text only. All right, let's, move on this more stages shall we let's talk about? Well, actually, before I do that, did we finished way need toe turn out here to the land of duct tape and see if we got any, uh, any ad questions or maybe we did, I am I mean, you covered a lot of it, you got a lot of remember, but d williams says, do you create integrated landing pages in facebook? Integrated land do I create them personally know inside of facebook I don't I'm not saying that there are there's not value in that I just really might my philosophy that I stick with is I want engage people on facebook and do everything I can to send him to duct tape marking right? But there are some actually tools that kelly are you from your thing there are girls that actually would integrate with with male chimp so like you could build a form inside of facebook and somebody could actually go into your male chimp yes, you got that yeah and it's a little complex but you can do it so so that would be an integration that to me would make some sense because you're essentially capturing him without him leaving it's great and you know, it used to be like a big code in f b m l you already changed it so that's another reason maybe you don't want to rely on something facebook yes, they can just come in well that's right that's right? A lot of people really got stung by that because they had all these pages set up that no longer work game. All right, ok, so let's talk about mobile my biggest quite frankly, my biggest advice to you guys to the folks out there is this one right here is we've got to make our content mobile friendly there are a number of ways to do that there's actually if you were wordpress site wordpress or w p touch pro or w p touch is actually the free version that you pay like twenty nine dollars to get the pro version overnight or in two seconds you have a mobile version of your site so that if somebody pulls your side up now on a mobile device at least will render it it's not as pretty as your your theme maybe it's but it's very readable you know the images show up if it's blawg content obviously taken, you know, plow through that responsive themes probably the direction the industry's headed. I haven't heard anything really negative other than you know their challenge, but ah theme that actually responds to whatever the browser or devices I that's my theme is is responsive most of the time there's a couple of times that I do something to break it usually but if you look at my site on a on iphone and then look at it on a twenty two inch monitor, it will it will render with the graphics and the same colors in the same look it will just respond to this size by shrinking the images and shrinking you know the size of what you're going to actually see there's a couple other applications sometimes there's there's one called dude a mobile and what I like about this tool is there definitely are some businesses you know, there's a lot of times when somebody's looking for content or looking for your web site on a mobile device, they want directions or they want your hours or they want, you know, that they want they don't want all the blawg content necessarily they're trying to do something. What do the mobile does? Is it's kind of a drag and drop tools so you could build a mobile version of your site allows you to highlight the things that you think will be most important to that person that comes there, or at least need to be at the forefront for that person that comes on a mobile device. There's one other thing I would tell you to look at cycled how to go mo dot com and look at your current website on that and you could pick from this list of all these mobile devices and I'll show you what your site looks like currently so it's a great way for you see how bad the problem really khun b and as I said, you know, last time I checked twenty, twenty one percent of my traffics coming from tablets and mobile devices, so obviously I have if I would do nothing to my content. Twenty to twenty one percent of my people are going to get a bad experience um and I know about you but you go to those websites and you gotta scroll and pinch and do all that stuff he kind of get tired pretty fast don't you claim your mobile location claiming on facebook on yelp on four square I what I mean by that is your business location s so that people can actually they can check in I'm trying to think of any of you probably don't really have a business that check ins or really that big of a deal but you still want to claim that location it's just more local data here's some of the click to call clint to chat I actually use old lark live person bowl chan are a couple other aps for you know, a little bit of money you can actually have their you know obviously have to have somebody who can, you know, make kucan maintain that and be, you know, on presence but you know, people come to our side all the time they have a question about a product or something we have somebody there that can answer that right away I think that's become increasingly important two free ones for wordpress okay before and then I don't remember any particular one of them are ok, but then we're talking about scheduling there's the one that's v sita I don't know if you've heard of that I'm not here's the scheduling ones that I'm most familiar with jen book schedule is city and click book you snapping age for live chat what's it called nappy engage snap engage yeah I mean it's become a pretty big category we've just used a large crew a number of years I know what we pay for it like nineteen dollars a month maybe because I don't have I mean, I don't have hundreds of agents obviously so I have the lowest plan okay? So mobile friendly website option driving people offline claim those local profiles that's your action steps more questions in that category we have actually won last category left analytics we're gonna cover conversion funnels some may be testing engagement tools conversion tools so really gonna end on a with a bang today lots of writing things down lots of tools, lots of ideas. So if who's using google analytics grilling that everybody no no yeah, ok, almost almost. Um my guess is a small business, probably of the ones that are thinking about analytics at all. It's you know, it's been in the ninety percent range what I have found that, of course is um how many of you visit every day, right? How many of you using it to track conversion, right ryan you're overachiever see if you know this place was a stump ryan let's see uh because what I find is everybody installs because everybody tells you you should write and then it's like ok, now I did that what I do and then you go to the home page that's even worse right you go you log in your thing you think oh okay I see how much traffic I got you really have to kind of dig into it to extract really much value or you have to really spend a whole lot of time researching and figuring out you know, what's there and so what I try to do is really first off again it's an important important category so it's one that we all need to do a better job understanding and using but let's get the basics first is, you know, create account install the code since most everybody here is doing that already. So tracy we're going you're going to do that right it's like you said it tells me I need tio my word press but I haven't installed it because I don't know anything about it and I it's just one of those okay, another thing that sure I don't have time to learn but I guess I need okay so let's just get you get it installed first okay, so that will be the easy part so what happens is you're going to go to you're going to create a google if you already have a google account, you're going to create an account on dh then you're going to say you're going to go to google dot com adwords you're gonna log in and it's going to say what you are you tell us what you are you you want to track these are my two settings that I would so you're going to come to the screen then next um this happens to be, um it's actually my site you want to just you want to have that first slider on and you want to have that force slide iran because you want to enable custom campaign tags don't ask me why yet you just want to all right then it's going to give you a whole bunch of code here that you're going to take back your just gonna copy that code and you're going to take it backto wordpress and install it in probably where it's telling you to write already? Okay, but it's in the it's in the general setting staff ok? It allows you to dump something into what they call your header. Okay, you call me if if, uh, next week and I'll walk you through it if you haven't done okay, all right, so so that's that's how you get set up on your page um also all of you for having done this um go to your edwards account sign in your edwards account and under the reporting tab and you guys get these you guys will get these slides so you'll be able to follow up to this on the reporting tab choose google analytics and you basically say connect my analytics again with the two okay, you basically giving it permission tio have analytics and edwards talking to each other okay that's a step that you want to have or you can't track your conversions from adwords. Okay same is true with what's called the google web master account somehow I missed we kind of glossed over that slide but another action step if you want to go back to ceo you should all set up what's called a google web master account if you haven't yet and what if there's some real benefit to that you can submit your xml site map so you get better tracking and google it'll also crawl your site and tell you what if you've got problems it will tell you if your sights running too slow eso it does kind of cem some maintenance automatically for you and gives you some alerts if there's problems with your site but it also starts tracking it'll start giving you reports in your analytics, so if you put your google web master account and your google analytics account if you, um I hope those two together in your google analytics you'll start seeing words key words and phrases that your ranking what your ranking for so let's say you've created after this workshop a hit list of phrases you'd like to rank for you can actually set those up as custom filters inside of google analytics and it'll tell you you're doing really cruddy on those or you're starting to rise for those you're starting to get traffic so it allows you to kind of monitor the key words that you already rank for currently if you want but also those that you've targeted so the basic analytics reports that you get show up all down the left hunt sad but so you lined up you log in there and the default setting here you get is the last thirty days of unique visits that's the default setting ok, so you'll see probably you know that kind of line that goes for thirty days if interesting information to know but probably not that helpful in terms of your your objectives a couple things I want to point out on the left side bar you'll see real time they've actually added because those results that you get are actually a day behind they've actually added real time reporting so you can actually know how many people are on your site today right now at the moment on dh that khun b maybe useful it's useful for me because it allows me to see where traffic's coming from in the moment and you know somebody writes a review you know says something you know, tweets my content I could see a big spike you know immediately and so that sometimes is valuable for me to follow but the other two watches to explore is called dashboard the other tablets called dashboard and dashboards are basically your ability to make that default view look like anything you want and he widget up there and the view up there any report you want to track you don't have to live with the default now I'm going to give you even cooler thing there's a site called dashboard junkie dot com and is basically that anybody who wants to build a google analytics dashboard if any purpose under the sun can build them and leave them there and anybody can subscribe to them so the cool thing about dashboards is that if I built a dashboard and I wanted you guys to all to have this view that I had built I could give you a link that every dashboard produces its own you earl I could give you that you are earl you could take it into your google analytics neither one of us would be sharing any data at all it would automatically billed that dashboard view for you okay, so when you go to dashboard junkie you will find some social media tracking dashboards you'll find it's a pretty great small business tracking that start that really get into tracking conversions and goals and get it into tracking like first time visits from social media and some of the things that actually might be more relevant for you to start digging into andi can't I can't tell you exactly which ones to go look at, but you brought you'll find you may find a dashboard for photographers, for example, that somebody has built on dh the nice thing about these dashboards they're interchangeable I mean you could have twenty five of them and then you just click through the different ones and you'll see the different view you could see if that's valuable for you it's really just a great way to organize without having to learn all that it's basically templates for reports is what it amounts to so it's a great way to really get a shortcut in my opinion on building much more useful views. The standard reporting also has traffic you can look at your social, you have to you actually have the ability and google analytics to then hook up your social profiles um it'll show you mobile so that's when if you want to get a sense of how much mobile traffic you're getting, click on that and it will show you the traffic that's coming from mobile devices and you have the ability to look at conversions have to be set up in order for you to actually view them so here's an example of what the dashboard this is a small business dashboard that I set up that started show visits by location showing me visits by social network showing me visit visits by mobile referral visits versus new visit so so I'm seeing how much of my traffic that's coming in is actually new traffic so this type of this is an example of a dashboard view that just pulls in a whole bunch of custom reports but their reports that were built into the dashboard so I don't have to really mess with you know how to get that bill is that the dashboard junkie yeah yeah so we want to talk a little bit about campaigns in analytics so back there when I told you you wanted to have that one setting marked and what that allows you to do is actually create custom you or else and one of the I think one of the most underutilized tools that you can do an analytics is you can actually create all kinds of tracking your us using the google u r l tool and what that allows you to do is let's say you it's really easy to track ad words you just click the two together you know, set a goal and anything that comes over from adwords analytics obviously contract but what about that ad that you want to run in facebook or what about that ad that you want to run in? Somebody's email newsletter you know what about that ad that you want to run in a print publication would be great if you could know how that was converting as well? Well, if you create custom murals, what allows you to do is sew you put in it's maybe it still has the same landing page, right? So there's only one your girl, but you're running it and all four of those different places. So you go to the euro builder in google and you just tell it here's the campaign that you know, it's that's, the facebook campaign next one is the email campaign ok? And then it's going to create this really long ugly? You are all with all this tracking code in it that you then use in your facebook campaign, or you use that in the email, and what it's going to automatically then do is come back to your google and so so all the people that clicked on that and went to your went to your landing page are all now going to be tracked separately by the campaign or the way in which they came in, even if it was an offline way, I mean, obviously they had to go online to to get to the page, does that make sense? So this tool can really be a tremendous addition or add on to everything you're doing in terms of trying to track conversions in analytics yes quick question can you shorten yeah you google also has a shorter on dso then you could take any of those two there because obviously if in a print publication you know you man to somebody typing in seventy eight characters right and then there's bit leave yeah and I actually used bentley and go down a rabbit hole if I start talking about that but it also let you know I don't have my own custom shorter so I have duct tape duct tape dot emmy a cz my short inner through bentley but that yeah, you definitely great question great observation because you definitely want to do that the last really big concept inside of analytics I want to talk about something called conversion fund all right, so the idea behind this is you can create goals inside of google and like she created goal. This is the stupidest thing in the world but it's in your admin panel don't ask me why, but go to go to your site on analytics and then over in the admin tab click that and it's one of the options down here now will be created goal doesn't seem like that's where it should be, but that's where it is all right a goal can be anything any action? Basically so for example I have I set a goal as a newsletter subscription ok, because that's that's a conversion I want to track now in many cases is I actually want to I want to create multiple goals somebody signing up for a webinar somebody downloading in a book right? These air all golds on dso what? By setting those his goals then I contract any traffic that comes in that completed that goal, right? So says of all the traffic that's coming here one percent you know, did this goal right? So after I create a couple goals what I could do is I can build what's called a funnel inside of analytics because in many cases what I want to do is I want people to move right? I want him to sign up for my newsletter, but then I want him to go get this free report and then I want him to sign up for a weapon or a typical sort of path, right? So after I said all three of those things up his goals I can actually say let me visualize those as a funnel on and it's just it's in it's in the optimization it's a long slide up there but it's in the optimization tab down the left hand side bar I could say create funnel and then I basically just say if somebody comes, I can actually say I can create a final from, you know, an outside like if they came from facebook or something, right? I can say from social media what percentage did step one then step to then step three and what this visualization will do is this will show me ok, seventy four percent of the people that came to the landing page did what you wanted them to do. Okay? Another twenty one percent went to the next step. Of those twenty one percent, another sixty seven percent took the next action on dh what? What happens typically in these is for me I'm seeing seventy four percent here, sixty seven percent here. This fit this step in the middle is a performing very well. All right, so ultimately, what I want is for them to actually enroll in something that was the end game of this one. But my real choke point was way back here. And so I go back and I fixed this page or test the conversions in this page. And olson, this page goes through the roof, but had I not really been able to visualize this complete funnel, I probably would have just thought, you know, what's wrong down here, why aren't they buying right so you can set up is many of those you want, um allows you to actually use actually inside of analytics now they have something called google experiments eso all of these pages. So what I probably would have done is created another page here and tested these two against each other in that particular step in the funnel and it really just to me maybe it's because I'm just a visual person but really having that is so much you know it it really allows me to see the flow now through as people go through my sight but is the way that I plan to have them go through the site? Is that something that you drop before you even build all this out in the first place if your visual um posted notes or float oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whiteboard yeah, absolutely. Yes. Is this one that last side is if one, uh, are you following one person through or notes it? There actually are some tools that can do that so they take somebody that's in your database and actually it can show, you know, individual clients what they've done, but this particular this is just the aggregate. So this is all the traffic that's come in a certain way that I wanted it to come in and then what did what did they do and say the idea behind this is I had to have an intention right so a lot of them are because they've come into a landing page there were a lot of options, right? They had to take the next step or leave right? And so I'm funneling them you know too so this is you know, in a way you can kind of look at this is the hourglass it's like this is a no like trust try by but but all within the same visit really um it no well now we're now we're really in trouble it doesn't have to be there's actually settings where you can actually track because that's where people get in trouble you know they get everything is the last click right? What did they do on the last click? You know did they buyer didn't they buy a lot of times? What happens is people it will track with the proper setting somebody came here somebody came here, they went on vacation right jumped back in here three weeks later um and then came down the rest of fun it'll keep tracking that um I not using the google in licks I used stat counter and I can see people come to my side they browse around, then two days later they come back the roads around again, I can see where they came in where they left and so that funnel thing is going to be so I'm a little neurotic when it comes to stalking people that go to my site so I'm excited about erotic and stocking and the same stuff. You all right? Well, awesome. Well, I will help you get that set up if you have any that's my promise to you. All right. So some other options, spring metrics kiss metrics to great paid programs that khun do, even mawr, my experiences, you know, you'll really need a consultant to get those two to work on your high power. Have you used both of those I have? Yeah, and I actually, for one of my clients who has a shopping cart on the site, and they take reservations on the site, and we moved away from google analytics because it was there's just so much data there, he has a lot of traffic, and we were trying to find out where people were dropping off and we weren't getting granular enough. So and we also wanted to very much track the revenue that was coming in from different sources like facebook or email marketing and be very specific about it. So we moved to spring metrics and it's actually quite useful. Yeah, yeah, I like the people who created that, and I think they're really they're also offering some pretty interesting things, like couponing, yes, based on somebody's past behavior, I mean dynamic content based on the fact that they've been there five times so yeah there's definitely some some high power tools you know ryan I mean any anybody that's really doing particularly doing e commerce you know, I think some of those tools can be really, really important we're going to give you a couple of conversion tools that I would suggest you take a look at um there's a gentleman by the name of avinash kaushik he is in my opinion the best person explaining google analytics it's got a couple great books google analytics an hour did an hour a day um he's also got a kaushik dot net is where he writes his blawg tool called the five second test these air really more focused on you know if people are it's a great way to do some user testing the way five seven second test dot com works is you give it a whirl on dh then you can send people to that you earl and they'll actually have five seconds and your side will go away and basically you're tryingto then run some information about what they saw you know what they took in um click tales interesting that's what this is a heat map um e this image over here is what's called a heat map and what clique tail can actually do is actually has can actually run sensors on what people are looking at so they have actually eye tracking so you can bring up your pages and it can show so these heat maps show the people of this looks like some navigation over here right? It looks like this is where people are being drawn look at this navigation appear people are being drawn there's they're scanning and so it really can be another way from a conversion standpoint to start seeing our most important stuff's getting missed right? You know the stuff we want people to do the call to action button you know is not being viewed first four q survey tools kind of an interesting tool it's an exit survey tool so people leave your sight and it can say, hey, what couldn't you find here or what? What else would you like us to write about? You know what's been the hardest thing for you to find about fitness, right? So you can just you compose whatever questions you want user ten and it could be really a great way to find out why people are leaving on dh and again what? You know what? They came there looking for that they didn't find some cases it stuff does their right they just couldn't find it user testing dot com's another pretty interesting site I want to say it's one hundred maybe it's one hundred fifty dollars and they will actually you'll fill out a survey here's the kind of person I'm looking for you know, you give him sort of your ideal client description on dh, then they'll go out and recruit those people, and they'll actually video them going through your site on give you you'll get to hear the transcript, you know, they'll they'll have some assigned it's, like we'd like you to go. We'd like you to find this product and check out right, and so then they'll actually do transcripts and against just, you know, a lot of times, especially when we build our sights ourselves or we see them being built and we get to play with them and touch him and hold him in every generation. We know where everything is on dh, then we actually show it to a customer and they can't pass go right? So could be some really good, interesting usability study good money spent, you know, I started out the day one, you know, talking about how you know an improvement one or two percent improvement to conversion can actually add fifty percent of the bottom line without any additional traffic. And so it's, certainly a category we're spending some time and money on. So set up your google analytics account, integrate, make sure that you've integrated it with the other google tools. Create one goal those of you that have it in there already going there and create a goal make it the simplest thing possible like tracking newsletter sign ups just so you see how it works um creative visualization so if you've got if you've got actions on there that you already have set up that you want people to do create those who create one of those just so you can play with it if you've got a landing page creating experiment if you've got a sign up page for like a seminar or any book or for your newsletter play with the experiment all right, so we made it through the content we've got a whopping three minutes or so left, right? So is way have anything from the duct tape universe. First, I want to say that people have gotten out there duct tape because their heads are and they decided that that indeed is a good tool to use for the exploded head. So that's that's what duct tape it really is about yeah it's true. So john, I did I just kind of as we were closing up here I prepped the chat rooms is asking any final questions for the day there were a couple questions that came in joe amex, though said more the question could we have closing comments around the strategy, the main objective of all this like just grounding the day you went over a lot of tactics but what's the end goal of all this um, you know, frankly, the main lesson that I wanted everybody to take away from this is how important these elements working together is on dh that that, you know, integration was probably the word of the day, you know, system system system, but integration is the word today and to a point where I'd rather have you integrate social media and email marketing if all you do is facebook for your out, how to integrate facebook with email marketing and with your content rather than diving deeper into facebook so so integrate and connect all of these components at some level first and then you can take him deeper. Well, tomorrow we're gonna work on lead generation, we're going to start taking some of of this foundation and now this total online presidents and saying, ok, how do we wrap all this up in finding and getting found by those people that are our deal clients that we've described his ideal clients? And assuming we've got a lot of this foundation built that we spent in the two days, we're going to start attracting those in different ways and we're going to explore the lead generation trio you know, advertising, pr and public relations a za way to attract those ideal clients we are going to get into lead conversion. Uh, some people call it sails, but I've been calling it lead conversion because quite frankly, if you do the rest of the system right, it really is just conversion it's not it's, not selling in the true sense. Um, I'm going to have some fun with have to think about some of the things I might bring into this one, but we're going to talk about speaking azali generation tool it's quite frankly, getting up in front of audiences is a tremendous way to generate leads to build know like and trust we are going to close out the day really trying to to wrap some of this up and maybe give give you some relief as far as you know how to how to create some some priorities in everything that you've learned on dh maybe how to start thinking about planning your day a cz well is planning your market. Fantastic. I like that. The relief is in sight on tell us again about where people can go to sure what they can get. Thanks, I show. So at duct tape marketing dot com for its slash creative live if you go to that page a landing page you will find a form that asks for your name and your email address, and once you give us that, we'll send you an email with a free e book in it, the seven steps to small business marketing success and when you download that will also give you the opportunity to meet for thirty minutes with a duck take marketing consultant somebody who has not only had their head exploded by me and sessions like this but has done it maybe for years and years on and actually has now gotten pretty good at exploding other people's heads, so we'll let you be with them, you fill out a little form on dh, it will really ah facilitate a great conversation so that they can look at what you're doing in your marketing, telling what you're doing right, maybe giving you at least three actionable items that you can take out there and do tomorrow the next day to make some improvement in your marketing in this kind of duct tape marketing way? Well, fantastic and I love that you practice what you preach, you do not you walk the walk, not just talk the talk, everything that you've been teaching us today you yourself would do, and I just I love that a priest could you do it otherwise that's right? Let's see, joe mx says today, a lot of heavy stuff things that took me a couple of years to master. I can indeed, imagine some headaches of the end of the day, day and dream says this is hands down the best marketing course I have ever taken. Greg de agrees and says, I think a lot of other people would agree covering literally everything.

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