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Interview with Sue Bryce

So we are going to be joined here by the wonderful and delightful super rice she was one of our favorites here uncreative live we've had her a number of times and we would love to welcome her as our first interview for this photo week two thousand fourteen special edition rebroadcast with special guest cookie bryce sue how're you doing this morning? I tell you how you doing so I'm good rest good and how is cookie doing she's crying in the middle of the action in the way as always how are you doing lately? You've been in l a for about a couple weeks how is it treating you it's a very warm and yeah really enjoying it big city just getting tio used to driving around yeah, right very different love it ok, so let's talk a little bit about photo week now tell us just a little bit about your course empower yourself and revitalize your business. I had just come off a few courses with large aid in kelly brown and so we kind of cross the get rid of a ll the opposing shoppers that I do and I want...

to do a presentation that was based on you know who kicks my butt in business because everybody thinks that I really super motivated and I'm super confident and I'm super lucky and and I thought to myself, how do you honestly think kicks me in the butt every single day and get me out of bed and especially when you work at home because I don't have to get up and go to work so I kicked my I am but and it took me a lot of years tio find out how to do that wrote a presentation based on when you re empower yourself, your whole business just gets re energized, so this is kind of the process that you use to I mean, everyone is amazed at how much you're able to get done and how just what a dynamic force you are in your own business and this is kind of the process that you use to keep that energy up. Is that right? Yeah. It's, um it's not easy and sometimes I just feel like, uh, just a girl that can do this on here iron and I go through them. I hate my job stage and I might have a bad client or a bad experience that I've somehow created in my studio and I just want to give up and it's just going to be something that gets you up every day and make you want to reconnect with your business. And as I was mentoring and teaching people, I just found that everybody's business was just running exactly how they were running, so if you were depleted, your business was depleted you know, if you were sort of bitter and twisted and you give in to those weeks, months that's what you were attracting and clients and ski city and all those horrible things that come up for you they all trans meat and you business very, very quickly that's fantastic, I'm really excited to see it because yeah, I think a lot of people do get into that mode really easily where they do they get frustrated by something and then it just becomes this cycle that just eats away and just you have to be able to breast breakout, you have to bust out and I love that's kind of what we're talking about so let's talk a little bit, which is briefly about what we're coming up you have of course, that was just put live on the on our website let's talk mohr everyone loves supervised let's hear what's coming up soon. I haven't even announced that yet, so I'm really excited before I go on. Russ, what you just said about you know, if you listen to my talks, one of the things you're going to have to deal with is it's all about you, so if you want to deal with anything, go to deal with yourself first I just want to say that it's not anybody else's fault this is not happening to you so it's a big take responsibility this presentation I know from talking because I think I need to hear it and that's if super asking let learned from supervise anyone can learn from supervise I love it ok, so let's talk about what's coming up so I did a shoot on january for the hollywood shoot and it started off as a conversation over a bottle of wine with selling psagot it and she's like what's your favorite beauty year and I think they're all my favorite sit for maybe the eighties way decided hollywood glamour and so I said to felix, I'm going to come to new york for this thing can we shoot for a couple of days? And then instead of using models, I thought let's, he's really women and on the models that ria woman but, you know, every day women, and then instead of using people, we didn't know our eyes that when we use photographers that I know I asked all the girls and we had this amazing play date hollywood shoot play day, and it occurred to me that I don't use any form of studio writing and I need to live and who would be better to teach me than felix? So he came and shot with me for two days and I loved it so much in our audience loved it so much in our friends and I always loved it so much when I asked him if he come and do a lighting workshop with me, so I'm going to shoot my style of glamour and natural light and teach a little bit more about that, because a lot of people struggle with controlling that to light the way I do, and he's going to replicate each of my shots in studio lighting and teach may that's so great. So for those folks who might not know felix koons is, you may have seen him on any of the workshops that we have large aid on hey is kind of her basically lighting guru, he is amazing with lighting, and he is going to be coming to teach with so I love the concept of this course for those people who may not have seen the hollywood shoot that you're talking about is on your blogged in bed with you dot com such block check that out because it's beautiful, and that is really exciting. We've been we've been hoping to have him on, and I know there are a lot of folks out there who have been hoping to see more lighting from felix, and this sounds amazing. Well, the problem with lighting workshops, because I've seen a few of them, is I don't understand them, everybody goes really high brow, and they talk about it's just I just don't get it, I don't enjoy it, I don't get it I'm really stub in I just throw my hands in the air and through my toys, out of the carton govett to natural light and a city felix, if you teach may you have to teach me how to do it so I'm going to be standing there asking you dumb questions and, you know, christians said I'm sure everybody else who don't understand to do your lighting and whenever I post anything with studio lighting on my facebook page on my block, it amazes me how many experts there are and, you know, they're large, I think a large portion of people don't actually know how did she was dea lighting very well and he's got to replicate what I do with natural light, and I've spent twenty five years mastering natural light, so I'm really interested to see what it's going to look like because I will differently introduce like, specially with hollywood shooting into my studio, and we're going to teach a whole segment on hollywood lighting hollywood posing in hollywood styling so I'm that's just I could do the whole witch up on that I think we could watch it that's beautiful and absolutely one of my favorite areas as well I just love that this around george terrell and like that whole era is just beautiful s o that is coming up may nineteenth and twentieth again it was just added to the creative life course page, so go ahead and check that out in the photography channel very, very excited for that one quick final question I think before we go into your foot a week rebroadcast what is something you wish you had known when you started as a photographer? You're talking about revitalizing your business about once you're kind of into it and really excited about it and working in the business but what's something you wish you had known when you first started there's no gauge to professional photography, so when you start it's you think you're really good you hope you good, you know you're not good, you think your crap and it just is this perpetuating cycle there's no, I graduated as a professional photographer and now I'm upholding to the professional photographers society or whatever because most photography um institutions just taken membership just to make money so they don't really care whether you could have enough to actually service the public and I feel like the whole industry really floats in the beginning segment of the careers because they don't actually know where they are getting told they're not good enough it's a competitive industry and I wish I head of head um more education and guidance in the first five years it took me so long I mean, if creative life I've had a head of existed twenty five years ago or twenty years ago would have changed my world, I I really had no concept of where I was there for the first fifteen years and years, and but then there wasn't the internet. You know, I I guess when they tonight came out, you could gauge pretty quickly. We were in the world. I wish I'd had more of an idea on how to give better service instead of how to try and validate myself as an artist. I like it, treating it business as a business and focusing on your clients, but a lot of money, right? That's, how you have a career. But if you just want to be another's discount being addison self aynak, I love it, all right, sue, thank you for joining us. You look wonderful. Looks like you're very happy down in l a. We miss you here, but we are happy for you.

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What’s holding you back from realizing your dreams? Award-winning portrait photographer Sue Bryce will show you how to reconnect with your true passion and empower yourself to create a sustainable, energizing business. Sue will reveal her personal path as a photographer with 24 years in the business and show you exactly how she has conquered fear and self-doubt. After these 90 motivational minutes with Sue, you will be ready to revitalize your business and reinvigorate your mindset.


Whitney Krueger

OUTSTANDING!! Just a phenomenal presentation for any individual committed to standing in their own personal power and being accountable for creating a life they love. Sue is a powerhouse, and is the embodiment of authenticity, integrity, service, and passion. ☆☆☆☆☆

a Creativelive Student

I typically don't write reviews but I just have to say that this was worth every penny. If you are looking to re-energize yourself as an artist, photographer, business owner (any field you are in) who are looking to find what they want to focus on - this video will really inspire you to get what you want and work hard to attain it. Sue Bryce shared her challenges and inspiration, I'm truly grateful.