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Experimental Mobile Photography

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Class Introduction

Lisa Carney

Experimental Mobile Photography

Lisa Carney

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Hi and welcome to Experimental photography mobile. So we're going to be looking at equipment capture apps and processing all on your mobile device for experimental photography. My name is lisa Carney and I am a photographer and a finisher. Re toucher composite er and I tell you that because I actually bring kind of a retouching Photoshop outlook to my photography and in fact I like to combine the two of them which we will be doing in this class if you're interested, you can see my work on Beyonce. I have a series of work with a bunch of different styles. Some of them are straight photography, pretty minimal editing and others are more process heavy. And we're going to talk about that in the course of this court this class. See how much editing, processing or a look you might want to put on your imagery. In addition you can find me on instagram and or linkedin if you're interested. So let's talk about what is this class and what are we going to look at? So, first off we go, first of all...

, we're going to talk about experimental and concept photography and what is that? And what do I mean by that? What do you mean by that in storytelling with your photography? And I think this is really important. Kind of kind of like a roadmap to get you headed in the right direction so that, you know, what kind of capture to use, what kind of equipment? What kind of apps. And then we're going to also talk about just flat out experimentation and I think it's one of the beautiful things about this process is you can be so experimental easily and what do I mean by that? Well with mobile devices anymore, it's just amazing how one immediate, you know, everyone's got your phone, you've got your phone or your camera or whatever you wanna call it in your hand almost at all times. So it's accessible. If you have any ideas, you're right there with your device ready to go anonymity. What I mean by anonymity is most people don't even know you're shooting them if you're shooting like we forget the device is so ubiquitous. No one even realizes anymore that it's at out and the expediency of what you can process and create and share expediency in sharing might be the good news and the bad news and we could talk a little bit more about that. The other thing, which is why I think mobile device for experimental photography in particular is really fantastic is how fast it is and quick it is and not precious. It is. And what do I mean by that? So first of all with your mobile device you can experiment quickly and easily and sheep you're not burning film. So it's just pixels who cares. And that's a real added benefit I think and there's so many resources now, so many different apps out there that you can utilize to make some amazing amazing edits and the lack of preciousness. What I mean by that is, you know, the device is easy. The, the accessibility to shooting it. So it's not like, oh, I have to do this big setup or carry this big bag with all this equipment to get your work. That's what I mean by not so precious. So, um, with that, what we're going to do in this course is we're going to look at different kinds of equipment really tiny briefly about the equipment because it's kind of minor. And then we're going to look at storytelling. What what do we mean by storytelling? What what is conceptual photography versus experimental photography? Just so we're on the same page and then we're going to look at a bunch of different ways of processing and editing. So you can get a bunch of different looks. And I really hope this class inspires you to get out there and try some different things and tell some stories and see what you can get. So remember, it's a wizard, not the one, it doesn't matter which device you have. So let's go and let's take a look at some experimental photography.

Class Description


  • Understand techniques used in visual storytelling for conceptual and experimental photography.
  • Capture using different apps on your iPhone.
  • Work seamlessly across mobile platforms: iPhone to iPad to desktop.
  • Use a number of 3rd party apps to apply incredible looks to your images


Experimental Photography goes mobile. Turn your mobile images into amazing art…right on your mobile device. Come explore the possibilities with Lisa Carney as she guides you through the third-party apps development process and shows you how to shoot to create fantastic works of art straight from your mobile device.

Is it image capture, illustration...or a magical melding of the two?

Let loose. Expand your thinking of what the photograph can be.


  • Beginner and intermediate photographers


Lightroom Mobile
Photoshop Mobile iPhone, iPad, and desktop.
This class is taught on an iPhone. However, most/all of the apps work on Android systems as well.


Lisa Carney is a high-end retoucher who has spent over two decades working with the most dynamic players in the print, motion picture, and television industries.

Besides being a regular presenter at the Adobe MAX conference, her teaching roster runs the gamut from beginners to professional retouchers and includes universities, design studios, movie studios, corporations, and private students.

Lisa has worked with all major movie studios and many television networks including Disney, Buena Vista, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, Sony, Universal, Newline, Columbia, MGM, ABC Television, ESPN, TNT, CNN, CBS, CW, Warner Brothers, and Sony.

Advertising credits include Burger King, Baskin-Robbins, Lowes, Jordana Cosmetics, Strategic Perceptions, Mattel, Chrysler, Mercedes, Mazda and Best Buy.

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Charles Smith

Good course. A lot of good tips and ticks. I thought there would be more on using different props to create different effects....A little disappointed that Mextures and PaintCan is only available on iPhone not on Android.....

Michael Branch

This class really helped open my eyes to the potential of mobile photography. Now I know some new apps and ways of using my existing apps to take my mobile photography in a fun, new and more artistic direction.


Oh Lisa, what would we do without you? You are one of the main reasons I keep coming back to Creative Live. If anyone is relatively new to either mobile photography or Photoshop - push through the zones where you feel a bit lost. One of the absolute joys of Lisa's teaching is that she addresses all levels of students in one go - there is always something as an instant takeaway, and always more to sink in on future viewings.