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Useful Home: Wired & Inspired

Okay let's look at some really cool ideas for wired and inspired some of these are very exciting to me and I think that they'll probably get some response at on the web and from some of us but first of all, thinking about how to really make your home smarter from a digital standpoint s so it's not just about being wired for internet or home theater or those basic things were so much more you can do now and some of it's becoming not that expensive and you can control things from your iphone and there's cool cos cress theron lou tron all kinds of cool um electric companies that well, I guess electrical they deal with lighting switches and and lighting systems that can help wire for all these different pieces and things in your home and it's not as hard to access it as it used to be. So it's really a top tech trend in the home to core market it's becoming more and more of a need for people how many of us have discussed already this week the big television and do we hide it or do we not hi...

de it and what do we do with all those moving parts that go with it? And the good news is the parts that go with the tv or getting smaller and smaller and smaller and we don't need an entire closets just to hold the equipment uh which it's going to keep getting more streamline? Second best fastest growing trend is the idea of smart energy and we're going to see some cool gadgets that help with this whole idea of smart energy in a couple of minutes and other future trends include digital health monitoring in the home so this is part of that healthy home thing we were talking about yesterday power tracking facial recognition for security systems and all of this seem so far out a few years ago or you know, even ten years ago and it's not very far away at all anymore we even see things like our gadgets having these kinds of um security systems or entry with a thumbprint or facial recognition I mean facebook for goodness sake it's gonna wreck agonize your face when you try to tag a picture or your friend's faces and tell you who they are before you even type their name in so certainly something very close to us already. So what is home automation won't remote control of any function in your home from the temperature thermostat to the lighting to the security and there's the ability to just drive up to your home and with your iphone turned the lights on change the thermostat when you're not even there when you're in another city and everybody creative lives really techie and knows about a lot of these things on your own but some really cool um, ideas that we're going to see in a minute that maybe even some of you guys haven't seen yet the ability to schedule maintenance, check for leaks and locked doors when you're not even at your house remotely all could be done controlled by your smart phone or a tablet, which is great gives the home water control, convenience and even savings. It's great, if you're a mom and you had to say, there have been many times where I needed to have a way to get my daughter into our house like one time she was usually in the baby sitter. We're using a key and the key broke and wouldn't work. And so how do we get her into the house from a remote location? I'm say, you know, in another state giving a talk, my husband's at the office, or maybe I'm in a meeting and she can't get in touch with him, so why wouldn't it be great if I could just hit a button on my phone and let them into the house from afar? Really, really cool. So let's, look at some of these really fun ideas I don't interest I love some of these, so this is a washing machine that you can, uh, monitor the cycle remotely from a smartphone. And basically do your laundry, I guess while you're at work and some of these actually are, like j k I was talking about that was the trend in europe a while back for the washer and dryer, where in one it's coming back now, I have a client who has a grown son that has disabilities, and so he lives with them, he's pretty independent, but he has to still living at their home, so he made an apartment for him, and we put one in recently for him to not have to do to different things and it's working really well for him. So they've really improved some of the things that people didn't like was off to the spin, and the washing is done everything's, kind of in a ball, and you, you would normally shake it all out, but then it just starts drying it, so it comes out super, super creased. Yeah, that was, but they may have, you know, well, and they also made such advances in fabrics now, and so there's, a lot of wrinkle releasing and things happening in fabrics that probably the combination of the advances in fabrics and the advances in the the machine are getting better, but so a lot of people are combining washing and drying, and even have they even offer cleaning tips on like this smart gadget that allows you to know how to deal with your laundry, so I don't know about you guys, but when I get home late at night and I'm working from home that's when the laundry's piled up and I have to start the laundry late at night, so it would be really amazing if there was a way for me. Of course, somebody would have to come home, say, at lunch and change there's not a little robot there yet to change the clothes out and put another load in, but kind of interesting to be able to do your laundry from from afar from the office, so we're going to start seeing a lot of this and there's already been a lot of talk in this area, but smart shopping, where your refrigerator actually is able to know if, um, you're running out of something, so this smart refrigerator biology allows you to scan your recede after grocery shopping so you can keep an inventory of the items that you regularly by and it alert you if anything is either about to expire or that you're running out of it and there's even smart refrigerators there now able to then place an order for the food free and have the groceries delivered. To your house. So another thing that I think busy households run out of time to do besides the laundry is buy groceries, and I know it's for sure that's a problem area in my home because my husband and I both traveling, we're both busy, and we've been on the road a lot. We get home and there's nothing for anyone to eat in our house, so it would be amazing if it least those ten or twelve things that my daughter needed all the time could just be on auto, just like our office supplies are at work, and they just showed up at least, you know, every so often or even the fridge aerator ordered it for you for us. So this one I do think it's something that we're gonna all start saying happened more often in our lives it's not that far away from for most of us, so this is cool. This is a digital backsplash, so in a kitchen or a bar or any area in your home, the actual backsplashes like television screens on it's digital and so it can run let's see what it says. A growing trend in the luxury home automation market is the digital back splash installed just above the kitchen countertops and below cabinets where tiling would traditionally dio and it allows youto watch any kind of programming on the wall, basically in the kitchens of you're watching a cooking show if you're watching the news, whatever it is that you wanted, teo have it's in the kitchen, you no longer have to have a separate television itjust is part of the materials on the wall with the back spot, so this is the one that allows you to use your smartphone to unlock your door. So this is the one that I was talking about that would be great for me because if I was somewhere else and I needed to let someone in the house that does, you just need to let a repair person in the house, right? And you're not you're not going to be there, but somebody you trust you worked with all the time you know them and I could call and say, okay, I'm here and you could let him in the house that could go in and fix the sink and then when they left, you could lock the door again think that one's really handy have any of you seen any of these air used any of these in your own lives, yet you have quite yet, but we're looking into the nest one from google's making it now, but where you can control thermostat and yes, stores and everything and everything I like this face, this is ah a coffee table that has a speaker in it. So it looks like the that phones even plugged into it. I don't know if it's also wireless, but it's just an actual table in the home. It looks like it's a kind of a breakfast table here, but it could be a coffee table also, that that black piece around the rim that just looks decorative is actually a speaker. So this one looks very, very futuristic. Uh for sure, but this is a it's called the high can bid. It has ambient lighting, automatic shades in the bid, it's fully wired, and it has a high definition television screen hall and the bed cavity that's a little jetsons. Isn't it a little farfetched? But the thing I do like about the idea of the television being able to be in the tv is something I deal with all the time for clients is how to put a tv in the bedroom, and they either decide that we hanging on the wall, do we? We've built many cabinets at the foot of the bed that almost look like a bitch, but where the tv can lift up in lower. So I do wish there was a better looking technology, and I'm sure there will be soon if we have this. That would allow a television to just be part of the bed if people actually want a tv in their bedroom that could just lift up in lower and it's part of a really nice looking headboard and foot board because it's something that honestly, I deal with on almost every single project that I deal with that's, actually a screen screen it's in the bed, it's like a it's a full, um, almost like a canopy bed, but in a real futuristic way, and it has it's kind of I mean, it might be not be that attractive, but it probably be pretty fun to lay there and watch a movie like you were at the movie theater on the high def screen. I could probably get used to this project because I have friends that might have done that. They've now got a blank wall at the end of their room there, family room, tv room, whatever they call it and it's projected it's, not actually a screen so it's, just one thing that was, but it doesn't mean I think that's an actual high definition screen in the end of the bed on this is the word, a little bit it's, a little bit of that look for sure, okay, this one's really funny to me that this is is totally hilarious set, but honestly I could've used this last thursday when my flight was late coming home from one trip bud and I got home at eleven p m thursday night and I had to get up friday morning and fly here to san francisco and I was thinking what in the world am I gonna do with all of my dirty clothes so this is a portable it even says we're on the brink of the jetsons a washing machine that's not only portable but it cleans close with health soap and water so is that hilarious that you just run your socks or shared or pants through this little flat gadget and it comes out clean on the other side I don't know what the technology is I haven't researched it but I thought it was really funny and we need thio atleast take a look at it it could be really useful to me like this same pair of black pants that I always want to take on every single trip on then I come home and don't have time to get him laundered or clean washed whatever I need to do with the it's really amazing if you could just in the mornings when I was getting dressed on ship just running through this little gadget and they came out clean on the other side not funny and this is already available this is a s o this is an article that was on cnn dot com okay several of these were and it's called a mini washing machine it's by a lift it's elektra luxx, which is a very well respected moran let's see if there's any there's a few others that are cool. So this is cool. This is a digital cutting board, and it is it tells you how much the food ways it will pull up youtube or recipes that you want to use with the ingredients that you have, and then it's washable and it tells you that it's saying it has from food contaminations when it's clean so it knows if it's clean and it was how much things way, and it will bring the recipe up right there on it, like a smart, like, almost like a tablet all in one. So some of these go into several categories, like the healthy home that we've been talking about, so definitely the food it's food prep would go into, weighing your food would go into a healthy home category. Um, this one is a magic mirror it's fully functioning wifi that lets you browse the web and check the weather while you're brushing your teeth. So this would be a blessing and a curse to me because the only time that you aren't having to check your smartphone or your email might be the moment that you're brushing your teeth, and now we're giving ourselves away. Teo even monetize that moment of our lives so well, we're brushing our teeth weaken, raid our email on our bathroom mirror in wifi, but I'm sure a lot of people would love this because I think downtime when they're fixing their hair and getting ready every day that could be actually working and communicating and reading, reading emails, I think there's, maybe just one more that I actually like a lot. Um, this is a clear television, so it says, um, transparent tv blends into the background so it's a it's like a totally clear piece of glass that the television image is project it's not projected onto its its on the it's on the screen, like a regular television. But what it's turned off it's a completely transparent piece of glass, which I think is you're actually really beautiful, and I love this because tv seems so obtrusive and so big and bulky and ugly, even though they've gotten streamlined. So how fun that they could have an amazing wallpaper on the other side of it, and it just goes away s so any of these ideas for those smart wired home? Exciting any of you guys would you any of them and I think that's just stunning I mean that's just such a beautiful piece I would love something like that I mean I don't actually have a television cause I can't stand it is a item right but that I would have so we might have just gotten back into the world of tv if I get a transparent television I agree I think this one is exceptionally beautiful I'm intrigued by the funny little I think that you can put your clothes through the washington that's fast water wonder if it really works and there were a few like the tv with the speaker built into the table I think that was pretty great really cool in an outdoor space if you could have the speaker built into the table on the deck for parties or entertaining so and and I really do think that I like the idea of both being ableto lock in and lock your home which is not that new to us we've had that technology for a little while from your iphone but also the refrigerator ordering my groceries could be really, really helpful so you think about the people that are helping and these are the people like my husband and I who were constantly traveling going in different directions we have lots of help in and out of our home with our daughter and so having some of these things, these functional pieces that could help us always have groceries and all the things we need to make life so much simpler. Um okay, what about any of you guys, anything thatyou especially left? I like the refrigerator for this office. Actually, we go through a ton of food, we have hungry people here, so that would be great, even if I just got an alert of like, hey, we just ran out of half and half or you're about teo, that would be so helpful. That would be amazing, wouldn't it? I like it, too. So I think that we're going to be seeing more of those that one actually I've been hearing a lot about from several different, uh, channels within the design related industry, the kitchen and basho and a lot of things that that air in it's, sort of my my round on my radar screen and this one, I've been hearing more and more talk about all the time.

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