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Designing Your Home With Apps

Now I know you want to show us some app so I could look about definitely okay, so this this fun let me see if I can uh there we go. So this is this really fun little arabs and this is what's gonna happen with the rooms that has submitted on pinterest strike? Yes, a problem. We're going yeah, we're going to use this. So this is the app that's called more folio it's on the app hand and has a lot of fun little features but one of the things that you can do to begin with this you can pull in photographs. So for example, here is the before photograph of my daughter's bedroom in the space we just moved into. And so if I wanted to start creating a design for this room and I wanted teo sketch the space like drawing the room like this so that I could see where things were on drawing the windows you could just try sce right over the photo, which is really fun. So if you're gonna break and I want to know how room started looking so you can do this to start with and then you can take this little t...

oggle piece that's on the top and you can make it where the picture in the background just totally disappears, so then you could if you want to even change the color there's all kinds of colors actually can go in here and pick whatever color you want and you could just start drawing in the space so you could say ah I want to see what it looks like tohave drapery in the space uh you could stoops you could start drawing that in the room you could um so and I would literally do something like this for a client and you could go back in the race parts if I wanted to race the black underneath those were beforehand so you didn't see him on there? Um I could say over here I'm gonna put a bad which I am going to put um and so you could start drawing that into the space and literally could just do this in a sketchy way and you can already see how it starts giving a real visual and of course if I want to erase some lines there's a little a little a racer tab up there and so oops there it can just a race so that it doesn't cross over so that you can really see what it looks like and so so it's a really fun half that you can start really seeing what your design could look like um and start giving you a visual isn't that fun um and listen to the more folio and so you could have different line weights and second drawing a little table right here and put a little lamp on it and just start making it look like the designs goingto look, I could draw in, um all sorts of things now, you can also bring in another image, and I don't know if I have anything saved in particular that would work for this, but you could bring in another image on top of it. So say I had one with this sofa if this worked, so if I go back and show up, okay, so I added another photo in, and if I was going toe, add in a photo, say, of a sofa, and I wanted to trace it here I could take away some of these drapes. If I get the right race, you're going where they would be behind the sofa, and then I could trace with a different line so you could cheat. If you don't know how to draw a sofa, you could just go find one and you could trace it into your space or even a sofa and a coffee table, and he could start drawing it in to your room and again when you made that disappear, he would start having that in this space. So, isn't it cool that you could even if you don't know how to draw? You could start cheating and tracing things and you can like continue to lay your pictures into the space till you start to get what you want of course I would have made that uh and you khun scooted over so if I really wanted to scoot the whole drawing over I could have moved it over to said that that sofa would have been in the right place in front of the window but it allows you to start having the ability to create essentially like the renderings that were we were seeing other earlier that we had done and even if it's in more of ah a format like this it's not a finished beautiful drawing it starts helping you visualize what it's gonna look like toe have all those things in this space now you could also many khun save these and do all sorts of things with them now if I want to I'm gonna erase this one if I can get it to work with me um from rachel g can you save different versions of the spicy malvolio is uh huh so you could save it in at any time second save it there and it's just been saved and then I could add more and I could save it again and save it again you can say that with the picture in the background you can do all sorts of things with it then you can also second a race it it says current layers are all layers so I think there's a way and I'm not really sure how to know what that means about but I think there's a way that you khun ad certain pieces in layers so you can just a race parts and pieces of it um another thing that's great for is you could bring up just a floor plan um so here's the first floor of my exist my new house and so you could bring the floor plan it and you could start drawing on this um see, this is where I'm going to take out part of the laundry room that's right here behind my kitchen and make it part of the kitchen so this is going to go away so this could all become part of my kitchen and I could start drawing in cabinetry there could start playing I'm gonna take out this peninsula areas on the end so I could start drawing in an island imagining that that wouldn't be there. And then when I take the sofa drew the whole plan, you could see how I could start envisioning my space with the wall move back with the part of the kitchen for plan no longer there because I removed a whole section in this layout and it was I'm also some other things I'm going to do to my house is I'm gonna do this room, which is actually the study right now, I'm going to make the dining room because it's actually a lot bigger than where the dining room currently is, which is over here. And so right now I have, even though this dining room is pretty much a square, I have my round table in it and it's just too large, it can really not fit around the table so it's not functional for us, something a flip flop these spaces. So I'm going to add a door in right here so that you can go easily from what will be the new dining room into the new kit remodeled kitchen space. Um, and then this will become a library. I'm gonna close up this door because I need these cabinets to be deeper because they hold all of the a v equipment in this living room. So all of those things I can start envisioning, uh, and c well, if those were deeper, it'll run into that door so I could close the door up. I'm actually probably going to move this door over here because there's a bar right here and it would open up to that and work really well for entertaining so I could envision closing up this doorway um, and I'm also going to there's this really awkward like a mud room that doesn't really function for us at all, but a really tiny master closet. So I'm going to make all of this space the master closet. Uh, and I'm gonna open up some doors to it over here. I could double door into it so you can start seeing that if you're drawing this in your space, you can start visualizing what all of that would look like. And then you removed the background and you can start envisioning what that looks like free. So it's a really fun way to help you say what if I moved this wall, what would that look like? Or what if I took this piece away? So there's all kinds of fun things you can do with this from the same point of bringing in any kind of images you can lay your things on top of each other, you can play with floor plans, you could play with furniture, layout, um, and it's really, really easy to use and that fun got the professional designers the same like climate coaches saying, drawing on paper so much easier and then everybody else who was saying earlier that they were drawing challenged rachel, I'm I'm definitely drawing challenge, I so need that app at riddles. Give me that give me that thing. This is a really fun app, it's actually even for me, I mean it's great, because with since I can put the actual floor plan in here there's so much I could do on the fly with this with, like again when I'm on an airplane or traveling or you know, up a night wanting to draw and this is all right here or if I'm just at a client's home and we're able to have a conversation because I start showing them what if we took removed this area or took this out what it would look like on how it increases the function of the space so really, really fun and there's all different line lights and colors and thinks so it doesn't have to be that thick, but it could be thinner lines and all kinds of tons of options here um and you can save them all really, really, really easy to use. Uh, this is the save ap I mean, the same function is the m s o super easy these and then if you want let's, look at this one last option. That's really fun. So if you want teo do a drawing like we were looking at earlier today, that is a perspective drawing you can I think I had to purchase this little set of templates inside of the app that were like maybe ninety nine cents, but this is the way that if you know anything about drawing perspectives or even if you don't this I'll show you how but this's agreed that you can use to start making a drawing. So, um, if this is the back wall of the space and he's the screwed, it helps she ifyou're looking in perspective, it shows you that if he followed these lines, that would be the line see of the corner of the spaces that makes sense, he goes, so if you were going to draw a door on this wall, it would actually look like the top one was going up in the bottom line was going down because it's in perspective and there's little grid lines on there that you could follow so it could actually help you drawing and say, a patio door or a window over here, it would follow the same lines, and so it would help you get a visual for how to make those correct in a perspective drawing, which is not easy to do, um and s so it helps you sort of cheat. So if you were going to say, draw like one of the drawings, I had a table in a dining table if that's the back, that's wall and it's against the wall and it looks like that when it comes towards you, it actually goes at out in perspective. It looks like it gets wider. Does that make sense? And so it gives you hopes, not good at hitting that erase function. Emma. Um, so it starts giving you the correct layout for a perspective, drawings so your table would actually look like that on the legs of the table would be out here. Um, so it can mean with a little practice, even if you don't really know how to to draw perspective drawings, you could learn how to draw something like that was a piece of art on the wall. You could start seeing how layout would really look in this it's pretty it's. Pretty easy to use, um, easier, friendly, and you might not want to get this technical with trying to draw your own drugs, but someone who's really skilled at thes, um, could easily use this app to put together a pretty little rendering. But just from the basic use of drawing on top of a floor plan or tracing on a piece of on another drawing and adding other things, and I think it's really, really handy and really, really clever, um, so we're going to use that some more in our over the next couple of days a lot more of layout and how to design layouts and how to sketch them out coming in the coming up segments that's a lot to look forward to that's an amazing out there really fantastic it's really fun and it's an awesome listen most bizarre actually production designer here a creative life is not a tool you would use and I know you like to draw and I've seen you drawing everywhere but without something you feel will be useful for coming up with a space oh absolutely like we I talked about earlier pictures worth a thousand words so when you're trying to convey some idea you like no, no, no, I swear would be great and it's really nice to actually doodle it and uh and kind of make people really understand what you're talking about and it would be great so she could take a picture of the set empty and then she could pop it in and she could draw over and say this is what it would look like with the chair here a desk here or a table here is something else I think that would be really fun or like a chandelier exactly really wild way giving you ideas I am monster are you our producers up in the loft probably sweating bullets because I used his credit card for all this going

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