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Shoot: Parents Together & Mom Alone

So I like to spoil mom and dad at sessions often. They will tell me that they have not had photos taken since their wedding. So I like to do the them. Switch back to my 15 millimeter ... please. And when we're at, you know, out at the location, this is a great time for the kids to have a break again, too. They get to kind of chill and do what they want to do. I'm just gonna put this 50 back on it's a better portrait lens. I don't usually have this awesome helper here that would be really cool. (laughter) Usually it's just me like shuffling the stuff all around. Alright, so we're gonna get mom and dad. And this, we're gonna get a little ... I told them, I warned them about this cause they- Okay so girls you can go hang out over there for a second. Okay so come close, to get, come out like this. Alright so I want you to get together again. I want you to put your knee in between his legs like that, yep, just like that. And then I want you to- Marcy to put your head back, like that. Well s...

he's so beautiful, right, you gotta, I mean- Come on. And then you're gonna kiss her, right here on her neck. Go on. (laughter) (camera clicking) Yeah ... See? How beautiful. Okay now you can look at each other. (camera clicking) Perfect, okay, now stand in front of him, okay, now turn around, yep, back up to him. Yeah, like that. Like a prom pose. No prom, we're not going to prom. You're gonna put you hand out like this. I'm gonna choke her. No don't choke her either. (laughter) We're not gonna choke her and we're not going to prom. I want this hand over her, on her too. Hey hang on this hand ... You're gonna kinda of move yourself to the side a little bit ... yeah just like that. Get your hair out. My hair. I know you're hot, hon, it's hot in here. That's fine. Okay, and then kiss her right on her temple there. Marcy look at me. (camera clicking) Now I want you to tell her something in her ear that's gonna totally embarrass her and make her laugh right now. Go ahead, go ahead. (laughter) (camera clicking) (laughing) (camera clicking) Perfect. (camera clicking) Perfect you guys. You guys are awesome. Alright, nice work, okay. And I will totally embarrass them like that. Sorry, not usually in front of this many people, but. Okay, I'm all about it, guys. This is important, they need to know that they still have each other, right? And then, I will always get a picture of mom. We are gonna die undocumented, us women in this world, because even if we're not professional photographers, we are the photographer in the family, right? We are the ones that are with that camera phone, taking pictures of our family. Our kids need pictures of us looking like this. I, some of my favorite, favorite like family heirlooms are pictures of my mom when she was younger. It's just like, such a treasure and there aren't very many of them, so I take mom aside at every session and I grab a couple shots. She's usually super uncomfortable, when she is I ask her not to look at me. So same concepts, kind of go all through the whole shoot. I love to do this for mom, so come on Marcy. I know you're probably not excited about it. (laughter) Perfect. So just kind of relax and you can do whatever feels good with your hands, like if you wanna maybe cross them or like that. Yeah, no, don't do that. (laughter) So don't be afraid too, like if you do something and it doesn't work then just change it. Like it's no problem, right, it's okay we can be wrong. Okay, so I want you to bend one knee, bending your knee relaxes the body. I'm not like a pro-woman poser but it definitely does. Then look over that shoulder, like that. And down a little bit ... Down a little bit more. With you chin. Yeah perfect. (camera clicking) Now turn actually, turn this way for me. Like that, like that. I love your hair like this. Now look down again. Now kind of come up with your left hand into your hair a little bit like that. (camera clicking) Beautiful. (camera clicking) Okay so go ahead and look right at me. (camera clicking) Now just turn over and look at your family. (camera clicking) Perfect. Alright, there we go. We got it you're welcome. So important to do that. Do it, it will be such a gift. And they're all gonna be like "really". Yes, we're gonna spend ten seconds doing this, I know that you don't wanna, but it's super important. Okay, I hate having my photo taken, too, you guys. Trust me.

Class Description

Stop making excuses for why you’re not calling yourself a photographer and get the tools needed to put yourself out there. Elena Blair is a lifestyle photographer with a six-figure business who started as your “mom with a camera.” With a knack for capturing authentic moments, posing for any age group, and running a business that continues to grow, Elena joins CreativeLive to give you a quick start into building your family photography business. In this jam-packed course you’ll learn:

  • What lifestyle photography is
  • Basics of gear and camera settings
  • Lighting and composition techniques
  • How to shoot with intention
  • Tips for finding your market and connecting with families
  • Posing techniques for a variety of families and age groups
  • Pricing your photo sessions
  • How to work with a 3rd party to help edit your imagery

If you have a love of photography and are tossing around the idea of turning your hobby into a business, this course will give you the confidence to take a chance, believe in yourself, and have the tools needed to be successful.