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Why You Should Be Using Slack

So this is what Slack looks like and at the face of it, that might just seem like a jumble of information that doesn't really make any sense here. But basically, what you're looking at is we've got channels on one side, channels and contacts, that's the best way to look at it. The middle is sort of the activity where you're really chatting and then the right side is a little bit of extra information depending on what you're looking at. So a key difference here with Slack, as I said, it's topical, you're dealing with projects or long term goals so everyone of you, I'm sure has had an email exchange where there were 20 people on the forward, with the BCC and you were Cced and there was another forward and reply and you have no idea what the email is about or if it's even relevant to you anymore. Or if you're just being sort kept in a loop. Now Slack provides that transparency but, you can really get as much information as you want or as little information as you need when you're using so...

mething like Slack. So, what we'll see on the left, I'm going to show you how to create all this, but I just want you to have the understanding of our video is that we have these channels and a channel could be a topic such as a project that you guys are working on or it could be a department, so maybe you have one for accounting and one for marketing. You can really divide it up however you like and then with the direct messaging feature, you can still send people a private message for up to eight people actually, in a group as a private message that only they can see. Everything's that in Slack is searchable, so you can find anything you want anytime and you can share things that you find and with other people very specifically, you can tag people, we're gonna get into all of that. But, effectively, this is what Slack looks like.

Class Description

The digital age has blessed the business world with a million innovative ways to communicate. But sometimes, such a blessing is actually a curse. Teams will often communicate with each other by using multiple tools, leading to confusion and missed messages. And some of the most popular tools, such as email, are simply not equipped to handle the diverse needs of today’s workforce.

If you want to dig your employees out of their overflowing inboxes, get rid of ineffective and obsolete tools, and find your company’s ideal mode of communication, Slack is the answer for you. Slack has become the go-to mode of messaging for both established businesses and up-and-coming startups, offering incredible features that companies can no longer do without.

Ari Meisel wants to show you how to implement Slack in your office so you can get the most out of this now-essential tool. This course will take you through the set-up and onboarding processes, and show you how to use Slack’s handiest features to make your team productive and successful.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up Slack and its channels and onboard your team members.
  • Utilize Slack integrations, bots and apps to boost productivity and simplify your workday.
  • Understand best practices and hidden features.
  • Integrate project management tools into the Slack environment.
  • Use Slack’s powerful search engine and share files and code.
  • Promote company unity and culture with fun and personal channels.