Getting the Most from Paid Ads on LinkedIn

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Getting the Most from Paid Ads on LinkedIn


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Future Predictions

Video's huge. It's massive on the site. Native video has been the biggest thing that has happened since sliced bread for them. I never knew where that came from, by the way, but I think it's applicable. Live, custom programming. That's what they're going to. If you didn't see this announcement, they really want to move to a model where they're, like, doing what Facebook is going to be doing with live TV. LinkedIn, just in all fairness, takes a lot of their game from Facebook. They really go, like, have you seen their new, like, the LinkedIn new homepage? That's a lot like Facebook, okay? So when you look at video on here, like, just expect live videos to happen. Like, the new live platforms like you do Instagram Live or Facebook Live. Imagine that's coming down the pipeline. I also think that custom programming's coming. I think you're gonna go in and you're gonna see shows. Like, actual shows on that. And why would they wanna do that? Why would March Madness show up in your feed? 'Cau...

se they want to keep you on the platform. It's the same reason why everyone else does it. Why you have to leave? Just stay here, right? Like, watch, yeah, watch "Murder, She Wrote" here. I love that show. I don't know why I used that as an example. I also love Downton Abbey and everyone makes fun of me, so whatever, I don't care. (humming) Okay. Personal brand. I think the personal brand's gonna be expanded. I think the tools are gonna be expanded for people to be able to have more tools at their disposal. More personalization to be able to get your personal brand out there. I think the photos and videos are kind of gonna be old hat. Like, it's gonna be something that everyone does. Like, when you look through your profile and see all this media, I think there's gonna be another additional piece where you can have your own show. I think that, like, you can have your, Podcast episodes can live on your LinkedIn in a really big way, even the production of them. That's how I feel. I think personal brand is such a big thing because everybody loves themselves and think they have something good to say all the time, even if they don't, and I think that they're gonna cater to that because of content, right? They're trying to get more content and more people to stay on the site and engage with it more. Sales Navigator CRM? When you see Sales Navigator, it looks a lot like a CRM already to me. All these integrations I see, I'm like, you guys should just tag this and you should just be able to track this and put this person's contact information and add some additional information, and it is a CRM, right? And then other people can integrate with you. I don't know if they're gonna take my suggestion, but I do think that that's a possibility, because of the way that they're setting it up. Education - LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning used to be Lynda. Lynda's still Lynda, but LinkedIn Learning is Lynda because of the acquisition, so just imagine more, right now you can go on the site, click on the LinkedIn Learning side and there's a ton of data in there. Lynda has 6,500 courses. I think it's 6,500, which is still a lot. That's a crazy amount. I think we have 11 certifications at DigitalMarketer, and we do okay, right? So I would say this is a big one for everybody in the future. Understanding that they're gonna bring in more custom faculty. Not like CreativeLive, hopefully, but I think that one of the things that they're doing. Education is really hard to sell, by the way. It's incredibly difficult to be able to bring in a bunch of experts, because having the content is one thing, being able to show people and, like, be a concierge of how they should consume that content is insanely hard to do. So I think they're gonna put a lot more money and energy into that and try to figure it out, or partner with people like CreativeLive or like DigitalMarketer who do it well. Not to toot our own horn, but we're pretty damn good at it. And be able to come in and partner with them on that. I hope they watch this, and I really do wanna partner with you on it. Elevated Job Status. So Pro Finder was a move that they made this time, which is basically a move to go everybody's looking for a job but we should also be looking for people that have elevated, like, they've proved that they're professionals in that so that you as an employer can see that they have an elevated status and that they have different distinctions on their profile that make them more employable than most. So like, that's something that I see happening where they're just gonna add different kind of like certifications and qualifications and where they're going to confirm the data, 'cause right now, you'd be like, "I went to Harvard," and you can say that on there and nobody's gonna check any of it. Like, not one person's gonna tell you. Like, yeah, I went there one time. (laughing) Again, I just wanna, before we close and I open up for a few questions, I do wanna say this just with every class that I teach that your profile isn't yours. That's the one redundancy I have all the time, and so here's one more quick opportunity for you to be able to get your data. So LinkedIn, I love you, you're amazing, you're great. You own all of that data on there. Facebook owns all of it, right? They own it. It's not yours until you download it off the site and you make it yours, that's when it's your data. So in this case, settings and privacy, if you go to your profile page and you click on the little circle with your face in it, it's gonna give you the option under setting and privacy. You're gonna go in and look at the privacy section. Scroll all the way down to the "How LinkedIn uses my data," and then you're gonna click on the data section and hit the works, which is gonna get articles, connections, messages, profile, invitations, rich media, registrations, all that data, and then they send it to you in a lovely email that has tons of information for you to sort through. And I'll tell you the rule of thumb here is I do it once a month. If you did it once a year you'd be doing it more than you are now, okay? And that's okay. And like I said before, that will give you a unique proposition is that this is my information and how to connect to me on LinkedIn. And so what I would love for people to do is please do that. Add me, let's talk about what's on your mind about the platform, anything else I can ever help anybody with, I actually hang my hat on connecting people for real. And so if you send me a message it might take me a little bit of time to get to you. I get about 150 a day now, but I work through them. I work through them so much and I start actually getting through, so give me just like a little. Give it two weeks. Even people that are watching this at home, I know you're gonna message me. Give me two weeks, don't think I suck, and I will get back to you in a timely manner, but otherwise, this was, I know, just absolutely crazy. If you took one thing away, please get the recordings of this and make sure you get the slides, and also just reach out to me and let me know what I can do to help you on your journey with this product and this amazing platform. Laura? Yeah, a round of applause. (audience applauds) Drink time? He collapses on stage. Are you okay to take a few questions then? Yeah, I'd love to. I'd love to. Anybody in the audience have one they want? Given that, if you post a link on LinkedIn from a YouTube video, given that it will actually play in the feed, is there a benefit to posting native video within LinkedIn versus? Yeah, there is. So when you're posting a native video on LinkedIn, people will not, they're also not... Have you ever watched a video on YouTube? [Woman In Audience] Yes, many. Okay, great, so within that platform, they have their own constraints. So your data going native to the feed itself is also allowing you to do it from your mobile phone without having to go find something, add a link, wait for it to download; you can have that piece of native content right there on you. Which makes it incredibly powerful that you don't have to have it, 'cause if YouTube goes down, or that video crashes, or somebody stole it and used the wrong music in the background, then you can have something that's living somewhere that's dead that you don't know about, your native video won't be. Does that make sense? [Woman In Audience] Yeah, that makes sense. I get really nasally right now. I'm sorry. So, go ahead. [Woman In Audience] Thanks. Yeah, for sure. I'm a bilingual content creator. I have my profile but I'm always conflicted about which language I should use. Is there a possibility to use my profile in both English and Spanish? You have the both. You have the option right there on your page. If she goes in and looks for, did you say she? I made that up. Hey, sorry whoever you are. I really like you a lot, but there's an option to be able to duplicate your pages in any language. And they actually, both your personal and your private. I mean, there's some limitations to any language. They probably wouldn't love it if I was like, yeah, I don't think it's in Swahili yet, or those kinds of things, but it will. 3 billion is the goal, guys. That means everybody, okay? So yeah, on the page right now, when you set up your profile, it will give you the option to say "duplicate this" in different languages, and you can pick the languages they have available, especially in Spanish. That definitely exists, and then also, 'cause all of (mumbling) has different pieces there, and then also on the business side, they also have that as well. Perfect. I think that's it for today. Another round of applause. Yeah. Okay. Thank you so much. (audience applauds)

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As the biggest social site for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn offers tons of opportunities for users who don’t want to spend a dime on their marketing efforts. But those looking to take their LinkedIn game to the next level should consider utilizing some of the platform’s paid solutions.

Marcus Murphy, executive sales leader at and a member of the LinkedIn customer advisory board, will outline both the paid and organic options for generating leads, increasing traffic and building brand awareness, and then help you decide which ones are right for you.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

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