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Introduction to Workshop

Today we're diving deeper into hiring a sales rep, and this is probably the most advanced course in the four siri's because you do want to be in business a while before you start thinking about bringing a sales rep launcher team. So today, you know, being bringing a sales rep on true team can be an extremely effective way to grow your wholesale business, but the process of adding these reps can from recruiting to managing the process s and and handling payment all that it can just be a little bit overwhelming and even a little bit scary, so I want to pull back the curtain on some of this and explain some of the logistics of how it works and how to really gauge if your business is in a position is ready to bring on reps. So in this class, you learn how working wrote with reps can benefit your business, so you're spending less time on selling and more time on making and the other aspect of your business. Um, so again, all of you are coming from a different phase of your business. You'll ...

have different product lines, you're in a different you know, maybe you're more towards the start up phase or maybe your little more established, so maybe, you know, do you want to grow your team and outsource your sales reach? Perhaps you want tio expand your sales to reach new territories that's a lot of reasons why people want to bring on reps so they can expand their sales arms to different areas that they're not already in retail stores that I mean, you know, do you want to increase your sales and grow your stock? Iss list your stock this list is just your list of retail stores that you're in, but the word stock ist and retailers are sometimes used interchangeably, so maybe you found one of these categories, and if so, this classes for you, you know you're interested in working with wraps, but you're really unsure what that means. What erupt can do for you how it all works? Maybe you're already working with wraps one or two independent reps, but you want to add more to your team, and so we're going to kind of talk about that pitching process and how that's going to work for you or maybe you're currently working with wraps, but you want to ensure that you're giving them the tools that they need to do the best job possible for you to sell your goods to these retail storefront so some benefits to working with sales reps you know it will increase there's the high potential that it will increase your sales revenue, you have an extra set of arms and another body going out and meeting with these retail stores you can't you essentially duplicating yourself in a lot of ways it gives you great exposure to new stores and new territories as I mentioned on dh, it helps to grow your business faster frees you up to focus on other aspects of your business so you can focus on making your product and even doing some more of the marketing for your business. So, you know, I want to ask the online audience as well as a studio audience today kind of what are some things you hope to learn during the course of this workshop if you could share online in the chat room or let's go to the studio studio audience first care of yeah, I think the third bullet point resonates with me a lot just really understanding if you're working with wraps, how to help them be as effective as possible clearly an extension of your brand when they're out selling and so you want to make sure you're able to convey what your brand is through them? Absolutely and we'll go through that um I want to also please mention your name and your company I'm sorry, I should have sure care underwood ah and my cos underwood letter press with a greeting card line number of gift products excellent, so I'm tiffany quo of shifting status quo I design and screen print cards and gifts I want to learn about um, if there's like a process or etiquette to approaching seals, perhaps if it's similar or different to, you know, pitching to press or approaching stores, so if there's a kid to prepare all of that, okay, great! We're definitely going to talk about that in great detail, both the ways to pitch as well as ways not to bitch, yes, sounds great. Anyone else who ensure betty, hi, I am betsy buyer and my company's wander less designer I create illustrations are prince and gifts, so I've done a little bit of licensing and worked with licensing agents and stuff, but I haven't worked with sales rep, so I'm really curious this if their similarities, I don't think so. I don't know differences and sort of how you approach a sales rap and benefits and all that it is a little bit different, so you'll see you'll see those differences as we start to go through the sales up information for sure. Was there any feedback online? Yeah, we do. We do have some feedback online, let's see urban lex paper, he says. I want to learn at what point you're ready to work with wraps and simply curated says I want to learn the difference between a rap group and independent wraps great question, and we will be covering them, yeah um and catherine holloway says I'd like to know the difference being showroom reps traveling wraps trade show perhaps the same a lot people seem to be interested in that differentiation yeah awesome yeah we will be talking about how there's different types of reps and what those types of ribs do and how they differentiate from one another so awesome did you have any more of an online there is one more so when you be jewelry says I never worked with the sales are up would love to learn how to factor in the cost of the rap in the price of our product absolutely that's a really great consideration to and we will be talking about how how much reps costs but really I hate phrasing it that way because really you're hiring somebody first service so I really want to try to change the way we're discussing this to be about hiring somebody to provide a service for you but we will talk about the costs associated with working with the rep so ok so that brings us back to what are we going to learn today, eh? So you are going to figure out whether or not you're ready tio work with reb on dh what sales reps look for when they're scouting new lines we're gonna have a sales rep in the audience with us later later on in the segment to go over what her particular group likes to what they look for when they're bringing on new lines, and you'll also have an opportunity to ask her questions, will she here? So that'll be awesome, and then how to smartly pitch sales rep. So again, going back to what your messaging should be, what you should avoid, how many, how much it cost, and when are they paid, too? Because there's a couple different ways that that can happen, how to frame contracts and commission statements of some of the nitty gritty business bolts of how to make this relationship work. And then again, going back to those sales tools that we talked about during the creating a catalog course, and also the beginners wholesale course, those sales tools are really critical component of selling wholesale, and you're going to see even more so why they're important when we talk about sales reps today. So I get in those things air, helping them do the best job possible to sell your product. So my goals for the end of this course for all of you are that, you know, at the end of this, you're gonna have a much clearer picture of how this all works and whether it fits into your business plan, you're going to know whether or not this is something you want to pursue now, or something you may want to hold off on and pursue. You know, in a year or two. And so having this information is going to equip you to make better decisions for your business being more strategic. And ultimately, when you do start working with rob's, it'll increase your revenue. So I want to help provide that confidence and information to you.

Class Description

Bringing sales representatives on board can be an extremely effective way to grow a wholesale business, but the process of adding reps -- from recruiting to managing to creating a commission structure -- can be overwhelming, and even a little scary.

In this class, you’ll learn how to manage both road and showroom reps so you can spend less time on selling and more time on managing your business and designing new work. You’ll learn:

  • How to start, maintain, and end working relationships with reps 
  • What reps look for when scouting lines and ways to pitch effectively 
  • How much reps cost and when they’re paid 
  • How to frame contracts, structure agreements, and keep good records 
  • Ways to communicate clearly and effectively with your reps 
This class will give you a clear view of what a wholesale business looks like with sales representatives in the picture, and the tools you need to bring reps aboard and ensure a positive working relationship. 


Heather Bublick

Katie is so knowledgeable​!!! Everything in the class is so helpful and the workbook is amazing! This is beyond worth the price!

Tracy Clarke

Going into this class I knew nothing about sales reps. I now know that my business isn't ready for a sales rep. However, that is so useful in itself. Plus, now I know just when I'll be ready to expand and hire a rep. And when that time comes, I know about how the relationship will work. So great to learn all these things ahead of time.

Katy Casey

Loved the class and the interview with a sales rep. I'm not even at the point where I would consider hiring one yet, but it was still so valuable to hear the insights and start planning for the future.