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Make Your Sales Rep Part of The Team!

We talked earlier about this you heard cream to talk about the importance from her angle is well, but sales reps are your partner in your business so as much as you know they might be an independent contractor and you might see it as more of a business relationship you really want to make sure that these people that you're choosing our they're familiar with your brand and they're going to put the best foot best foot forward to get your products into the right stores so again, we've talked about this throughout the course, but I really want toe reiterate some of these things set them up for success so that they can do the best possible job to sell your products a sales reps your memory team you need to give this tools that they need to succeed so I think the top of this is get them new releases on time there's nothing worse and sending reps releases after you've already sent them to the stores or you know, after you've already notified your accounts, you want your rep to be the first to...

know that you've got a new release coming out and you want them to be able to show it to their stores before their stores see it anywhere else fill them in on any upcoming events or promotions that you have on the way and if you're doing any miller's or collateral marketing collateral around those events and activities send them some that they can share with their stores update them on any trade show special so if you're going to exhibit a trade show on your own and you're offering a certain special for any orders placed within a certain timeframe or certain orders placed at the show extend those specials to europe so that they can also incentivize their stores to make a purchase at the same time ongoing communicate communication is so critical and everything we do right or personal lives or business lives everything so when things go wrong we'll talk about it worked together to focus on the solutions and just solve the problems really you know again this is a partnership this is a relationship this is a team work so I would like you to make sure that you're you're focused on giving them the information they need in communicating clearly with them just like they need to do with you sam okay if the last thing I got a what a hit on which created mentioned as well is it wraps are asking you for something they have a reason for it they need it for a specific reason so work with them if they're asking you for catalogs and you if they're asking for twenty five catalogs and you have twenty remaining just communicate and let them know I've got twenty will that do if they need twenty five and you're already played in order you know worked with through the circumstances as they come up, but my main point here is if they're asking you for something, try your best to get it to them. Because it's going, they're asking for it for a reason. It's going to improve the job that they're doing for you, it's going to improve the sales that they're bringing in, which is profit profit for you, right? So on anyhow, let's, just to kind of wrap this up, what do we learn over the course of hiring a sales rep? Here? Reps can really help you expand your reach and grow your revenue streams. We have a few people in the audience, they're already working with reps, and they've already seen that growth coming in, so, you know, reps look for experience, reliability and consistency in new lines. They want to know that you have your ducks in a row than you've got the business side of your business really ironed out. Um, you want to streamline this goes in line with that. You want to streamline your systems before hiring a rep, mostly for your own sanity, so that you're not caught off guard when these orders start coming in and you're unable to keep up with them. I know several my clients that started working with wraps and did not anticipate the volume of the orders that would come in and they were caught off guard by it they ended up hiring temporary help to come in and you know, stuff cards and things like that and they were able to band aid the situation but ultimately what they had to do was kind of go back and refine their process for things you know, maintaining their inventory, streamlining their shipping just making sure that things were more flushed out so again focus on those processes they help streamline not just your work with sales reps but everything you're doing save you time and money again going back to the hole like dating phase of reps like do not be afraid to ask questions they're going to ask you questions so don't be afraid to ask questions and also ask for references for a wrap so if you start working with rap and urine that dating phase like asked them who they work with or talked to some of the retail stores that work with them and just try tio get some feedback about them like as you heard from corina, they're doing their homework about you too so you know, just make sure that it's the right fit on your side and they're going to make sure it's right that on their side again support and I can't say this enough support and equip them to do the best job possible um and you do that by giving them the sales tools and everything else that they need to succeed. So, you know, I wanted you to walk away from this course with a really clear understanding of the process of working with the sale drop, how it can improve your business and how had also really know if you're ready. But I also wanted you to walk away with information of how they condemn if it your business and I hope that's been very clear free over the last few hours, but I also wanted to make sure that you have the confidence to pitch these reps in a professional manner in a polished way that makes you feel like no, I've got this. And even if they sound know right now is it is maybe know for right now, but not know for forever. So continue to fall up that followed is gonna be critical. Carrie brought up a really good question earlier about that and keep on keeping on him, just like you want to keep on your retail stores until they say a definitive now on dh. Then again, I wanted you to walk away with the ability to confidently and and knowledgeably draftees contracts and also track your commissions and and handle the business side of having these sales reps on your team. So I hope this was really helpful to you, and I wanted to take some time for questions at the end here if anyone in the audience has more or if the only not in says mars will if we have time. Weii d'oh, yeah, kate, this question really realizing this might be a good question for current as well? Um, so especially in the stationery and paper goods industry, there are a lot of newcomers it's, a kind of a low barrier to entry. So what are some things that either of you have seen that new companies can do to help them stand out and sort of, you know, show that they have the polish that they can be trusted, that they're not just in him, somebody else jumping in for fun, I'll start off and then if you want to chime in afterwards, in my opinion, it's the professionalism so it's sze showing that you're releasing new products on a regular basis, that your conduct conducting yourself professionally, they're going to look at the tactical stuff. How big is your line? Is your pricing right? Are you releasing new products on a regular basis? But they're also going to look at the professionalism the brand overall, how's it perceived. How are you conducting yourself online? If you do reach out, is it done in a professional way? So I think all those things seem small, they're actually quite big, because it'll go into it plays into your overall perception, right? So I think those are the types of things having that product line and getting those tactical details squared away. That's going to be your first step, and then working on the other is going to be the second. But did you have anything more you want to do on? Well, thank you.

Class Description

Bringing sales representatives on board can be an extremely effective way to grow a wholesale business, but the process of adding reps -- from recruiting to managing to creating a commission structure -- can be overwhelming, and even a little scary.

In this class, you’ll learn how to manage both road and showroom reps so you can spend less time on selling and more time on managing your business and designing new work. You’ll learn:

  • How to start, maintain, and end working relationships with reps 
  • What reps look for when scouting lines and ways to pitch effectively 
  • How much reps cost and when they’re paid 
  • How to frame contracts, structure agreements, and keep good records 
  • Ways to communicate clearly and effectively with your reps 
This class will give you a clear view of what a wholesale business looks like with sales representatives in the picture, and the tools you need to bring reps aboard and ensure a positive working relationship. 


Heather Bublick

Katie is so knowledgeable​!!! Everything in the class is so helpful and the workbook is amazing! This is beyond worth the price!

Tracy Clarke

Going into this class I knew nothing about sales reps. I now know that my business isn't ready for a sales rep. However, that is so useful in itself. Plus, now I know just when I'll be ready to expand and hire a rep. And when that time comes, I know about how the relationship will work. So great to learn all these things ahead of time.

Katy Casey

Loved the class and the interview with a sales rep. I'm not even at the point where I would consider hiring one yet, but it was still so valuable to hear the insights and start planning for the future.