How to Color Correct in Adobe® Premiere Pro®


How to Color Correct in Adobe® Premiere Pro®


Class Description

Take the mystery out of color correction in Adobe Premiere Pro. Led by Abba Shapiro, this course will show how to use Premiere’s powerful Lumetri Color Effects panel. He’ll show you basic and advanced color correction techniques. You’ll learn how to read and use Premiere’s Video Scopes to better judge and correct your video; as well as how to use Premiere’s pre-installed looks, and create looks of your own, to stylize your video.

This course covers:

  • Understanding Color And Contrast
  • Reading Video Scopes
  • Basic Color Correction Techniques
  • How to use curves for fine-tune adjustments
  • Using the hue/saturation wheel
  • Legacy Color Effects
  • Creating A Look

Abba will show how to use masks to isolate your corrections to specific parts of an image and even put these corrections into motion with Premiere’s key framing and automated tracker tools.

Whether you need to fix the color in a shot, match the colors between two shots, or give your video an overall look - having a deep knowledge of Premiere’s color tools will allow you to get the job done and done right.

Software Used: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017