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In Person Sales Techniques for Photographers

Lesson 6 of 7

Finalizing the In-Person Sale

Ben Shirk

In Person Sales Techniques for Photographers

Ben Shirk

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6. Finalizing the In-Person Sale


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Lesson Info

Finalizing the In-Person Sale

So, at this point once we picked out everything that they loved, we would go through and I would spend a little bit of time typing this on my computer. Usually the client is sitting kind of on the side my, my order session and, so, as their, they don't see my, my laptop, so I'm just gonna type in stuff, I don't actually leave the sale session and stuff, I just have sometimes small talk, I'm asking how homecoming went or how the last game went or whatever and typing in stuff, it takes about eight to ten minutes to fill out our invoice and with that, what I do is, for example, I'm gonna pretend, I'm gonna type this in here so you can actually see me adding stuff in. So here's, I hit shopping cart and say, for example, she wanted a 16 by 24 of this one. Since she'd want it on canvas maybe so I'd add it with extras and go through and find the canvas wrap upgrade and I'd type in the price. I don't actually have the prices for the upgrades listed because with this it would be like 100 differ...

ent sizes for the metal, 100 different sizes for the canvas. It'd be infinite amounts of stuff to scroll through, so I just type in the price here. And then, if they get discounts, I can type in discount there, add it in, and then go from there, just add to order. So I just go through, it's very simple that, create an invoice this way and so at the final in the invoice, when I'm done, I'll print of and hand it to the client, and we'll go through it, and I'll make sure that they see everything, understand the discounts and such like that. So here is the client, I'm gonna go back to power point, and... So here's, here's the invoice, well this is their, their invoice, and, so I printed off again the clients looking at it on paper in front of us and I'm just pointing out things, I'm saying, here's their 24 by 36, that larger wall portrait that's gonna be on canvas, we also have the two smaller ones that are going underneath it, creating that little art grouping for you and these on, those two she ordered on, with the frame. I'll point out that there's, that you have your canvas price, and then there's also a discounted price underneath that so that's, that's for sending in those wall snapshots and following our policies. And so underneath each products is our discount applied to it, at the end there's also another discount for being able to finalize your order, off of everything. So it, here's your 16 by 24 that's on canvas, there's your discount, yeah and just tab through it, here's your montage that we creating for you, and we'll be having, you'll notice that there is a per image fee and a per image fee wave, that's because you got album, so we're not charging you twice for the, the retouching of these and the compositing of these, we're only doing it once, but we're using it in two different places, in the album and in your montage. She actually got a composite too, so here's her composite, she got a 16 by 24 composite on metal, for her son, and then here's your 10 by 10 album, we used 35 images in it and then we have your 8 by 10's, 5 by 7's and 4 by, and such and see the al a carte price, and the discount off that. So there's a lot of different, ah, so I kind of skipped over with my slides, I skipped over the fact that they get discounts for multiple 8 by 10's, 5 by 7's, 4 by 6's, that's another thing that I kind of didn't get around to saying, but here's your final total, and so I'll say there's a bonus discount for finalizing your order at your order session, I'll point that out, if I can get my mouse over there, here, and this is also your order credit that you, that you prepaid for, and there's your order total. There are some discounts and bonuses, bonuses that we haven't yet told you about for the products you picked out. We are also going to be doing a DVD slideshow for you, to show off, like you can use at graduation, show to grandparents, stuff like that. We are going to have a social media images, we call that our web-pics, all seniors are wanting these, to be able to show off to their friends, post on social media, you can put them on your cellphone, screensavers, for stuff like that, you just can't print from them. So it's all their order portraits from that, you were also getting a brag-books, it's a little mini accordion book, I have them sitting on my sales desk, I pull them out, you're getting this that you can carry around in your purse, show off, brag to all your friends about, and we are also doing $200 credit towards your, towards grad-card, so when your ready to pick out grad-cards, typically at this point you don't know/have your details ready and things like that, but later on in the year, when you're ready, you can come, you can order you're grad-cards, you'll have $200 credit that you can apply towards that, and get some great stuff from that. So, at this point, she would say, let's see, probably, let's see, I gonna slip back here 'cause I skipped all around, but, uh... Went past that. Right here? Yeah. Okay, cool. It's over everything, okay, I think we may need to take a few things out, make a few changes. So it's very common for the client to, to have to make some changes at this point, because they haven't been actually seeing it going there, hopefully, if I'm a good salesman, I have more stuff in there that they need, because if they're just good with it, that means I probably left something on the table, so, having them take out stuff, it's a good sign that I did a good job with my sale. So that's fine, that's a big thing to make sure that our clients are satisfied, it's very important for word of mouth, and so that's, that's one of our top goals, is to make sure they leave our studio completely happy and excited for everything we're doing, and I'll say, it is an investment, but remember, these are going to be in your home much longer than any of your furniture, your couch, your TV, and we also do offer interest free payments that we can break this up into multiple payments if that makes it any easier to do. It does. And so, she still wanted to take stuff out, so we definitely made that option available, so I helped, helped them take stuff out, I'll help make them suggestions on what they should take out, to kind of, still get everything they want. So, what I make suggest is, maybe, to be a little bit selfish, and keep the stuff for yourself, maybe the gifts to the others, cut back a little bit and so that you still have all the stuff you'll appreciate for many years. We could probably cut back on two of the, like the gift prints? And still get all the similar discounts. Yeah, we can cut back on the one for Uncle Bob and Aunt Jane. Alright, perfect. And so I did that and she was still a little bit hesitant, 'cause she knew it was a little bit more than what she wanted, so I also made the suggestion then of, we could probably go and go on, maybe a lesser quality album, you have the nicer thicker paged album, we will go, how about we go with a little bit thinner paged, not quite the same quality but still get all the same design and it's all the same images, and you'll still be able to appreciate everything, what if we try that and it'll help cut down a little bit too on costs. That sounds good. Alright, so I'd make those changes, we'd print of the invoice and go through it again, so most of this stuff is still the same, we just, on your 10 by 10 album, here at the bottom, we went with the, with the classic thin pages, and then we also took out a couple of the 8 by 10's and so here's your total now. Okay, that looks great, I don't think I could take anything else out. Awesome, well I think you have some amazing stuff, and just, like, these are gonna be in your home way longer than any furniture, even your vehicles. We do guarantee everything, so if there's ever any defects in any of our products, or something would happen to it, we would reprint it for you for free, just let us know. Okay. And, um, how would you like to pay today? Credit card. Perfect. So that's how easy a sale can flow, it's obviously, we spent a good deal of time using our system, utilizing our system, make sure our client prepared, knew exactly what to expect and they're ready to invest and everything ran smoothly, right? By having a system set up, you too can utilize that will ensure your sales run more smoothly, your businesses flourish, and your confidence shines. Hopefully, by being able to present and actually show you how to interact with a client and the steps I'd go through to prepare them, it can give you some great tips on developing your own system. As a big thank you to Dee, we do offer our guides as psd documents that you can utilize to incorporate into your own business, either all or part of it. We are going to gift those to you Oh, wow. to have all these. so it includes our portrait catalog, our experience guide and our preparing for your portrait session, the portrait catalog. Again, they're psd documents, so you can just take out our images, put in your own, you can take out our logos but use everything else if you want to, or just use parts of it. That's super. The experience guide has awesome, just suggestions, and kind of create wording to prepare your clients and then also for, for the preparing for the actual clothing and things like that too, we have our dynamic phone script that you can just read off of, and just insert your own name into it instead of ours, or reservation forms and policies, which is a huge step in making sure that our client knows exactly what to expect and confirming that they know to expect, client satisfaction survey, helpful reminder emails, workflow checklist and a bunch more. That's super, thank you. So yes, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much, I appreciate you coming up here and braving the whole audience, and stuff like that. Yes. (clapping) And as a gift for all of you guys that stayed and listened to my presentation, we also giving you guys $200 off our complete system, if you're interested in it. We have our, our game changers site, using the word cl200, if you go to our, our photographers site which is under products and business tools, so I have a lot of other things composite items and different things like that, for our business tools that are in there for you guys to utilize, and you could don't have to be a senior photographer to utilize it, you can switch those images out for families and kids and all that stuff too.

Class Description

Is it hard for you to talk with your clients about purchasing your products? Do you go into your sales presentation with confidence? Award-winning photographer, Ben Shirk understands the challenges and pain points of in person sales and is going to teach you the methods and language to close those big sales. You’ll learn from an in-studio mock sales presentation and Ben will share the script he uses to make sure the clients are comfortable with what he’s selling.

Ben will also teach you:

  • How to set up client information so you’re prepared before they arrive
  • The script he uses so all of the benefits of potential sales are covered
  • The key words to use to make the client more confident about purchasing

Whether you’re a newer photographer trying to develop a strong sales strategy or a more advanced photographer who needs to work on updating a tired sales pitch, this class will give you the confidence to meet with your clients and close the sale.


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