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The Pre Sell

Lesson 4 from: In Person Sales Techniques for Photographers

Ben Shirk

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4. The Pre Sell

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Lesson Info

The Pre Sell

Now we've went through the pricing structure, the consultation, and I wanted to go about a little bit about pre-selling. And then we'll get into the actual sale. So pre-selling, with pre-selling, it's kinda been something, a blank screen, I've been doing the whole time. Since I started working with them, I was going through and in the phone consultation, I was developing that value and excitement for those products, right? Same thing for all our guides. Our guides have big images to kind of create that desire for those specific images. From our product guide to our experience guide, everything is meant to create that desire for our products. So same thing for the sales session, actually, and I doubt if this is gonna show because I have a video, so I had a video to show. I'm gonna click it, and I doubt if it comes up. Okay, yep, it didn't come up. So I had a great video of me during some fun sessions with my clients, and with those fun sessions with my clients, we do a lot of creative s...

tuff, a lot of stuff on green screen, a lot of stuff on location. It's all about having fun, or a lot of it's about fun and the experience that I'm giving my clients. However, it's not just for me, about the experience I'm giving them. I also need to create that desire for my products. So I'm getting the clients to visualize the portrait in their home, or images in their home. For example, one of the scenes that popped up was a girl walking through a field of wild flowers, you know, dragging her hands through the flowers. I would show the mom in the back of the camera, and at this point, I would already have seen their wall snapshots from inside their home. We have the clients send in wall snapshots to kind of get better ideas of their decor and their colors, and then for the sales session it's very important too, that I'll tell you about in a minute. But so they've sent in wall snapshots. I know what their colors are, so I will show them an image in the back of the camera and say, "Look how amazing this is gonna look above your couch or something." I'll say, "Envision these scene as a long panoramic with this field of wild flowers stretching from side to side, and your daughter walking through, dragging her hands through the flowers here as butterflies trail up behind her. This is gonna be so amazing. This is gonna fit all the colors in your house. It's gonna be perfect as a long panoramic behind your couch." The parent then, is gonna be thinking about that the entire session, the whole week leading up to their order session. When we get into the sales room, the first thing they're gonna ask for is I want to see that image, 'cause I've been thinking about it the whole week. They're ready to purchase that because I've created that desire for it. I'm also gonna describe creative ideas for specific products, so a lot of times a lot of our clients are those senior athletes, and so I'll take close-ups of their hands on a ball, or their cleats, or some part of their jersey, and then I'll show the mom and say, "This is gonna be really cool for the background of their album, or the background of their montage, kinda that detail shot of this part of your senior." So I'm creating the appeal for those type of things. I'm also going to make sure that I'm displaying and discussing products that I actually have out in the studio, and my client can feel and touch those. So it's very important for our clients to pick up our albums and look at them. I happen to have either a bunch of senior guy albums out or a bunch of senior girl albums out, depending on the client, and as the senior is changing, the mom is sitting down looking through those albums. It creates that desire for it. If occasionally, once or twice I've forgotten to set it out or they've showed up early and I've not had them out, our sale is much less likely on those albums if I don't have it setting out. So having them pick up and handle that album is very important. The products that I'm displaying also is our highest quality albums. I'm not just setting our simple albums out. I'm putting out our highest quality albums to create the desire for the best stuff and then if they have to, they can cut back a little bit, but they don't want to, 'cause they want our nicer things.

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