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Intro to Adventure Sports Photography

Jay Goodrich

Intro to Adventure Sports Photography

Jay Goodrich

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Class Description

Open the door to the thrill of outdoor adventure sports photography! Intro to Adventure Sports Photography with Jay Goodrich is your guide to the gear, the visioning, the schlepping, the post-production, and the fast-paced lifestyle of professional outdoor sports photography.

If you’ve been dreaming about making your living as an outdoor photographer, Jay is the guy to show you how to do it. During this introductory class, Jay will talk about what it takes to get the shots, land the clients, and process the images that tell a story. You’ll learn about:

  • The gear you actually need
  • A whole new way to see images
  • Jay’s post-production process
  • Easy ways to make your images better

Jay will teach you how to create a story for any location or project. He’ll cover the techniques he uses to design a photograph, instead of just taking a snapshot, and he’ll detail the steps he took to build a successful business.

If you’ve been looking for your opening into adventure sports photography, this class with Jay Goodrich is the perfect beginner’s guide for you.

Class Materials

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Jay Goodrich - Lightroom Notes and Workflow.pdf
Jay Goodrich - Intro to Adventure Photography Discount Codes.pdf

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Jay Goodrich - Intro to Adventure Sports Photography Syllabus.pdf
Jay Goodrich - Intro to Adventure Photography Gear Guide.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Brendan Quigley

While I'm new to the world of Creative Live and their excellent series of lecture presentations, I'm not so new to the world of photography. I'm an avid semi-pro nature photographer with aspirations toward expanding my portfolio to include more adventure sports-related imagery. I found Jay's presentation insightful, humorous and down to earth. His classes mixed the art and design of an image with the technical experience and athletic ability one would need to create the kind of image I'd like to be able to make, and he did it in a way that made my personal goal achievable. Jay's images are stunning, and he presents a lot of valuable information in a way that relates to photographers of all skill levels. I look forward to seeing more of what CL can provide to help me become a better photographer, and also to seeing what Jay will present next. I highly recommend this class!


Thank you so much for sharing this and for free. I learnt a LOT... and still gotta keep on learning!! I like and agree with most of your points of view, Jay! Love the no-rules approach, photographer's vision, controlling the shot and camera, and doing most of the job with the camera instead of lots of editing, like many do. I honestly didn't know you before this workshop but am now a new follower you've got. Keep it up! You're gonna kinda hate me for kind of pointing something out to you... you kind of say kind of and kinda kind of 'way too much' ;) Not saying it as negative criticism because it is not at all, but as a funny observation (followed HIMYM? You'll understand ;)). Best of luck. Respect. ps. Recommended watch.

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