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Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

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Amplify with Advertising


Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Lesson 26 of 29

Amplify with Advertising


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Amplify with Advertising

Alright, step two, amplify your content with advertising. Again, we've already talked about this. We talked about this when we got into the awareness stage. This is simply buying ads. Buying ads on Google, buying ads on Facebook, buying ads on YouTube. Those are the biggies. These are your traffic stores. And I've said before I recommend Facebook is probably where most people should start. Very easy to use ad interface, and with all of these, and YouTube is Google Ad Words, except for Platform, but it's all same area. With Facebook and Google, if you're a new advertiser, they will walk you through the setup process. And they're getting so good at recommending, targeting, I know a lot of people who are in the media-buying space that they do this for a living, like their business is they buy Facebook and they buy Google ads for people, we train a lot of them, a little inside baseball here, a lot of them are freaking out because they're like, just the stuff that Google and Facebook are su...

ggesting that you bid on is every bit as good as the stuff that we're finding. You're getting the machine learning and the artificial intelligence and that stuff, it's out there. So get the help, but buying ads is... Before you buy the ads from the Yellow Pages guy. I had the Yellow Pages come in. Quarter-full, half page, here's how much you're willing to spend Same type of process. Don't overcomplicate it. It's not about figuring out the traffic trick, or the traffic hack. It really is about making sure that this content is worth of amplification, and that when they land there, you've got the retargeting pixels in place, so they're following up. Setting this re-targeting pixel is free. Setting this cookie is free. And it's just a tracking thing. If you've ever gone to a website and you didn't have log back in, that probably happens when you come to Creative Live. It knows who you are and it logs you back in. That's it. It's the same type of thing. And all this data is held and housed by Google and Facebook, you're not taking and holding people's personally identifiable information or anything like that. This is where you need to invest your time. Make sure that you do this. This is really, really, really simple. That part's really, really, really simple. Just follow it. Yes sir. I hope this isn't a stupid question, but I'm assuming that the re-targeting only works when you're actually paying for the ad placement. It's not like an organic thing like those cookie, so we're going to show you this ad, like the initial ad again, it's a specific retargeting ad that you're paying for. That is exactly correct. Yes, so the people that are coming to this page, that pixeled audience is building in your Facebook count. So Facebook says "Hey you know the people that came "to this page that you wanted us to pixel for you, "we got it. "It's now up to like 8,000 people." But until you say "Okay, I want to craft an ad "to that particular audience. "Okay go." They're never going to see anything. But building that pixeled audience is free. Oh, so... Building it's free but you can't actually advertise to them. So Facebook will show you you've built the number of people that have gone to this Facebook ad campaigns, You got 8,000 people that have gone to that, it's building the pixels are being set, the cookies are on those peoples' browsers, you can start advertising to them at any moment, but until you activate a campaign to that custom audience, it won't cost you a thing, but you also, nobody will see your ad. But you don't have to necessarily pay for the initial ad, right? So let's say you have some piece of content that an influencer shares on social, ton of people click through, the pixel will capture them as well and maybe you only pay for retargeting ads. Exactly correct. Now, this will, if you have a large email list for example, you could do this same strategy by emailing to your lists and driving them here and the building your pixeled audience. If you have, like you said, access to a lot of organic traffic in the form of influencers, if you have content out there that's already getting a lot of organic search, so it is getting a lot of free traffic, all of that is great. You just have to get them here. I'm operating under the assumption that people are starting from scratch. Brand new. Nobody knows you, you don't know anybody. And if that's the case and you want awareness and you don't have friends in high places, you're buying advertising. But yeah, absolutely right, if you can set in the pixels, as long as you can get them there, pixels get set. Retargeting, you gotta pay for it, but this is more expensive, a click, generally, than this one. Generally. There are exceptions to every rule, depends on what all you're targeting.

Class Description

Let's face it: Digital marketing is complicated! With new platforms, technologies and "shiny objects” emerging every day, it's hard to know where to put your focus and what marketing efforts you should prioritize.

Fortunately, Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer and a renowned speaker and consultant, can help you cut through the clutter and develop a custom digital marketing plan that responds to your specific needs.

This class utilizes a simple, scalable, eight-step framework to help you attract new leads from scratch and then convert them to high-value customers and clients. By the end of this comprehensive course, you'll have a complete plan for transforming strangers into rabid buyers and raving superfans.

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Perfect your messaging and positioning so even cold prospects instantly understand your value proposition.
  • Leverage consumer-based social channels to drive fresh, targeted leads.
  • Map your customer journey.
  • Craft a "perfect offer” that delivers the right message to the right person at the right moment, when they're most ready to buy.
  • Develop a five-step awareness plan that leverages social channels and amplified content to attract and convert customers and clients from scratch.
  • Execute and scale your growth plan.
  • Eliminate complexity and avoid "shiny object syndrome.”
  • Lower acquisition costs through digital channels.
  • Improve consistency of lead flow and conversion rates.


Mike Brown

Amazing content and very well delivered. Ryan was great at covering high level strategies while providing tangible action-items! Totally recommend this class. Thanks to Ryan and Creative Live :)


This was a great course - truly engaging and actionable! I am a professional photographer and would highly recommend this course to anyone who maps out their own marketing strategies. This was the first time I heard Ryan Deiss present, I'm excited to watch his other courses!

a Creativelive Student

Amazing course, the best on Digital Marketing