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Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

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The One Thing Everyone Is Always Buying


Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business

Lesson 12 of 29

The One Thing Everyone Is Always Buying


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The One Thing Everyone Is Always Buying

Now we're going to be talking about messaging. Right, and we touched on this a bit, but so much of digital marketing is about the amplification of a message. I wanted to start with the foundational aspect, and really speak to, how do strangers become friends, become customers, become raving fans. We've got to have a picture, holistically, of how this happens. Now what we're gonna be doing, right, as we got through, we're gonna get into really clarifying your message. And it is different, it's another one of those areas where when it comes to digital it is different because it's got to be tight, it's got to be concise. Everybody today has the ability to have a message. There's platforms that are readily available. I mean, it used to be if you wanted to have a message, get an idea out there, you had to basically buy a newspaper company or a magazine, right? Today, everybody can do it. So how do you make sure that you break through? So what we're really gonna be doing here is a bit of a c...

hange of perspective. We went down to the foundation, right? We went down to the foundation, and now we're kind of swooping all the way up. I mean, all the way up to outer space. And just like answering the existential question of, why does anyone buy anything? Why does anyone do anything, right? I mean, these are kind of big, you came here to like get a digital marketing plan, and I promise we are doing that. The first step, the first document in any digital marketing plan is absolutely positively that value journey. But we got to get a sense of what's our message. What is that thing that's gonna make people say, "Okay. You can stop talking now, here's my money." We got to get the that point. So I want to kick things off by talking about, what is the one thing that everyone is always buying? The one thing that everyone is always buying, and it really is only one, so the goal is this. Maybe you've seen that meme, right? The "shut up and take my money," maybe even posted it, something really cool comes out. I have this own experience, you know, recently when Nintendo came out with the old school Nintendo Entertainment that was the little box. I mean, when that came out I was like, "I'm in, I'm done. "Here, how much is it, a billion dollars? "Cool I'll take two, right?" I mean, I was just in. I was in a "shut up and take my money" mode. This is what we want, we want to get to where we just go, "Oh, there it is." And everybody's, "I want it. I want it." Now I'm gonna make one fairly big assumption at this point that I hope is true. Your product or service is great. Is that a fair assumption to make? Is everybody selling something that is of value? Right, because if it isn't you're gonna get figured out, you're gonna get found out. And the better you are at marketing, the faster everybody's gonna figure you out. So I'm gonna assume that your product or service is great, or your cause is great if you're in the nonprofit space. I'm gonna assume that what you're doing is good, and it adds value to people's lives far, over, and above what you ask for in return. The problem that you're dealing with is your customers just don't get it. Have you ever said that? Like, "I know my product is great. "The people that buy it and go through it, they love it. "Why don't people get it?" Why don't they get it? That's the question that we want to address and answer here. So our goal for this session is by the time we're finished you'll know the exact positioning and word-for-word messaging that you need to craft a "Perfect Offer" that gets you more sales. All right, begin, start with the messaging, then we'll get into crafting that perfect offer. And the reason is you don't want to spend time and money amplifying an unclear and uninspiring message. And I see this all the time, I see it all the time. In fact, it's where money's just thrown at stuff. It's not quite working, what do we do? Spend more. One of the benefits that I've had from, essentially, self-funding every venture that I've had is I couldn't afford to do that. I couldn't afford just to throw more money at it, so I had to get the messaging right, I had to get it right. I wasn't gonna just brute force my way in. Now, the big thing that I want you to understand with this is you don't have to be Don Draper, right? This isn't the Mad Men kind of scenario, where coming up with the perfect message is this astounding talent that only, you know, some people are able to do. Right, I think that's put out there a lot. Like it's this amazing and astounding, artistic, you know, endeavor. And the people that talk about it, they want to explain, "Okay, here's how you do messaging." It's like, you know, have you seen this, like how to draw an owl, right? So here's how you draw an owl. You do one circle for the head, and then we're gonna come in and do another circle for the body. And then next, you just draw the rest of the damn owl, right? Like that's the way that people want to put it, right? As if the way that we go from here to here, it's magic. You either have the talent or you don't. You either can draw the owl or you can't. That is not the case, guys. That is not the case, that is not what messaging is. It's not reserved for the handful of owl-drawing Don Draper types, okay? You can do it too, the key is to just give people what they actually want. Give people what they want. Write this down. People don't buy product or services, people buy transformation. Transformation is the one thing that everyone is always buying. I don't care what it is, everything you've ever bought in your entire life you bought because you believed that that product or service could transform you, could transport you from a less desirable before state to a more desirable after state. Here's what I mean, let's assume this is your customer. This is Mr. and Mrs. Before, all right. And they're not happy because they don't yet know about you. This is them before you, them pre you. This is them after you, notice how happy they are because now you came into their lives. You solved their big issues. You solved their big problem, their big challenge. Whatever it was you solved it, now they're happy, okay? All we are ever doing when we are marketing, when we are messaging, is we are articulating this shift. We are articulating the shift, the transformation from the before state to the after state. That's what great messaging is, it articulates the shift from a less desirable before state to a more desirable after state. If you can learn to acknowledge who your customer is and where they are today, and then speak to where they want to go, you can draw the owl.

Class Description

Let's face it: Digital marketing is complicated! With new platforms, technologies and "shiny objects” emerging every day, it's hard to know where to put your focus and what marketing efforts you should prioritize.

Fortunately, Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer and a renowned speaker and consultant, can help you cut through the clutter and develop a custom digital marketing plan that responds to your specific needs.

This class utilizes a simple, scalable, eight-step framework to help you attract new leads from scratch and then convert them to high-value customers and clients. By the end of this comprehensive course, you'll have a complete plan for transforming strangers into rabid buyers and raving superfans.

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Perfect your messaging and positioning so even cold prospects instantly understand your value proposition.
  • Leverage consumer-based social channels to drive fresh, targeted leads.
  • Map your customer journey.
  • Craft a "perfect offer” that delivers the right message to the right person at the right moment, when they're most ready to buy.
  • Develop a five-step awareness plan that leverages social channels and amplified content to attract and convert customers and clients from scratch.
  • Execute and scale your growth plan.
  • Eliminate complexity and avoid "shiny object syndrome.”
  • Lower acquisition costs through digital channels.
  • Improve consistency of lead flow and conversion rates.


Mike Brown

Amazing content and very well delivered. Ryan was great at covering high level strategies while providing tangible action-items! Totally recommend this class. Thanks to Ryan and Creative Live :)


This was a great course - truly engaging and actionable! I am a professional photographer and would highly recommend this course to anyone who maps out their own marketing strategies. This was the first time I heard Ryan Deiss present, I'm excited to watch his other courses!

a Creativelive Student

Amazing course, the best on Digital Marketing