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Learn to Draw: An Introduction

Lesson 6 of 6

The Series

Amy Wynne

Learn to Draw: An Introduction

Amy Wynne

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6. The Series

Lesson Info

The Series

I have a drawing challenge for you. I find challenges to be really useful because they're motivational and for me, if I'm, so if I'm giving myself some kind of agenda, like to finish a series of drawings, meaning multiple drawings over a period of time. Then it's like a destination and I tend to draw more. So my suggestion is this, what I've done here is I've taken a piece of drawing paper, I've cut it down the middle, and I've just made this accordion style fold to it. And I've actually created sort of my own little sketchbook. And I've chosen one particular object, which happens to be a clementine. And I'm going to collapse this book, and I'm gonna just kinda take you to a visual story time here. So this is my clementine book, and I chose a clementine, one, because I think they're super delicious, but also because it's an object that can be manipulated and sort of evolved over time. And that, to me, it really interesting to start with an object and then start to, in this case, start ...

to un-peel it and maybe have a series of drawings that document that sort of progression. And in these drawings I've used just a basic line but I've also started to deal with some of the things we've toughed on in this course, that have to do with line quality, with connection, with three dimensionality, with feeling. And also through connecting with an object in my everyday life and arranging my images in a way where I feel like the negative spaces are beautiful, where I feel like my line quality is working beautifully, where I feel like some cross contour lines are happening. So to have a little objective to do a series of drawings that also show some spatial dimension and measurement happening, this is a really super way to practice all of these basic techniques that we've covered in this course. So I encourage you to find an everyday object, I happen to really love like citrus fruits because you can un-peel them and do a series of drawings and then you can start to take them apart. And drawing wedges is also a really great thing to do in terms of creating three dimensionality. And then once you start to generate these drawings, then post them to our student gallery. And I would just love to see what you come up with. And have fun with it. Remember that this is all about just building your ability, not bringing too much judgment into it. But just know that over time when you start to connect to your drawing process, your drawings will absolutely improve.

Class Description

Do you want to learn how to draw but don't know where to start? In this class, professional painter and artist, Amy Wynne, shares fun, beginner-friendly drawing techniques that can turn anyone into an artist.

This class will help you overcome your fear of the blank page and focus on putting pencil to paper.

In this class, Amy will cover:

  • Different materials for drawing
  • Using a viewfinder
  • Establishing your composition
  • Exploring varied mark-making and textural effects
  • Practice measurement and proportions in your work
  • A drawing challenge to help develop your skills

Amy has been teaching painting and drawing for over 20 years at colleges across New England including the Rhode Island School of Design. In this class, she’ll help you embrace your ability to see and connect to our world through drawing. Join Amy and get started drawing today! 


Juliana Lugg

Amy is a talented artist and a very effective teacher. I have the pleasure of having her as a professor, however these online classes show her passion and expertise just as much as in our in-person classes. If you are intimidated by drawing, like I was, her teaching helps to simplify the process of learning how to draw while also inspiring her students to take more risks with their artwork. She will help you realize that studio art really can be for anyone, and that drawing can be a meaningful tool for expression, relaxation, and growth. I highly recommend any course that she teaches, online or in-person!

Alisha Weiss

Great introduction to drawing and sort of the key skills to develop if looking to improve or starting. Not a lot of hard and fast skills but definitely a great first building block to what someone can expect. Great job Amy!

Myndi Quirion

This was an excellent class. As a beginner I learned a lot of great techniques that I hadn't even considered. It really changed the way I view drawing! She's great, I'll definitely watch more of her classes!