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Learn to Draw: Interiors

Amy Wynne

Learn to Draw: Interiors

Amy Wynne

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Class Description

Join instructor and professional painter, Amy Wynne, as she teaches this introduction to drawing interiors. She’ll show you how to use 1 and 2-point perspective to draw believable spaces.  She will cover creating interesting compositions as well as exploring a connection to place and building atmosphere with textural and tonal rendering.

In this class, Amy will cover:

  • Appreciating Interior Drawings
  • Basic 1PT Perspective: composing a strong image and applying concepts
  • Basic 2PT Perspective: composing a strong image and applying concepts
  • Creating depth and space
  • Understanding tonality and texture
  • Using natural vs artifical light

At the end of this course Amy will prompt you to try a drawing challenge! This series of drawings will help you motivate to draw every day and develop a creative habit - the best way to improve your drawings.

Amy has been teaching painting and drawing for over 20 years at colleges across New England including the Rhode Island School of Design.

Ratings and Reviews

Nora Masters

Inspiring and fresh. Amy does a wonderful job of teaching me information efficiently, showing the beginning of processes and the more finished process, as well as lots of alternative ways of approaching the practice. i love the student work shown as well to reinforce the lessons.


A miraculous teacher, with very refreshing talk. But to me has not become clear completely as with the Perspex disc functions practically without achieving absolutely shaky results. Could one not have shown this still briefly?

Student Work