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Light Painting for Beginners

Ben Willmore

Light Painting for Beginners

Ben Willmore

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Class Description

You can create amazing images with light painting, and Ben Willmore is going to show you how! Making light trails, highlighting parts of your image, crazy spiral effects--all the fun secrets of light painting will be yours in this special 1-day workshop! Ben will show you how to use everyday light sources to make striking images, as this is a technique that doesn't require a lot of equipment. If you have a tripod and a flashlight, you can light paint, and Ben is going to show you how!

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Julie Coder

I've been interested in light painting for awhile, so I was thrilled to see this included in Ben's bundle package, since I'm learning Lightroom as well. Really enjoyed it! I appreciate the "trial & error" approach of the class so we can see the thought practice behind the photos, not just the final images. Really helpful tips for editing as well. I love the images on his website, which gave me ideas for things to try on my own. Fun, fun, fun!


Really cool class so far. Just wanted something to get some inspiration and this is fun class but it's gonna force you to exercise. I don't work for creative live but I don't have to say that the quality of the few classes I've just started in photography is very good. I once was a professional photographer and I've taken lots of live classes and I feel the value of these is good. I am looking forward to watching the Clay Blackmore class.