The Portrait Lighting Challenge: Natural vs Studio


The Portrait Lighting Challenge: Natural vs Studio


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Nude Male Retouching

all right lift we have a natural eye image right we have us drive everything I'm going to do is clean up the skin I decided to keep this image into a beautiful dark color because we saved the other staining image off him him look quite so let's try and find a beautiful color tone and makes these images together uh we want to keep his times nice and strong I need just removing any little distractions but without smoothing them out like we would girls face because we want at masculinity that's quite enough I'm just going to come around here I'm going to do this um look that scott van just take a little weed by fight that their obvious and that's enough now we've obviously got more shadow in the strobe image than we've got in the natural light image uh got a nice highlight in the natural light image and it's definitely softer on the stroke but I like both uh so let's go and find a tone that we like I'm going to go here my go to straight away is going to be a polaroid I'm going to go to pa...

lloyd because I liked the doctor got sear images are really strong um he looks bronzed and beautiful there that was my go to in the last image before I went to black white I love that I like that too well so that was in paul I'd yellowed six six nine um to me it is jumping on the highlights up there's another couple of choices here that's grey nia that's more magenta cast that one is slight blue we don't that a ll that's beautiful but what I'm gonna do is just have a look I won't go to fading but I do want to try color first I just want to try was that looked like if I put him into the girl's filter which is the fade all leave strong raids no because it looks like he's wearing lipstick and then my other go to is the noonday sun so I quite like that that really is just adding such a beautiful contrast I feel my strongest one wass in polaroid and I feel like it was that yellow there so I I am going to apply that uh I like it as you see this field to come on you'll see the strength in this um I'm going to drop back why o pe city to about seventy even maybe sixty and then I'm going to apply the same filter to this tribe image we've definitely got more background on the strobe image on the right uh there we do on the left we'll take that down to sixty and see how it looks I think it can go down a little bit more on the stroke image than on the right I like both of those images they do not need a lot more um I wouldn't overdo them um I'm going to take a little bit more of that layer off you know I want it to be subtle I wanted to be good I don't want it to look only down or overly filtered so I'm gonna leave it like this

Class Description

As a photographer, nothing defines your talent more than your ability to capture, create, and place the right lighting. Award-winning portrait photographer Sue Bryce joins studio lighting wunderkind Felix Kunze for a lighting for portrait photography masterclass covering the universally most-used portrait scenarios. You will learn how to work with both natural and studio light — so that you are prepared to walk into any environment and take a gorgeous photograph.

Sue, internationally-renowned for her ability to paint portrait subjects with the glow of natural light, will teach you how she sets up different lighting scenarios. Felix, who's worked with the top photographers on earth, will then take the reins replicating Sue's shot — all using artificial lighting techniques he has honed from experience. The two seasoned photographers will take turns shooting, each learning and asking questions of the other in real time.

By the end of this course, you will know how to shoot a variety of portrait styles, including the classic beauty shot, the silhouette, high-contrast glamour, the soft flat light portrait (master that back light!), and old-school Hollywood glamour — all with both natural light and artificial light.