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Lighting Styles: Working with Soft, Medium and Hard Light

Matthew Jordan Smith

Lighting Styles: Working with Soft, Medium and Hard Light

Matthew Jordan Smith

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Class Description

Your approach to lighting can define your style as a photographer. Join Matthew Jordan Smith, a well-known celebrity photographer as he breaks down three versatile lighting styles - soft, medium and hard light. He’ll show how pairing these styles with modifiers can enhance and change the mood of your final selects, whether you’re working with commercial, wedding or portrait clients.  


a Creativelive Student

Matthew Jordan has such a warmth and charisma. Listening to the guy talk and praising everyone for asking questions makes one sincerely engaged. I can see why people pick him to work with. He's a talented and personable man. Though this is not a hold your hand kind of class, it's really about the options and making your own choices. For someone who has lighting A.D.D. I like that! :)

Gene Tolan

Matthew Jordan Smith is excellent at his craft and also a great teacher. Very clear and concise information wrapped in a passionate presentation. Thank you very much Mr. Jordan!


A fantastic class which gets you thinking about your own lighting style, interaction with models, branding, marketing and gaining a sustainable career. I bought this on a sale and was pleased with the investment.