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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Lighting Styles: Working with Soft, Medium and Hard Light

Matthew Jordan Smith

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

guys, we have a lot to talk about today. I hope you love photography because I do. Before you need anything else, you've gotta have a passion for your craft. Photography feels good. I love it. I hope you guys who to. I've got tons of tips to go through today. Today it's all about your light. I want to emphasize your your lighting style. Sometimes I call it your lighting personality, but it's really your lighting style. Now you're shooting with natural light. You can't really control that. You wake up one day, it's sunny. You wake up one day. It's like it is today. Overcast and cloudy, so he's shooting in natural light. You have that control over the line, but when you have your own style, you could put your fingerprint on all your pictures and really stand out. Now, today, being a photographer, it takes a lot to stay in doubt. How do you do that? Today? I'm a you guys tips on how you can stand out from every other photographer on the planet. Put your thumbprint on all your pictures, so...

finds see, you see your work and want to hire you over and over and over again. I've been very blessed in my career to work as a photographer for now. Sounds weird saying this going on 30 years, and I can tell you you've got to have a competitive advantage to stand out today. It's not enough just to be able to take a beautiful picture. I mean, anybody can do that today, you can pull out your smartphone and get a great picture. How do you stand out with everybody having that ability to do that? You need a competitive advantage. And that's what I want to give you guys today. That competitive advantage. Today we're talking about how to discover and use your lighting style. Does it? I know what that is. What's What's your lighting style? It's a way, Peter, stand out. So you wanna discover and use your lighting style today? I want you to think about that when you're taking your pictures. When you're lighting your subjects. Were you using? Are you thinking about the type of light that it ISS? This is a really important thing to think about. Why are you using that umbrella? Why are you using a soft box? Why you're using uh any other type of modifier. Why you pick that modifier, and how does it fit into your style? Why are you different from anybody else? We'll talk more about that today and go deeper into it. But first, a little background about me. I'm a celebrity photographer. I do fashion beauty, and I love it. It never gets old. I'm known for shooting celebrities, and I've had a lot of fun doing this. I've been doing for a long time again. It never gets old. Um, this past Sunday, I flew in from Tokyo is shooting out there. I came back to L. A for for one day, and I had a full day celebrity shoot that was intense. Me. I just got off the plane the next day they before, but I was on such a high doing the shoot, and this never goes away. I mean, 29 years. Plus it never goes away. I didn't shoot all day long. I wasn't tired. I wasn't jet lag, as on the high from shooting and shooting Celebi, who have been wondering for a long time. It was our first shoot together, and I love that first shoot. I remember my first Tyra. People started requesting me because of my lighting style at the beginning of my career. And guess what they still do. And it did the same thing for you. They hire you because of your personality and your lighting style. I love photography. I do this all day, every day. I can talk about it all day and every day. So if I get long when it stopped me, guys, I just love photography, and I know you do, too. But today I want you tips on how you can take better pictures, have your own distinctive style and stand out from your competition. Because when you have that, you have confidence knowing that you have your own style, you stop worrying about the competition because no biking, really copy your real style didn't copy uh, an idea of what you do. But when you have a strong conviction of your style, it's hard to copy that. I won't give you guys that today to take home with you and use it forever. So whatever you're shooting, maybe you doing a portrait of you doing Children, maybe you're doing a wedding. You could have your own style that makes you stand out from everybody else. And this will have clients coming to you versus you, going out and trying to get clients, and we know how hard that is. You're trying to market yourself in trying to get more work each and every day. But what if clients are calling you? Because they like that special something that's special source that you have that nobody else has? You all have it. You just have to find it. So I'm also the creator of the new course photography lighting course I have that out as well. And if you will find me on social media, I'm all over social media. Now, of course, you know I'm now new one Snapchat and try to get used to that and start putting it into my everyday other social media habits. But this we can find me on social media guys, so feel free to reach out. Say hello wherever you are in the world, whether you're in Europe or the States or even in Asia. In Japan, I open my mouth. Doesn't matter where you are. Just say hello sometimes. Okay, Today is all about light. So let's talk about light. I want you to think about something that you probably haven't thought about. If you could control the sun, where would it be? Where would you place it In the sky if you had toe control of the sun. Where do you place it to make your pictures? They have your own Look. Maybe you love sunsets. I mean, God knows I love a sunset. Be in L. A. It's always a great sunset. I try to go the beach as much as possible and shoot sunset. So I had this whole arsenal of sunsets. This is one of May days where it's beautiful every day, but every day is a little different. But what if you could have the sun at this angle all the time in every shot? I mean, this is one of most beautiful times. A day when we're all taking pictures. Sunrise, sunset. But why is it beautiful? Think about that. Why is that time so beautiful? I mean sunset or maybe sunrise. Maybe you love that first morning light. It is lovely watching the sun come up at that time of day as well. It's very special. I want you guys. We think about this question. If you had total control of the sun, that one light source in the sky, where would you place it if you could control it? I was in Iceland a few years ago and I was in August. It was like a long days and sunset lesson for a long time. Like if I had this kind of control all the time, it would be amazing. Well, guess what with your artificial lights. You Do You have that control? I'm gonna give you tips today. When? How you could do that even better. Have a a conscious decision about where you place your lights. What time of day it is in every shot you take in this class, we will discuss understanding your lighting personality. Now you're letting personality. What is that? It's your lighting style. It's your choice. Your decision on the type of light that you choose to use So your pictures are different than anybody else's. I think anybody shoot with one light. But this is my personality. What's your lighting personality today? Wouldn't go through that and teach you how to find and use your own distinctive lighting style or you're lighting personality We also go over the main three types of light. You might know what those are. The main three types of light. We don't worry about it. You're about to find out later on today.

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a Creativelive Student

Matthew Jordan has such a warmth and charisma. Listening to the guy talk and praising everyone for asking questions makes one sincerely engaged. I can see why people pick him to work with. He's a talented and personable man. Though this is not a hold your hand kind of class, it's really about the options and making your own choices. For someone who has lighting A.D.D. I like that! :)

Gene Tolan

Matthew Jordan Smith is excellent at his craft and also a great teacher. Very clear and concise information wrapped in a passionate presentation. Thank you very much Mr. Jordan!


A fantastic class which gets you thinking about your own lighting style, interaction with models, branding, marketing and gaining a sustainable career. I bought this on a sale and was pleased with the investment.

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