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Lightroom for Portrait Photographers


Lightroom for Portrait Photographers


Class Description

If you want to be a financially successful photographer, you need to use every second you have as wisely as possible. That means you don’t have two hours to spend retouching a single image in Adobe® Photoshop®. Fortunately, there’s Adobe® Lightroom®, which offers so many amazing tools you can skip Photoshop altogether. In this class, Kristina Sherk will show you all the incredible portrait retouching you can do in Lightroom in just seconds, which is great news for your bottom line.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC


a Creativelive Student

I am so glad I've gotten this class. I've been using Lightroom for several years but had no idea about so much of what I learned in this class. Kristina also has a great teaching style that gets the information explained in an easy to follow manner while also not spending a lot of extra time repeating everything. Her content is easy to follow and she also explains some of the "whys" to the techniques or settings. Looking forward to more classes from Kristina!

Debora Wright

thank you. That was very helpful!!!

Bill Bistak

After the first few lessons my eyes lit up, I did as she did and already I'm thinking this course should have sold for 4x its value. The only thing I'm going to pick at is the lack of a pdf highlighting all of the shortcuts she highlighted, as a quick reference. Otherwise, outstanding!