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Now you've learned howto create a smarter goal you know how to create a plan it's not that complicated right is doable alright, this is where I want to just remember I've keep preaching this you're not going to do this alone um you could make you could do all the planning that you want to do but sometimes you can identify in a resource that actually alleviates a lot of the work that you would be doing on your own um that could be you know uh that could be your mastermind partner that could be a strategic partner that could be a coach, a teacher that could be a new c p a right it could be any number of resource is that hopefully have been stirring in your head right? Who do I need to get on my team to help me build my creative enterprise? Right? And you're all at different places in your journey. So the resource is that I need are very different than the resource is everybody here needs what I want you to start thinking about right now and I'm going actually I asked the studio audience ...

to think about who it is who could help them build their creative enterprises who did it? Who do you really need to talk teo do you need do you need an advisory board? You need an advisor um so I would it were to start with tara to go this way go this way is mary gonna go this way? Well who do you think what worries what resource is do you think you need at this stage of the game uh stick the state I feel like a new incubator group a group of I have um after mine partner you d'oh actually we've been I met her by the meter for three years I met her online through a right brain business plan okay actually I think creative life that course okay anyway um but I I I'd like to have something else as well what is that something else that you need remember we have this great online audience they might actually be able to contribute and give you a resource so you know I don't I don't know you don't know what you need what do you thinking about when you that comes to mind I'm thinking of a group of people who are are at a similar or further stage than I am in my business tio tio flush out ideas to bounce things off right and then and then also I think you're a great resource because if I get stuck I can come on stick you yeah stick me from my chair so I know it creative lives audience started a facebook page char fia group a facebook group page that you can access there might be people there you can connect with there's people here in the studio audience honest, obviously on a similar journey, so they may be your people been asking for your details in the chapter in which regina has been doing a seeding through. So I think you will find some contacts from this. Thank you. We also have some dimensions on the quote lab and the comment wass they're they're loving it, they just wish there was a buy button for they are coming. Is it an affirming is showing your work is fine if that's what you want to dio, but if you you know, really got having e commerce site is just just don't I don't know why you wouldn't have any commerce sight if you're really if you want to sell, you have tio just like one of those, but you're going teo in a week, and I'm gonna make sure of it. That's hard, that's the good news is that hard people want to support artist. I got news for you, people love to support artists, they really dio take great joy and great pride in it. You might think that you're, you know, over asking, you're not. They want teo really want teo okay, resource is so I have two segments, the first one is, uh the things that I don't do very well myself like I need to implement an e commerce site and I want to redesign my sight so I need some sort of graphic designer website builder too help me work through that okay? And a videographer help me with my video's promotional materials marketing thie other side is networking and sort of like a gn advisory board advice. I have two women in calgary who are amazing they're not artist, their business women and they want hell feels person yeah, and one is just brilliant. So yeah, so I advisory board that I had one artist on because he said, sells millions of millions of dollars worth of art all over the world and gordon, you ther give a shout out to gordon, but everybody else is like my friend michael fernandez, harvard, wharton, mba, yo, g e I mean it's, just whoever is really on your side and look for ways to give back, I think that you're you're really smart tio have someone help you with graphics and things like that? Because I always think that if you're not a graphic designer, designing your own logo is like trying to cut your own hair unless you want to be the school's not a good plan, but I will say this if I could just give you peace a suggestion finish your making money plan or updating it and finish your fan plan because your marketing efforts are result of your fan plan to make sure you have all that in line first before you invest the ways you can spend more money than you need teo and have to do it all over again and I've done it it's not good okay, next fernan resource is uh uh I am in the process of having a support like a mastermind okay, I'm a friend of mine who's it also uh an artist that is just so tapped into the producing and stuff I really want to we've talked in the past though, okay? Um uh I had to find a resource of where I can, uh get the word out more. I think sometimes speaking from my point of view I get isolated sometimes and I'm just thinking so when you say get the word out you mean through social media is the word you want help with that? All right. Okay, so hold on a second. So here's something we khun dio, would you do a trade? Sure, I've been trying to trade. Okay, so maybe there's someone in the san francisco area who needs help with public speaking I would like to sing like would like to have more confidence they know a lot about social media and they could do a trade right? Or, you know, like there's all sorts of creative ways. I'm only pointing this out because you can pay for things you can trade for things get very creative about these things, so at least you've identified to resource of one resource that you have and one resource that you'd like to secure. Okay, I interesting, because where it seems like we all need the same things I would like a mastermind group that I could participate in and and an accountability partner, maybe from somebody within that group. And then I also would like to connect with some social media experts or get some training around how I convey a utilize the technology. Okay, all right, so I'm just gonna float this out there. I've been actually looking at facilitating a mastermind group, so when I if I if I decide to go forward, I'll let you all know, but one thing that's important is to find people, if you can finding who are playing a bigger, better game than you are and really show up and be present for them, you know, and again, no whining, no complaining. Just, you know, what have you accomplished, you know, okay, um, schedule a consultation with andrey, my number one because I my us e needs to figure that help with that I mean okay yeah sorry andi I also need to follow up with a couple of artists that I met met recently last week okay onda also mastermind group and accountability great. Okay, so resource is that you've identified and resource is that you're going to secure I have a couple accountability buddies he d'oh d'oh all right? And uh you know what? I need help with his accountability for the like the self care around this like exercise make sure ideo glad you mentioned this this is a port that this is really important and I was just you know, it's why kate's on vacation because her factory had not shut down for maintenance for a long time she had so many commissions going and she's getting really tired and really, really over just overwrought so my assignment for her was too critical vacation and she did it so I think it's you have to remember you're the factory right? You have to you have to shut down for maintenance every now and then we're going blow a gasket and that's why again rule one o one and sell your art without selling out as meditate daily you can just call it pray daily do something to quiet your mind to something to keep care of your mind your soul, your body through nutrition, your relationships all of it none of it matter sirs if any of that goes self okay one more we two more um I need an accountability partner I think I have one oh handy how handy e I exercise you can exercise together way going can't be accountable shane we don't live too close together, right? Okay I I'm not sure whether it's the mastermind group the same as sort of an advisory board no, they're different and advisory board is something that advisor advisory boards and corporate situations could be paid or not paid and usually meet once a week they're usually people who are definitely playing a bigger better game than you are and you're and they are advising you on different aspects of growing your business a mastermind is more personal okay and I mean to actually give you a structure to follow ok, so that when you have your mastermind meetings you are following a very specific agenda that is productive. Okay, um it's a same outline that I use with my coaching clients okay, okay, after um I think once I've done my studies and once I've got my usp set up I think I'm going to want um I know I'm gonna want possibly an advisory poor but I definitely need to find a couple of people who are very deeply engaged in the thoroughbred business, okay, I'm coaching an artist in paris who is I'm gonna help you that she's in paris hi marie yeah um possibly a um either the folks who do the training before their two year olds or um the breeders okay all right so that's very specific I don't think it's going to take long for you to get a resource that last but not least okay so like everyone here I think I need an advisory board and um I guess creative live has a lot of value valuable videos that you can go have a time yeah so I feel like that's an insane resource it is of information um as well as the people who work here almost all of them are also artists yeah photographers and so I could probably find some people through that yeah, you're really connected you've got some wonderful resource is you already know who they already have a report that many people here you're like in the middle of resource heaven so good for you and you guys I encourage you to take advantage of it look through their catalog of courses and I think you know come to more live classes you can apply to be in the class and that's you know it the food's great everyone's nice you learned a lot right and you and you may it forces you to make the time to study the subject I found that valuable if I rely on my own willpower to get through an online course it's just really tough and that's why I keep saying to review it with a friend with a mastermind because it's going to be easier you could take it invite size pieces say okay when I you know were I reviewed this section and this is what I learned and I completed his exercises what did you learn? What do you think you know that's the point all right there is that blue ocean are we competing? You don't have to you don't have to you can relax about it it's just that it's actually not a good business plan to compete right? Because it's saturated the art market photography market it's all set rated so why why even go there that's the reality that's the truth of it all right so I've been asking the same question these same questions to all the artists who are so wonderful I would for us to thank them I think thank you it came and spent their time to share you know and to share where there have succeeded where they failed, where they've learned lessons I asked them to share where they failed because everyone's at a different point in the journey some of the artists who came on via google are farther along in the journey and I don't want you to feel like, um well they're there and I'm not there because they were they were wherever you were they were at some point and they've also fallen under but hard, all of them, every single one of them, but what's clear is that we all learned a lesson from those failures, so there's, no shame and falling it's really? No shame. I'm going, I'm going to share with you what I think, minor, because I've never done this, and then I'm going to ask, maybe some of you what you think about what you're three top successes, failures and lessons, and one piece of parting advice so that you don't like it doing this, okay, three successes. I think my top success has been that I said it, I set a goal, and I not only met it, I exceeded it. I think that and then I guess I know I can repeat that, um, I think my other success is I really had to stare down some serious fear and doubt, not just within myself, but with people who are around me. Remember, my brother is the dean of a business school, my sister's, a self made multimillionaire. And they said crazy, yes, I am. So I did it anyway. I went did it anyway. And I would say that's been really I feel like that success, I think I feel that being able to you know figure out what I figured out so far and I know I still have a lot more to figure out to be able to share that with other artists and watch them blossom I feel like that's one of my biggest successes too so that is that a failure um well I got a long list there so I'm going to stay number one is I'm really hard on myself to miss slave driver I'm a really hard time really I mean that's probably a failure and just not appreciating I'm taking it working a lot not really appreciating that's been a failure I had two strategic partnerships that went so self they almost took me out financially and you know who you are okay they were they were horrible failures but again they informed this new value proposition which is actually much more in line with my values and is actually more profitable so there was a gift in that um so thank you for stiffing me that was a failure oh gosh the list goes on and on and on well and I think the other failure was waiting so long to do this you know just waiting so long and trying to do like I just lived a whole lifetime of vending machines I lost I mean it in paint or draw anything for over seven years it took me a long time a long time I say that's a big failure and that but the good news is, is that it? Actually I really appreciate what I'm doing now because I know the alternative really well so lessons lessons learned um believe in yourself. No, I learned to believe in myself because if you set a goal and you take action it's a systematic you know, uh, the other lesson is to trust my gut when I when I have not listened to my intuition, it has bit me so badly that's a huge one that's been a huge lesson because a very strong intuition and it was just absurd to ignore it. So, um, lesson number three um well, focus, I have a lot of ideas I love coming up with blue ocean strategies and what happened was I was coming up with so many for myself that I was confusing my own focus. So now you guys are the victims of my blue ocean strategy desires because I think it's fun and it's easy for me and so um yeah, that turned again focusing not doing too many things at once and then, uh so my piece of parting advice is believe in yourself. You've been called to do this there's a reason you're all sitting in the studio there's a reason that everyone is tuning in from wherever you're tuning in believe in that believe in that calling and don't get distracted by vending machines and don't get distracted by your own self doubt and think of my story of angela, my friend who's since past right you're only got so much time here. What do you want to dio? If you want to make art and make money, it is possible. All right, it's not gonna be easy, but it's possible. So my piece of parting advice is not only believe in yourself but know that myself. That helps you believe in yourself a lot more if you know that self and my way of doing that has been meditation if you have some other out great. Do it. Okay. So who would like to volunteer to do something similar? What they've what? Their successes. Failures? Who in the audiences willing tto put themselves out there before I pick you quinn. Ok, you put your hand up first, okay? Hey, bro. Interaction plan. Good job. You got it. Um, this is the sex successes and failures. Okay, you're three tops your three successes earning an m f a that required a lot of believing in myself. Given that my family is not a family that well parallels to yours, right? Okay, great selling, skip I decided I needed money and I did a drawing of this dog knowing that the lady loved the dog uh everybody loves this drawing and I just went to her house and I had it in my head that I had to sell it this is about eight years ago because I needed the money and you took action and get it terrified but I decided before I went to her that had to happen it was I was desperate. Okay? All right when we were little, the recession hey that's fantastic and without a fabulous designer out there who is one of my colleagues and one time she looked at my work and said if I could do that I wouldn't be doing this and I've heard that before that's that's true, that was a success and I didn't listen to it. Okay? All right, well, that's a failure what was so give me another third success? I know you have one. I know you have many more than three, it's been many of the things people have said about my work to me it's just that I don't like success I touched them okay that your art has touched people that I've accomplished what I wanted I wasn't trying to I was just struggling to do my art but it did what it was intended to have a positive effect on people you were of service to someone else yeah, okay, so what's your top fat failure mentioned one failure so we're going to go to two and three one failure what give me two hanging in three hanging show in three different places with no plan it's a waste of energy it's a waste of time ok having no plan or having a smart goal, right? Yes. Okay in number three uh being a perfectionist ho perfection itis I have that one yeah retard fear if you haven't read art and fear there are the chapter on perfection itis and it's a fantastic book so thanks for people can people identify with ease you have you had similar success is similar failures and lessons alright? Lessons what's your top lesson so far but what springs to mind? Okay, uh one role uh specific technical one was go ahead and take the time to get your palate organized. Okay, I know that's really specific. Yeah. Um listen to my intuition and believe in myself, okay? And one piece of parting advice it's so trite it's just do it. Not right now, right? It's really not that it is because I I've waited, so don't wait, just go ahead. Don't wait get started. Well, that's why I call this an action plan because that's all I'm hope you enjoyed the show but none of it matters if you don't take action and I really hope it was entertaining, but I want you to actually do something. I actually want you to set a goal where you're listening. I want you to set a goal. I want you to take action and I want you to find support so that you don't feel like you're all by yourself in this because you're not all by yourself in this give power of the internet you power people sitting next to you never know who's going to be helping you could help you and could prefer business too. You could give you encouragement when you need it, right? Give you a little. All right, so, um I'm gonna start I want to leave on a positive note and I just want to go, uh start with taro. Just say what? Has he been your biggest success so far? Anything that comes to my regards, our yeah, what's been the biggest what's brings to your mind what I had twenty three peace is placed in a, um breast facility, and I got it that art hold space for people. Okay, so you had an impact on people for your art to that specific success. Okay, top success. What do you think it is for us? Recent successes. I had my first solo exhibition that I put on myself so that in itself orchestrating that by myself was a huge success okay and my goal if I had one at the time was to sell one maybe two pieces that was my expectation I sold eight which is almost it was over fifty percent of the show was a huge that's a big allocating validating success but success brings to my own first because of mine is actually coming here and and having myself I force myself to look back at the last year and a half all those e mails you know like it was an eye opening and it just it's really inspired me teo really delve even deeper into all of this because it is my enterprise and it is my what I've been called to dio so it's just being here has just been really really inspiring good good okay success proving to myself that I can make money making jewelry that's meaningful to people make money making sure it's meaningful to people right what a wonderful enterprise really okay most reese in showing my work in paris and getting to new friends and one new client how close that all right being here than being up on that stage oh my god waiting to hurt the medal of courage right that was a pretty good theory there you have the courage of a long way away that's my point yes that's the takeaway success I know you were already went but just think of another one oh uh the work I do is not photo realistic so having someone it's very impressionistic mohr not french impressionistic but that's it's emotional um having someone look at it and go there so really I mean it's something was happening with that person okay, so that impact on that person who is not an art person okay yeah well I don't have to be yeah most of your collectors have not majored in art no photography or filmmaking or any of that they have like they don't know they have no clue last but okay I would say that for me it's being able to balance being an artist and a designer so actually I'm I realized I'm quite happy doing both which is probably why I don't care about making money as much but I do want to hear about making money what are you doing here? I want to make money with art but I don't feel the same pressure for it but it's making me realize how I do see my art so that's very good and being able to do both is I thought I'd have to do one or the other so it's good that I can you could design your life any way you want to design it whatever suits you that's what's important not meeting you know other people's expectations that just doesn't matter what matters is what you want that's what matters and just knowing what it isthe that's, really? You know, just knowing what you want is half the battle. I think, for a lot of people, remember a said that told the story about maria in the first, um, segment yesterday, and I turned to her, and I asked her if she had a magic wand, what would she do? What would she have, which would she be doing? And she said, I don't know, I couldn't believe that, and it kept asking her, and she said, I don't know, and I thought that was just such a painful place to be that she just didn't know.

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