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Marketing for Crafters: Build your Customer Path

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How to Start a Craft Business and Develop a Customer Path

Tara Swiger

Marketing for Crafters: Build your Customer Path

Tara Swiger

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1. How to Start a Craft Business and Develop a Customer Path

Lesson Info

How to Start a Craft Business and Develop a Customer Path

Now, if you don't know about tara swagger, maybe you didn't have a chance to tune in for session one. I'm going to tell you a little bit about her background now. Tara is an author, she's a maker and she's a starship captain. She leads creatives on explorations into the heart of their businesses. Now tara has been featured in her local press and international magazines such as crafty and inside crow shea, along with industry specific publications like crafts report and yarn market news, she's taught workshops and classes nationwide, including teaching small business owners about marketing and working with nonprofits to provide education to traditional artists in rural appalachia. Her book, which we had on set yesterday, we're going to talk a little bit more about it today, but her book is called market yourself. It was published in two thousand twelve. You can learn more about tara, get in touch with her on her website. It is tara swagger dot com ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to...

the stage. Tara swagger. Come on up, tara wear so excited to have you back for session number two. It was good to get that first session out of the way we learned a ton, we had some great interaction from all of our students here around the world, people tuning in we have lots of people from all over the world we even have your mom and the challenges we got to hear from her hope that all of these people are tuning in again for session number two but I know that you have a ton more to get teo I'm not going to take up any more of your time take it away okay, thanks so much and thanks for being here and watching so today we're going to talk about how to build your customer path from beginning to end the biggest question that people ask about their marketing is and this is actually an email I got right before I was coming to teach this class I had a different side here but then I got this email and I realized this perfectly encapsulate what people want to know and she asked how do I go about getting my product out there just in general like how do people find out about it and this could be such an over whelming question and the answer is that we're going tio come up with a marketing plan that isn't just a plan but it's a path that moves customers from not even knowing it about us to learning about us to come in closer and building relationships and eventually buying so when you just think about it in terms of how do you get your product out there it's very overwhelming out there is it is a big place on and there's a lot of different options you could take, so we want to narrow it down to what's actually gonna work for you and your people and your message, which is why we went over this in such detail yesterday in session one because we first have to know what it is you're trying to say what it is that you have to offer for sale and how to talk about it and then who you're actually talking to, because the fact of the matter is you don't have to get your product out there, you just have to get your product to the right people. So it's been a lot of time in session one defining who that right person is where she is and how we can speak in her language. So this is what I want you to have in mind as you think about marketing as you think about creating a plan, is that the perfect, most ideal buyer? Whoever she is, as we defined her yesterday discovers your work, and she wants to know more right away, she falls completely in love. You give her exactly what she was looking for four and she becomes a longtime van and evangelist, she tells all of her friends about how great your thing is, this is like ideal. Scenario, right? Because then you make a sale. She's thrilled you guys continue to connect, collaborate completely, delight each other, and that might seem like a dream scenario, but that is really what it's like to work with a customer who is your absolute right person. I've had this experience, my students and clients have this experience, and it is the most fulfilling thing. You know, when we ended session one yesterday we were talking about your marketing is a service to the people who truly want your work, and this is how you're in service because you're building relationship and you're giving her something she really wants, and it actually serves you both. You will go through your life your day feeling amazing because your product really impacted someone and she is going to feel amazing because she found the thing that really feels what she was looking for. And this process is a customer path you can see in my little story that someone discovered you moved to learning more about your work bought and then kept coming back. So this customer path is what we're going to lay out for you today, specifically, um, we're gonna discover how customers find you, how they fall in love with you, what you need to give them in order for them to fall in love with you and actually discover you on dh. This is that you can take action because just thinking of a marketing plan it's really vague and hard to pin down, but when you know what point you're working on like what point in that path, this tool is going to help you? D'oh, you'll be able to take more clear actions you'll know the person reading my tweets stream is just discovering me. The person reading my email lessons knows me for a while and loves me so I can be a little more personal or talking a little more depth about my stuff. We'll go into each of that in detail. We're also going to craft your path. You guys all have a workbook in front of you, and if you haven't downloaded it yet, make sure that you d'oh because he's going to ask you questions about your specific path for your specific customer everybody's path is different, so where you're going to leave here with your own a path today? And then we're going to make sure that all of this is actually effective because there's no point in spending time on marketing and talking to people if it doesn't get the results that you want. So you want to make sure that you're not just writing down things that you think you should do, but things that will actually be effective in turning people into customers when my favorite ways of doing this is tio pay attention to what works and do more of that. So instead of just wondering generally, will this work do my people use this? We're going to dig into what's worked in the past, and so this will be helpful if you really get distracted, but all that it's possible for you to do online because there are a lot of options, and it is very easy to get distracted. Also, if you don't know what to block about, what to write about, what to send in your email lessons, what to even tweet about or pin, we're going to talk about content creation in segment three today, we're going toe really get into how to know what to write about, and then if you don't know what works, we're going to talk a little bit about that, and in session three tomorrow, we're really going to dig into experimenting to find out what impact sales what makes a difference. So actually, before we get to that these are the things I hear most often from makers these are the things that people struggle with and don't know what to do and I certainly had no idea how to do it. You know, yesterday I told you a little bit about I started selling my yearning to have much luck I discovered how to do a marketing plan and then within a year and a half from that point I was able to quit my job. So when I tell you a little bit about that turning point for me was actually I, um a project I decided to work on that I called month of love and what I did is from january fifteenth two february fifteenth I spent a new yarn every weekday inspired by a famous couple or to people like a pair so like ernie enberg, lucy and ricky but what I did is I could have just done that on my own and just listed the yarns and just said that it was about a couple but I announced it on my block. I made a big deal about it and I invited my customers to take part with me. I asked for them to suggest their favorite couples because when I had this brainstorm I started writing down couples and I only got like five like well that's not enough to get a whole month's worth so I put it out there, and then I said to kind of take away because at this point I had sold maybe three strains of urine online and I had sold some to that urine story that I was dying customs gains for, but that was through her to her customers. I didn't have it really any of my own customers yet, but I know a few people saw my blawg and had some friends on twitter that I knew could help send people to the contest, so I made it a contest, right, he said, is if you share your favorite couple and I end up spending it, you'll get fifty percent off anywhere you want. What I did there is I removed the barrier for people who didn't know me at all I mean it really easy for them to buy from me, and I wouldn't suggest putting your thing on deep discounts except for in specific situations, and this was like a content contest because what mattered most to me was making connections with the people because I realized I kept listening yearns and wanting people to buy, but really I annoyed if they were they didn't know I was I wanted some way to connect, and I thought if they leave comments about this contest that at least I'll know people are out there and I'll know what they're looking for all know, you know, if people suggest one that I did was legolas and gimli from lord of the rings, so I know that they are my they are also geeks like me, right is a great way of connecting other people, suggested old movie stars, and so I kind of got a vibe for what? Like, I didn't maryland and joe dimaggio and I did luke and leia and then han solo and leia, so I, you know, we and free confirming that my people are big geeks just like me, so that process and that project went for one month and I continued to do it year after year from january fifteenth, two february fifteenth, and it did a couple of things it was really easy to talk about when we talk about a customer path and people discovering you. I made something that was so easy for other people to share with their people, and we're going to cover that in segment two how to get other people to share work with their audiences, because when you first start, you don't have an audience, and so you might be like you're just tweeting into the void, right are blogging for no one to get other people to share your thing, you need to make it really easy. For them to be able to talk about so the month of love, I just explained it to you and maybe two sentences at the beginning. That's all people have to know that's treatable there wasn't pinterest or instagram then, but it's very pinnacle, you know that I'm going to spin what you want your favorite couple, and then I invited customers and I connected with them deeper that's what this customer path is all about is people are walking towards you, and if they can connect with you and feel like they're involved in your business there that much more likely to buy and then as the last thing without fifty percent off if I spend your yarn uhm I just took away that barrier and what I actually found is it by doing that, people who didn't get the fifty percent off, we're still more likely to buy. And the last point is that I was making urine every single weekday, enlisting it, and this is not so much about the customer path, but this is something they see a lot of makers run into, they make a few things, they put it for sale, and then they just stop, and the thing is, is that marketing is really hard to do if you don't have new stuff to talk about. It's really boring to talk about the same thing over and over so whenever people still so down I always tell them make more start making more commit to a production schedule that has you turning out products because having new products means you have something new to talk about you have new stories to tell you have new pictures to post you have new content because your marketing plan is going to be in line with your production plan and with your business plan you can't just talk about your stuff forever with nothing new you need a new things because you have an excuse to tell people about them so by committing to a production schedule of a new thing every week day that really shifted how my business worked how customer saw me I was too became a lot more reliable which is another one of those barriers to them buying because they could see oh she's not just like a fly by night guard maker she's gonna be here every day for a month that's a lot of production and she's a very reliable person and it makes you feel safer buying from somebody to know that they keep producing stuff so that's a little bit about how I learned about my customer path but then since I've started working over the last four years with other makers you know they always ask that question how do I get my stuff out there and for a while, I was just talking about a marketing plan and going at it from that direction. But what I discovered is that it much easier and has a lot more flow and seems more natural for you, the maker, if you think about it as a path because it can be overwhelming to sort through all the tools you could use. But if you think about it as a path, ok, this person needs to first find me, then connect with me than by from me. You are responsible for laying that path, and that metaphor is just a little easier to work with because it gets you out of marketing speak. It gets you out of feeling slimy or icky about making sales, and it puts you in the mindset of being of service and just giving the person what they really need to connect with you and that's. The goal is for you to feel like you're marketing comes naturally it's, useful to the world it's, useful to your business and that you're having real relationships with your customers. So that brings us to a customer path and what it is a customer path, guys, a potential customer. Towards you, just like I was saying it's like, you know, a path from my house to your house I have to get on the path and then I walked down if there's no path there and it's just a field, I might not ever make it to your house so that your job, if you want me to come from where I am to you for you to clear that path out for me and it's, really, the journey that a potential buyer takes from high, which is when they just first hear about you to buy when they're actually ready to purchase it was actually a student who gave me that little from high to buy, I think that's brilliant and when they're ready to buy, they're really ready to invest in you've done everything you need to dio so they feel comfortable buying from you. That means you've given them all the information you've answered all of their questions, you've made it really easy, and you have a very clear path for them to follow, and we're going to talk about how to do all of that in your business today and above all, it makes sense when I say that it's a cohesive marketing plan, what I mean is that you're not doing oh, I just got a tweet oh, I should write a book post oh, I should that's very just joint in and it's frustrating and it makes you feel bad about yourself because when you don't stick to it you just feel horrible so we want to do something cohesive so that every day you know what specifically to d'oh and you know why you're doing it you know what part of the path this fits because when you leave here there's going to be new technology there's going to be the next pinterest or instagram or I don't even know what that you're going to wonder show uses shall not use this and I want you guys to have the skills and the ability to think about your own customer path so you can answer that question for yourself so you don't have to look for someone else to tell you what you should use it not use you will know this doesn't fit on my customer path that doesn't make any sense or yes oh my goodness that would completely help the customer with this issue and that will make your plan cohesive it'll make it easy to do and not feel bad about not doing it and you'll see over time and we'll talk about this a little bit today what parts need help because you guys already have a customer path you just maybe need to clear some brambles out in some places because you have already been making sales most of you and if you're leaving we made one sale then you have a tiny little path for a person to take it's just a matter of clearing out where exactly you want it to go. And so the first question for us to answer all today we're going to talk about all of this customer path, but the very first question is where does your path lead? Like when you ask people to find out about when you start tweeting when you start posting things on pinterest when you start doing anything, where is it that you want people to go and it's that you want them to go to your home right that's why you built a path because you want them to come to where you are and what I mean by your home is the place where it's all you it's all the information that a person needs in order to buy what you sell because no marketing, no matter how amazing and awesome and sparkly it is is going to work if your home is an order if you want me to come to your house and have dinner but I finally make it to your house but your house is a wreck you haven't cooked anything, you have no food in the house you like you're not going to succeed in making me dinner right? And if somebody comes your website but they can't find what you sell, how, how they can buy it if it's even right for them, if it don't answer their questions, they're going to click away and we've all been to websites like that where maybe meet somebody on twitter so you click through to our website and you kind of don't get it you know, I find so many sites and especially when I own the urine shop and I would want tio buy yarn from urine makers, I couldn't figure out how to buy it I couldn't find a buy button I couldn't find ah linked to their etc shop I couldn't find enough information about them to discover if they really handmade it versus it was just, you know, stuff they were importing or something. So if your home is an order, no amount of marketing even matters so where you have to start by getting your web site in order and your home is where your party is going to be at and this's where all of your social media will link back to this is where people will go to learn more about you, it's where a customer can learn everything she needs in order to make the purchase on the question that most people ask me right away is my etc shot my home or is my facebook page my home and three answers no it's not and here's why? Because you have no control over that place form and as many etc sellers complain about, they change things all the time they change how your shop looks often a b test different views of your products without you being able to choose that you can't control where you're about page shows up or where your policies or you can't control what else they can click over to so if I search yarn and I discover you I can also find lots of other your own people and I'm just as likely to click over to them and away from your shop so you doesn't mean you shouldn't use that seat but that's not your home base the same thing with facebook people would have facebook to talk to the friends to click around to see things they and you can't really control where they click what they see what else they see what ads show up in their sidebar if they get distracted because their friends posted something and it just like pops up over your page and what's kind of crazy is that even after somebody likes your facebook page you don't even know that they see your stuff in there stream right facebook recently changed that and that's upset a lot of people so you have no control over the people who want to see your stuff even if they can see it which is why you need to build your own home separate of etc facebook any other tool those air all chris broken explains it that those air all spokes that lead back to your hub, your habits, the thing you're in charge of and you will not build your home on someone else's base you gotta have your own yeah chat room really identify with that sort of metaphor about the path and the way that it looks and the way that you can visualize that so I just wanted to share some of what people are talking about in the chat now twin set jan says the term customer path makes me think of a nice walk along a garden path a nice way to think of what we're trying to do and it's true because people are saying that the survival oregon says customer past sounds less slimy, less slick it doesn't sound like it's a marketing term, so I think the fact that you illustrated in that way it helps people understand that you know it's not it's a path so it's like a long journey it's not going to happen overnight, but it also can be relaxing and it's not something where you're forcing people go down a certain way it's it's like you're leading them exactly right and it's even like if you built a path from my house to yours I don't have to take it I get to choose if I want to go to your house, so I get I'm I'm doing it, you've just made the path there, and that goes back to what we talked about in session one that it's not about convincing anyone your marketing is not youf forcing someone pushing them down the path and that's how a lot of people feel about their marketing is that they have to do something forceful or loud or bright, and the thing is, though none of that will matter if the path isn't clear from whatever you're shouting like you can stand at the front of her path and shout at people, but if your path isn't there for them to follow their not going to get where you want them to go, so you're home that you're leading all people down with your path is at your website, your web site that you build that you're in charge of now there's a lot of different options, and I've included some of them in the resource guy that can download when you purchase the class of options. We're not going to get deep into the technical details because it's more important for him to be effective than for it to have some technical detail you know I mean it's more important, the words and the pictures and the tone that you display then for you to be using wordpress just the right way so there are free options you can absolutely use, but there are but no matter what you use your home is that domain that you are responsible for it that is usually your name or your business name dot com so what happens in your home and this this's how you want to think about what you put on your website is that you're gonna welcome potential customers to your world and if you flip to page twenty three of your workbook, we're going to start applying this to your business right now. Yes question would you consider your blog's your home or would you recommend an actual like home landing page words dot com and they can go for from, you know, your landing page to your block or two years shop that's a really great question, I think it's fine if you're blawg is your home on blind was for years is like the front page of my website. Yeah, what you mean like your blood shows up there as long as whatever is the front page, whether it's your blawg or a separate page that it clearly links tio all the things we're going to talk about as long as that page khun do what we needed to dio can absolutely be your block so for me, since I sell my writing and my words and my teaching, it made sense for when you land there you get a chunk of what I do right up front and so if you're blawg, is a chunk of what you do, and it really welcomes them into your world right up front when it makes sense for it to be on the front. Now, if you sell crush a accessories. But you blogged about a lot of recipes and home life, and it and you don't feel like that clearly helps people get whatyou dio. Then you might want to make a different page, and they can still, of course, go to your blogged. But now that's even tricky because your block can also be am that's. Why I talk about welcoming it into your world. It could be an introduction into the kind of world your brand is a part of. So a lot of designers do this really well that what they blogged about are things that they're right person would love, so you might be a knitter and love quilting, knitting and recipes. So a blogged that gives you all of that that sells yarn is going to be perfectly in alignment, one of my favorite urine makers and of toil in trouble, she her. Her yarn is all inspired by books like book titles, so it makes sense for her block to be about books, literature her favorite tv shows like she's been talking about game of thrones also pictures of re aren't things that other people are making in our yard so it's not just product product product but it's the whole world of when you and her twin in trouble you're entering her whole world and her block reflects that really well that makes sense so it's it's gonna be different for each person and it's definitely going toe just be about what you most want to convey to people what do you want? When people enter the brand of your business, what do you want them to feel? And how do you want to communicate that for some people will be a blogger for some people it will be ah home page with beautiful pictures it's really about what best conveys that and actually that's what your workbook is gonna ask is on page twenty three ask you teo, identify where the home of your businesses right now because maybe not everybody is sure and then really think about how you like it. But in the middle of page twenty three, I ask you some questions about feelings, so I like to tap into how you want your customer to feel, because that should be reflected on your web site in your home and also an answer to the question about the blogger, the home page what we're talking about here is the entire home, so there's the the home page, the very first thing people see, but we're also going to talk about all the pages that are in that home, the entire experience. So if there's an about page and a shot page will get to each of those pieces, yes, like with my blawg, aiken blogged about maybe something that, like my daughter had done this week or something like that, but my that's, the first thing that's going to pop up on that page under my links. So I'm just wondering if I should do an actual website so people know my website and then when they go to my book, they get a little bit about yeah me and bring life and stuff like that that I do block about to keep those memories right and stuff like that. Yeah, I think of your blogging and this goes back to each person being different. If your reason for blogging is to keep in memories than that's more personal than it is, maybe like professional and so people will love to read that, but you might want your home page to be so that people can see how to buy your thing right away. Yeah, especially if you want to increase sales and sales or low that's always a good thing to experiment with is making it even more obvious. So when people land on your dot com they see you know, here are three of my best products. Click here to buy you can also go to my about page my blawg shop policies and we'll get into all the pieces it needs to include. But you just want wherever they land to make it easy for them to do what you most want them to d'oh that makes a lot more sins. Oh, good! I'm so glad to hear that. So in order for your website toe welcome potential customers into your world you have to decide what that world is. Several of you have a really strong brands and visions for what that world looks like. And I ask you some questions on page twenty three and, uh and a bit on page twenty four to get clear on what, how you welcome them in what it is you want them to feel, because then that will impact what you write about what it looks like, how you design it. So the next thing that your home and your website is going to dio is let them find all of your relevant information anything that's stopping a person from buying from you this second you want to answer that for them so that they don't have any remaining questions they confine everything they need this doesn't mean that people won't be milieu and ask questions because they will even if you say it but it just makes it super easy for a person who just came across you to purchase and get all of their questions answered yeah, I know this's up off topic because we get asked a lot of tv thoughts on naming your domain if it should be your name or yeah s again depends on your brand if you were building a brand that's very very separate from who you are or you might so like my urine company was blond chicken boutique and then after a while after I started writing for magazines I started tar swagger dot com which I thought was going toe actually be for my writing and ended up that I I was working with businesses so I move that there but so my urine company I really saw a separate from me like it was its own thing it might in theory one they have employees it was its word for a lot of people so let me ask you this do you have a business name separate of your name and a lot of artists find that they want everything under their own name because that's how it's hanging on a gallery that's what you would see well that if you thinking but if you sell products and I think that's kind of how I distinguish between yourself and the thing you sell a line of products that could go and live in the world separate of you then maybe you business ing okay yeah okay so the third thing and we are going to get into each of these in more detail about your web site is that you control what visitors see and when that's what I said about etc and facebook and all the other options you have very little control but this means that you are responsible for what visitors seeing win and then it's your job to think about what they see where they click where the best information is and you really have to take responsibility for that and do the work to figure out what that should be so your workbook will help you with that and we'll get into more details in a minute so let's talk more about your home welcomes visitors actually where their questions because you were kind of way have we have a lot of comments? We have a lot of questions people are sharing we asked in the chat room what is your home right now where two people kind of have this set up survival oregon says my home is my blogged but I still feel like there's a gap between my block audience and the people who actually by my products on etc. And maybe you could touch on that. Like, how do you how do you ensure that the audience that's coming to your home is actually the audience that's buying your products? Well, I think that it's, important for you to first define really defined, do all of the work we did in session one to define who that person is, and then make sure that you are writing what she wants to read. So there's a difference between a personal blawg on a block beauty for your business. You can absolutely keep a personal blawg. Absolutely, but that's going to be for a different purpose than the block that you're doing to speak to your right person? Yes. Separating like here's, my personal blawg, here's, my business bog or moesha, and then do like different tabs, like motherhood, home life. And then yeah, really, really depends on you and your brand. Like, if you want to write about a lot of things and you feel like this is totally like you wanna get really personal. And I'm thinking back in the days when I started blogging of diary landing live journal, that was like, um, I hate my parents, so are my life sucks if you want to block about, um kind of in a more just getting my feelings like let's say journaling if you wanna journal online, you might want to keep that separate from your business, but it depends on your brand if your brand is a very open authentic out there this is my am than absolutely if your brand is very focused on for example, brides and new moms writing about motherhood makes perfect sense you just want to know what have it in line with how you want people to feel so I write a lot about the struggles in my business at our spiker dot com, which I always felt nervous about like I'm really going to share this with people, but the thing is is that always then turn it back? I make it more universal so it's a personal story and then I try to end with something universally useful because you don't need to just read my rantings and struggles without without me turning it into something universal but that's because my brand is built on helpfulness and openness and honesty. So you really want to dig into those qualities we talked about in session one and decide how yours fits their you know yeah, that goes the same with like social media and like instagram, that kind of stuff how do you keep it personal? Because it is a part of you and it is your business but not two personal where everybody is like I'm tired of looking at your family, I'm unfolding you. I only follow you because I want our business stuff well, so this is a good question, because there's a distinction between what your intention is for you have to decide am I using this? Because I want to share pictures with friends and family are using this as a business tool? Actually, what I tell a lot of people is that many people who first joined social media and then build a business, their social media usage, their intention is to just talk to people so it's, not a business tool, it's not a marketing tool, even though it can be for some businesses it's not for you, because that's not your intention when you use it, so you can you get to decide is my is my answer, and based on what you most want from it. So my instagram is definitely more personal inspection of my dog, my cat, you know, my my meals, and so I know that people follow me who meet me in my business, but my intention for instagram is not tio increased my audience size, I don't spend any energy on getting more instagram followers because it's just places for people who want to see pictures of my cat, my friends, babies my meals, you know, and you could if you had a very visual business, create an instagram account where you wanted to keep the and you mix in personal everybody's different, and if you look a bunch of instagram feeds, you'll see how different businesses air using it, but I actually normally suggest here is for you to find some of your favorite brands and businesses that are smaller and to see what they're doing and ask yourself how does this online with their intentions for their brand, what qualities? Aaron, their brand that they're reflecting in the social media stream just to learn how other people are thinking about it, not because you're going to copy it at all, but because you're going to see the different options there so many different ways of doing it, you got to find the way they feel is best for you. Do you think that you'll overwhelm your followers that air just following your business? If all you're doing is posting business? Uh, I think, well, if you did it ten times a day, probably it really depends on the tool and how people expect you to use it. Some make sense, so if people are if a tool like twitter, people are talking constantly right, instagram, it seems like at least people life. Follow it's maybe a couple times a day spread out but if you posted five things all at once and that means my feeds only gonna be your business I am gonna be annoyed but if you posted the great thing about being a maker is that you can post a lot of pictures of you making your product and that be totally in line with your business because I will see its handmade were talking about yesterday of the handmade being equality but not the thing to focus on you can highlight the handmaiden isjust by regularly showing pictures of what you're working on on your business feet so I would not do product product product I would do making the product picking on the arm for the product here it is thirty five percent finished here it is finished and modeled and you know a product shot and then you know and here's I just wore one of my scarves today when I went out with my friend hears us wearing it you know, so there's a lot of ways to mix it up even if it is fully business I would not dio product product product yeah, actually just recently made the decision tio create um a personal account and then the business account because I felt so guilty for not including anything on my family like I found like it was all like self of sword and I just like pretty things all the time, but I noticed like when I posted anything about my family or my child who is super cute, but I got all of these follows and I'm like, what is wrong with what I'm doing? So I don't know separating it, and I feel so much better now I can share my family life and you know the business side and it goes back to your intention like, if you if you tell your family members so you can see pictures of my kid on instagram and then you only post about your business that would annoy them. Yeah, you were telling people on your business website, follow me on instagram and then you only post a picture, kid people be like, why am I following this girl again? Yeah, and like I followed your business instagram because I was so interested in what it is you make and it's so beautiful, I want to be able to remember to recommend it to friends, but like I've met your kids, so I got really so it made sense for me to follow your business account and that's what you keep in mind, you have different users that want different things, so it goes back to what you really want from any tool.

Class Description

As a crafter you have plenty of admirers, yet persuading someone who is interested in your work to become a paying customer is no small feat. Learn how you can create a customer path that gets the people who love your products to pay for them again and again.

Capturing someone’s attention for long enough to entice them to buy is a major victory for small business owners. Learn how to incite people’s interest and pave a path to purchase once you have it. Tara Swiger is a marketer and yarn artist who has helps other creators activate their businesses through smart marketing and strategic sales plans. In Marketing for Crafters: Building Your Customer Path you’ll learn how to set yourself up to sell and how to nurture customers so they keep coming back.

You already make awesome stuff! Join Tara Swiger for Marketing for Crafters: Building Your Customer Path and master selling it.  



I spent the last 3 days with Tara Swiger in this amazing class. There was so much information that I knew I was going to purchase the series within the first 2 hours into the first days session. It is something I will want to go over again and again. I'm not going to try to revamp every area of my business at once, but it's nice to know I have the tools to work on each part separately, then go back to the series and work on another part. Purchasing the entire 3 days gives me the freedom to go through each step thoroughly and within in my own time frame knowing I can go back and watch it as many times as I need to. Tara makes everything so easy to understand and grasp. She not only gives you the "what" to do, she gives you the "why" you need to do it. Her metaphor of using a path to get your customers from where they are to where you are is perfect for us visual learners! Thank you Tara and CreativeLive -

Julz P

Tara's great to watch and listen to and it is a good class. I am finding cross-over in a lot of the 'business classes' in terms of content so I have heard most of this before. You will get more out of the class if you haven't watched/bought many CreativeLive classes.


This was a great course, with very clear step-by-step instructions. Even if you're a complete beginner. Thank you!