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Marketing for Crafters: Build your Customer Path

Lesson 6 of 12

Making Online Assets that are Shareable

Tara Swiger

Marketing for Crafters: Build your Customer Path

Tara Swiger

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Lesson Info

6. Making Online Assets that are Shareable

Lesson Info

Making Online Assets that are Shareable

And the make your work easy to share the very first thing and it's so simple put share buttons on every piece of content you have on each product page whether it's on etc, etc does this automatically if it's on your own website have share buttons share buttons are twitter, facebook, instagram uh, I guess not instagram, pinterest that people will click it and when they click it they will be sharing it with their platform. So I'm not talking about follow me buttons I'm talking about buttons where they click it they're sharing it other than I know pinterest you can like I'm pictures but like at the bottom of every post or something is yeah like an automatic, so it depends on your behalf form um, like I said at sea, I think does it automatically? I don't know what shopping cart or log platform you're using, but almost every block platform I've come in contact with has a way for you to either enable the buttons or to install a plug in it's like wordpress has plug ins on day release to this ...

in the resource guide to dig, dig and share this or too that a lot of people use on wordpress I think blogger it's just a thing you can turn on the same thing that was like other options, okay it's usually a something you can turn on our turnoff but you want to have it turned on two people can share it and so that's just the very basics and what you notice here is this is actually something I teach to a lot of urine store owners who are not text me they're not wanting tio build ten thousand followers on twitter because they just have a small local shop and always tell them you can use social media without you ever getting on social media because you can let your fans share you without you having to have your own twitter account so if you were in a shop all day and you're exhausted and the whole internet kind of freaks you out, you don't have to be on twitter you can empower your fans to do it and this also keeps you from wasting your time on twitter and instagram if you if you just make your work share a bowl and you ask people to share it that's the next thing ask people say if you like it please tweet it if you learned something from this post please share it ask people in your material that they get when they get your package if you love this please shared on twitter and tag it we're doing this right now on creative live right we're saying if you're in the conversation tag it on twitter instagram with swagger life that's one way of asking people but you really do need to ask them to do it people won't just know even if you have the buttons you can end every couple blocked post with please share this if you like it another way is to include a click two tweets of your best quote there's a website click to tweet dot com it lets you write a tweet that someone else were post so like I just listened atar spiders podcast and she's brilliant with a link then back to that podcast I write that I click make this they give me link when I in bed that link anywhere people will quick it and their twitter repopulate they can edit it or change it or whatever but that just makes it that much easier because people don't know what to say they don't know to say that I'm brilliant or to say that they love your scarf because it's intricate so by doing that you're helping them share it and remember we're not forcing anybody to do anything you're not like forcing people to share it in order to be your friend were just making it easy for them this is a great and blogged posts especially bob post that you feel like this is really going to resonate this is going to make a difference for people because they'll want to share it with her friends and you just want to make it easy for them to do that and actually if I haven't said you should turn to page thirty in your workbook because I have a whole list of questions for you to apply to your business to make it more cerebral and I ask you to think about what you're already doing and what you could be doing and then to make some changes and like I said, there's a lot of ideas here each of these workbooks is workbook pages is gonna give you five hundred ideas you are not going to have to act on all of them were just generating ideas. Yeah, we had some questions coming in here. Some people out there haven't been using social media as much as others, and so we have a couple of questions here no one from monica they want to know in order to share do you need to have accounts with those social media sites? So if you write a block post and then you have the buttons to share on twitter and instagram it's important that you are also active on those that were no that's such a good question I'm glad you asked it because you did not have to have an account at all teo, for someone else to share your work think about it like this I can go toe any side anywhere and decide I want to share that story on my own without them having a button because I have an account and I want to share it so I read a news story I'm going to share it I can just get the lincoln tweeted and I know when you're not on these platforms yet that can like it doesn't quite make sense but trust me people who are on the platforms will know how to use those buttons you only have to put the buttons there that's what's so great about it because you do not have time to be on every social media toll but your people are and they have their own tool that they love so you just want to make it possible for them to share it with their own platforms when they're ready to good now we have a question here about someone who maybe is not again not in the social world doing more things offline but the k v I says do flyers and cafes count as as a work is a way to find findable work in the real world about like going and leaving things behind and having actual physical things in the real world is that work in the same sort of way is spreading social on the internet um I think it depends on the scenario in this setting so like when you first said cafes I pictured how often coffee shops will have art on the walls that are for sale that's exactly like being in a in a gallery or a store selling your work if it's on the wall and it's available for them to buy. But if you just feel like taking your scarf and leaving it somewhere not so much right? Because, again, you want to focus just on your people as why we talked about it so much in session one is because you have to know where your people are, what they're looking for, what they want, and then share it in that way, make it easy for them, so some of your people might not be your own people might not be social media users at all. I would still put the social media share buttons there, but that means you don't have to spend time on that platform. You most of your people probably wouldn't pay attention to a scarf sitting in a coffee shop, but if there aren't buyers, they are going to look at the art almost everywhere they go. And so having the art hanging up in the cop coffee shop makes sense that's good? Yeah, maybe you can take some of these principles that you're doing on social media and convert them into just say, a postcard or a flyer that you could just leave behind at a coffee shop or leave us that amount of cafe? Yeah, and I would look especially for coffee shops and cafes that that serve you're right people so like you can even spy you can sit there and watch and be like what she wear my scarf you know? Does that look like a beaming bride and and and leave information about your work in a place where your people actually are so that you're not spending the money leaving it and just random places? The other thing to keep in mind is is your person the kind of person who's going to pick up a post card? Is this the kind of place where they'd expect to find information? There's one coffee shop in a little town I went to and they had like a whole bunch of information about local artists like out on a table and maybe like a common thing with all different postcards and business cards and I'm not the kind of person that pick stuff up but that was a place where other people would expect to find information so it made sense you know, like there was like yoga classes and if you are, you know, ordering your green tea lotte and you want to take a leo across it makes sense for that information all be in the same place so absolutely and that and that goes back to the questions on page twenty nine making it easy for people to find it in the real world thinking about where they're going to be and then giving them the information they need right there, there's one more thing about making it shareable online that I want to just be specific on really quickly and if you're not on pinterest, don't worry. This is just if you are because people always ask this question, you can make your work share a bowl on pinterest without you being on pinterest in the way you do this is to appeal to what people like depend people pin pretty pictures, that's happened. Rhys works if you don't know it's a pin board, basically of the things that people like that they found around the web, they like your picture, they click, pin it, it shows up on one of their boards with a little description, and they put it on the board where they want to remember it is the most important thing is that your pictures pretty s o to create things that aarp edible, it has to have a photo where I can write the best bog post in the world. If you are an avid pinar, you might want to pin it because say you have a board that's all for a great educational blogged posts, but if I don't include a picture, you can't pin it. Right it's my understanding that there's like no way around that it's gotta have a photo and then going and put text on the photo because I write a great blood post about comparison, but I just include that picture of the two dogs that were like side by side comparison and you pin that the people who see your pin are going to have any idea what it's about, but if I put the word comparison and small business actually text on photo anybody who sees your pin of my post is going to get what it's about and then they're going to click on it and get back to my site and then you can make a pin it button for your website. I included a link in the resource guide where you can actually go and it's a little widget you just put in your photo you put in your title it generates a pin it button for you to put on your site there's also plug ins. You can use there's a lot of different options for making your your thing automatically terrible on pinterest since this is a question I get a lot, how do I get my stuff on countries? This is it make it so that people can pin it, make it so that when people pin it, their followers know what it's about but putting the text on the photo so then I want to ask you guys what could you be doing to make your work more terrible? Hopefully we came up with a lot of ideas so I'd like to hear maybe one example of what you're gonna do to make your work more cerebral no okay yeah do the click to tweet yes qassem idea I think that's a good one and you know with your customer since they order custom work you could send that have been a follow up email like you know I saw your package because you track it with priority I saw your package arrived last week if you'd like to share it with your friends here's my website or you could just cook to tweet this he's here to me because that's fresh in their mind they're not just a fan there and actual happy customer and the quick to tweet could be I'm so glad I ordered this photo jewelry it looks amazing I can't wait to give it to my and then they fill in the blank signed mother grandson you know you're welcome you like at a card to like a thank you card in the shipment yeah absolutely but would they not be as easy because it's not already online and the gardener sharing right it's a lot harder for people to remember to go online with their offline and do something but you could say one of the things I love is to say you know he's, my product, I hope you've love it if you do love it shared on instagram with the hashtag I love it, I love bread over crowns or you know, some hashtag and then you can on your website be sending possible customers to go look at that, where each week you could highlight three photos that your customer shared actually think you do this on your instagram account you share other people's photos? Yeah, sometime, yeah, so your card could say, please share this on instagram, since your brides are probably there and because instinct was one of those things where you kind of are offline when you do it, you just have your phone out, you snap a picture, you don't have to remember to get online, go to our website, fill out something you're just like right there snap a picture tag you done because of the next section is to talk about other people's platforms, so you get it way are going to get down with other people's platforms. That's, a ninety song I link to the video in the resource guide if you'd like to know what it is I'm talking about, um, in case you really need that song in your head again. So the thing before we go any further with other people's platforms is you absolutely must establish your own home with all the details you need. What we didn't segment one make sure your thing is actually available for sale do not worry about getting blawg coverage magazine coverage if you're all sold out, don't pursue anything until you have a good amount of products for people to find, then do everything you can with search engine optimization, because if I see something in a magazine, I'm not going to remember the exact title. I'm just gonna go to google, type it in. If you're not showing up for your name or your product name, I'm not going to find you and then make everything is share a bowl is possible, so if you do say, get coverage and o magazine, thousands of people go to your website, but only a percentage of those are going to be ready to buy all those other people you want them to be able to say, you look at this, I just found it to build on one part of press with another kind of wave of referrals. So once you've got all this in order, um, here's a few ways you could be on other people's platforms, you can have editorial coverage, which is where blogger magazine says these are five ways to do x and your thing is one of those five ways or, you know, those kind of compilations and glossy magazines where it's like the season's hottest colors of and it's like all these products right that's an editorial and also do a review I just bought this book and I love it because of this I just bought this pattern and I love it because of this that's review it controls on blog's magazines on amazon or good reads it could also be an interview with you I could invite you into my podcast and interview you you would be showing up on my platform to my followers but they would learn about your work could also be a written video all kinds of interviews also you're writing this is actually what I've done for most magazine is I actually right the article that they publish so they're not featuring me like tar swaggers great amazing it's more like here is some knowledge I'm going to drop on you and once you read this article it's so amazing you're gonna go back to my web site my web site links to it you can also do a joint venture which is when we mean you team up to make something together that then we both share with our people and and I have many examples of my clients getting together like a jewelry maker in an artist to make this jewelry inspired by this artwork or a urine maker and the knitter a designer getting together to make a project that uses this yarn with this pattern so there's a lot of ways you can do a joint venture together um so once you know what it could be here's actually this steps to doing it um above all on ly try to get on platforms that speak to your right people if you're right, people don't read o magazine that it doesn't matter if oprah shot you from the rooftops if none of your people like oprah or don't even know who she it's right? If you were trying to reach like fifty year old harley writers, they don't pay attention to oprah what e be surprised the demographic is really different than yeah, what do you think? Um I think when she was on tv it was like twenty five years old was her typical customer and they didn't they made like twenty five grand a year, so they're like that kind of by your the magazine's probably did on and of course people know who she is but they might not listen to what she says, so you're going to identify the platform and then you want to research what kind of content they publish and how to submit you were asking earlier about how to get press most publications that do feature other people's work they have a way of you to submit if you want to write for a big blawg, they usually have submission guidelines if you want to get editorial coverage they usually have we don't accept work in the mail you first have to ask us you first have to send us an email or a press release and then we will tell us tell you you can send us your scarf so look for submission guidelines but pay attention what they publish this goes back to your right person you're right person isn't there or if they don't publish your kind of content, I might want you to do a review of my book, but if you don't ever post reviews of books, that would not be a good fit and by contacting you you know people often say like, well, there's no harm in asking there actually is a little bit of harm if you haven't done your research and you're asking for the person to do something they would never dio so you want to really, really know this other platform before you approach them yeah or even their readers if their reason readers aren't your market ryan, you're wasting your time absolutely obsolete and if you're right person isn't among them then there's just no time, no reason to waste your time there and you're probably going to turn off that other person too and maybe hurt a potential relationship so then you're gonna build relationships, you're not just going, teo, I mean, so if they have submission guidelines, you submit via the guidelines if they don't, and this is just another person you'd maybe like to work with, maybe like to block before, but they're not very clear about it. You want to get to know them and let them get to know you. We'll talk a little bit more about this, but it's all about you being a real person and you not being just a pitch machine that's just sending out pictures, right, left, seeming like a slime ball or just seeming like a person who isn't paying attention, so what they're doing, people will be so flattered that you're paying attention to them and you're starting a conversation even big, huge bloggers who have big audiences, you can still build a relationship by being useful, and I think we've got a side on that, too, so I won't go more on and then the last thing is you're going to pitch in a way that's appropriate for that platform, you're going to make sure that it's appropriate to their readers, appropriate to the kind of content they published, and then you're going to make a request based on the level of your relationship, so what I mean by that is some asks or smaller than others asking well, you're right about my new book in a in a block post where you've read it and then you review it and you talk about it and then you hold a q and a session that's, a huge ask and on ly people who are your friends, even if they're just internet friends on ly people who really know you and like you are going to do that and say, yes, we could ask something smaller, like, would you like to host to give away of my book all send the book out, all you have to do is, you know, let your readers know that's a much smaller ask and asking you to read and review it and write a whole q and a session. So you went to a pitch in the way it's just appropriate both for their platform and for your relationship that you've built, but not to build relationships. We're going to go through this, but most of you know, howto build relationships, you've been doing it your entire life. You just want to take that into the online world, and I have the questions for you on page thirty one. If you want to start filling this out, this will get you started to think about platforms where you could be showing up. And this will give you some ideas of things that you could do and some of this you have to do at home like to go through each platform and look for submission guidelines if you're watching at home and you have the heart book, then you can actually go to the web sites during the break and look for these submission guidelines. So is your feeling this out? Let me just remind you how to build relationships even though you're human beings I I bet you know how to do it the first one is to research get to know what they do if they're going to fit you know, um figure out what it is that they do and what they're about and what matters to them and then show up and be helpful and useful send them links on twitter to things you know they'd like ask refer them a big way you can be useful to them is if they sell a product and you mean a person who had like that product to make the referral to them you know, I bet you two you girls were friends I bet you do that all the time, right? If you meet a bride who needs a crown or someone who's going to do a photo shoot like oh my friend, does that it's a way of deepening your relationship? And she realizes she's so great so you want to be helpful and useful, and then you want to stay in touch without being creepy. So what? Use twitter as an example? And I know not all of your own twitter you don't need to be. This is just an example. What you might do is identify some bloggers that you'd like to feature your scarves and then follow them on twitter and pay attention to what they tweet about what they seem to be doing. You'll find that many big platforms don't actually interact at all. They just newest blogged post news long post news product, so you're not going to be able to engage with him that's why you research first there's no point in sending them tweets or having conversations because they don't do that, but if you see someone else who is clearly talking back and forth to their followers and engaging than you know, ok, I could maybe connect on twitter be helpful and useful by saying, hey, big blogger, I just read this post, and it reminded me of that one that she wrote, I thought you'd really love it or you wrote a post that you were going to san francisco, you might want to check out this restaurant, right? So you're being helpful and useful, then keep in touch. By doing that consistently without being creepy and what I mean by that is do not retweet everything they say or an instagram favorite every single picture the moment that they posted and this is going to be different for each platform and for each kind of person, but basically you don't want to be like a dog panting waiting for everything they do and then jump on it because because and this is the big point here you are unequal you have something valuable that you serve your people with and you know your thing is going to serve their people so you're providing a service, you're being useful to them by letting them share your thing with their people, so don't act like a fan girl it's not going to rocks concert where they like a rock star god and you're just a fan girl this is like you guys are equal, you both have platforms you both have products you both have usefulness to offer the world there might there's might be bigger, but that doesn't mean that they're better and it doesn't mean that they're mohr you know, worthy of adoration there just a person who's maybe been doing it for longer maybe been doing it with a little more focus or just maybe is really grated it and it hasn't taken them so long because they're equal so you want to keep that in mind the entire time because it's going to make the relationship, not creepy where it gets creepy? When is it one of these acting like a fan girl? Because then it's, like most of most bloggers, most people who have a platform, even most editors and magazines, they don't think of themselves as being amazing, and also everybody should worship me. They're just a human being who wants to connect with other humans and and you'll make it creepy if you treat them like they're not, because then they'll be uncomfortable, so the and then and then again make appropriate requests if you've been just tweeting back and forth with someone would be weird for you to send them a long email with your whole life story and ask him to give you therapy, which, by the way, happens to me sometimes, but an appropriate request would be maybe you're useful, andi helpful on twitter, instagram, suggesting things you think they'd like, and then you send an email and you say, hey, we've been tweeting for a while and I wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed it and here's another useful thing send them a link to an article send them a review that you read of their book that you want to make sure they see, because it's a great review and then and then, once you've been e mailing for a while, then you could email a request, does that make sense? So if you have a very if you have a twitter relationship, ask a twitter level request if you have an email relationship that'll be deeper if you guys have actually, like, hugged and had coffee together, that would be a totally different level request and above all, focus on usefulness, whether you're reaching out to somebody's platform, where they're asking somebody to share your work, whether you are informing your store owner how to best merchandise, your work, focus on being useful to them, think about what it is, their goal in life and in businesses, and add to that provide value for them to do what they want to d'oh. So then the my last question for you is, well, first, I want to tell you that in the resource guide, there is a template email for you to send somebody a first, we've been chatting on twitter and that kind of request, because I know that can be really hard. So actually, diane of craft ipod helped me craft a template because she gets a lot of crazy requests, she crafted a template for a way to approach people and she's actually going to teaching a class on creative life, too, about quitting so then the question for you after we've gone through all this, all the different ways people confined you is. How do buyers find you now? And if you don't know, your assignment is to ask them. I've include an email template on page thirty two, now thirty three, of your workbook for you to send to your customers to figure out what your path really looks like, how people found you and what it is that they, how they discovered you. Did they search for you? Did they find you listed someplace house? What did they d'oh in order to find you? If, but I bet most of you have some idea you might have talked to people.

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As a crafter you have plenty of admirers, yet persuading someone who is interested in your work to become a paying customer is no small feat. Learn how you can create a customer path that gets the people who love your products to pay for them again and again.

Capturing someone’s attention for long enough to entice them to buy is a major victory for small business owners. Learn how to incite people’s interest and pave a path to purchase once you have it. Tara Swiger is a marketer and yarn artist who has helps other creators activate their businesses through smart marketing and strategic sales plans. In Marketing for Crafters: Building Your Customer Path you’ll learn how to set yourself up to sell and how to nurture customers so they keep coming back.

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I spent the last 3 days with Tara Swiger in this amazing class. There was so much information that I knew I was going to purchase the series within the first 2 hours into the first days session. It is something I will want to go over again and again. I'm not going to try to revamp every area of my business at once, but it's nice to know I have the tools to work on each part separately, then go back to the series and work on another part. Purchasing the entire 3 days gives me the freedom to go through each step thoroughly and within in my own time frame knowing I can go back and watch it as many times as I need to. Tara makes everything so easy to understand and grasp. She not only gives you the "what" to do, she gives you the "why" you need to do it. Her metaphor of using a path to get your customers from where they are to where you are is perfect for us visual learners! Thank you Tara and CreativeLive -


This was a great course, with very clear step-by-step instructions. Even if you're a complete beginner. Thank you!

Julz P

Tara's great to watch and listen to and it is a good class. I am finding cross-over in a lot of the 'business classes' in terms of content so I have heard most of this before. You will get more out of the class if you haven't watched/bought many CreativeLive classes.