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Marketing for Crafters: Build your Customer Path

Lesson 3 of 12

What Your Online Presence Needs

Tara Swiger

Marketing for Crafters: Build your Customer Path

Tara Swiger

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3. What Your Online Presence Needs

Lesson Info

What Your Online Presence Needs

So the next step is that you're home provides all the information of iron needs. So my question to you is, what does your buyer need to know in order to purchase? And if you could look at page twenty four, I ask you this, you're going to start by thinking about what you want visitors to dio which in the case, most of us, is it a buy? And then how you can you make this easy and obvious, but in the first question, what do you want visitors to your site to d'oh? And this is again page twenty four in your workbook, okay, you want them to buy? But where do they need to go to buy? Do they need to goto, etc they need to go to a specific page? What information do they need before they can do that? So if I'm going to buy a scarf, I need to know the length of it. I need to know where your shipping it from. I need to know you're shipping policies. I need some more information. I also need to know like your reliable and that your professional, I'm not going to give you my money, and then you're ne...

ver going to make my scarf in your case within it design, they need to know your background. When you say it's going to fit it's because you know, because of x y z that's all information or people need to know and you want to make what you want them to do easy and obvious so like we're talking about keeping your buy button very obvious and easy to get to what I see is that a lot of crafters have blog's and have a nazi shop I can finally to their etc shop anywhere that since that's your goal to send people to go buy, you need to make that on every single page, not just a button that has a picture of your product but the actual words by this here by this at er survival organs that's one of our people in the chat on and put it in your top navigation, you know, home about shop so that no matter where I'm at, I can see shop or that word can be by that word should be obvious even though your website is going to be all about the brand that you're building and the feelings you want them to have don't be too cute be really specific don't use words that other people won't understand don't hope that people get it uh just by you know the cover word you used to there, so make sure that you really are clear about thus so fill out all of page twenty four as we go on to talk about here's some things that you're home like need from definitely needs and about page where people can learn about you and not just all about your life like how many kids you have and how many dogs you have but about what makes you the person to be giving them this product what experiences have you had what life lessons have you learned what problem did you see? We're going to go into more about your about page in a minute the next thing it needs is your shop where we buy your product I cannot believe how many people get upset that they're not selling more things but they don't in any way let me know where to buy it I'm like you can't just assume I'm going to stumble across your stuff because I like you arm in a search and search the internet for you make it so obvious if I land on your page I can get to your shop they also need contact information people have questions and the harder it is for them to ask you the question the more likely they are to just go away and so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you I like her compact form they just fell out but you should also have your email address some people will want I tio put their phone number on there which you khun d'oh some people want to call you, but if you don't want talking on the phone, you don't have to tell them how to contact you and then tell them what to expect. I'm a lot of people say I'm afraid of putting the email address on there because I'm going to get overwhelmed with email, so say that say if you have a question, go here to get your questions answered like a frequently asked questions page, but feel free to email me and I'll get back to you in two weeks. I think my contact page to something like only injury mills twice a week unless you're a paying customer so you can expect to hear from me in two weeks if you don't hear back from them, send it again because the internet might have eaten your question and that just sets the expectation. So then you're not flustered if it's been a week and a half and I haven't emailed back and I'm not flustered, so when I'm here in san francisco, I'm not thinking, oh my gosh, ninety million books to do whatever be honest with your people, tell them what to expect and then they'll know I also want to make sure you've answered all their questions and as much detail as you can, so use that contact page to get their questions that you have an answer on your site I mean, answer that individual and then answer the rest of the internet, and then the other thing is that they need a way that you actually you need a way you can stay in touch with them for this. I like email newsletters like sign up forms where I give you my email address and you email me from time to time about things. We're going to go deep into detail on that and segment too, but you want to make sure that if they visit your page and they love you, you have a way of getting in touch with him again because people who visit your page in love, you are not going to remember to come back, ever. You cannot assume that they're going to remember to come back again and again, so you need some way of helping them come back helping them remember, and then the last thing is anything your customer needs to know to buy and who ever said that sentence a couple times, but that's because if you're getting questions and they're not answered on your website, change that ad that make it so simple for me to buy that I don't have to ask you anything said I want to ask you guys, what information does your site need to convey? Apply this to your own business what you need to have on your site maybe you already have it or maybe it's a question that you get a lot and you realize you should be answering just in general yeah I think I have pretty much they it you know the information that's needed on the page the basics but I was thinking about adding um like testimonials don't have testimonials on my page but I think like I have a lot of testimonials of especially brides like on their wedding day and how it made them feel so I think adding in those real life stories we'll help hugely you know be relatable too the potential buyer because that answers a few questions and one question is is she going to screw me over on my wedding day right is she going to make my wedding day more stressful because so many wedding day providers do you write your fire don't trump on time your cake is ruined whatever coordinating so it's beatable right so you need to tell them you totally get it so that takes away that issue and then also um is it going to be exactly what I expected to be so if you have testimonials of people saying she not only got my style if she made it ten times better than I ever expected then that takes away that issue for me the buyer so that's absolutely right testimonials where people are specifically addressing the issues you know your customers have in your answering the questions for them by not answering that you're letting other people answer the questions they're going tohave and social proof other other people saying things about you is so much stronger than anything you say about yourself because obviously it's easy to say I mean it's easy for some people to say that they're awesome it's but it's not as believable it's believable in someone else's you're awesome do we have questions in the chat room or anyone sharing what information they're home needs? Yeah you broke down exactly what's gonna be on you know if it's a website and about paige contact page but we had a question here from bo wondering what specifically needs to be just on that initial home page because they said that they've they've edited things down to try to get the most key terms but what should people see initially when they go on that home so I don't know if you're gonna like this answer it depends on your business it depends on what you need people to do first so if your goal is for to make a sale than your home page should link toe where they can buy your product it should have almost all of us saw something that's visual so it should say I have a clear, beautiful pictures that reflect the qualities of your brand on that page and this picture should be clickable. People are more likely to click on an image than there to click on words, so some make the image clickable too also have the words there, but, you know, they said that they were had edited down to key words, and I don't know if you're talking about search keywords here. The thing to remember is that search engine optimization is not nearly as important as you sounding like the person you are so that I can trust you and buy from you. So do not. I'm not sure if they met search keywords, but just make sure you're not sounding like a computer generated keyword factor. You want to sound like your person and and reflect what that right person is coming to you to buy. Yeah, I think that she just meant the key items that are going to be most important because you don't want your home page to be. I have too much information on that. You don't want people to be overwhelmed, maybe right. First get there. In general, I say, if you have a separate home pages in like you're blogger or something else, tio have the clear images of what they can buy that's, clickable and then to mention the things that you sell so we're talking a little bit about yesterday you d'oh crowns for brides, which you also do for new moms or people who are taking photos so that's where you could list that who it's for the benefit for them, why they want it, why they love it. You also put testimonials right on your home page is great because of then it's that social proofing right up front, like, ok, I might stick around also, if you've been featured in a lot of press that your people would be impressed by but that on your page now, if you've been impressed that your peers would be impressed by it's not going to mean as much to your buyers, usually so you put that on your home page is, well, basically, you want your home page to make it clear what you do and also that you're trustworthy. So the so the different items were mentioning at the testimonials, the press and then, you know, clear links to buy it. I cannot say that enough, so let's talk about how to handle the dreaded about paige. Everybody hates her about page because we're just talking about yourself how can feel, but in fact we're not going to talk about yourself and if you pick, turn to page twenty five, I have some questions for you that if you answer these questions, you can write your about page by putting these words together in a slightly different format. So if you are with us in session one, you can visit the pages on spotting your sparkle because that's going to fit in here, we're on your about page, you're going to talk about not just who you are, your bio, your resume, you're going to talk about your story, how you got into this, what matters to you, what you're trying to do in the world, and if you think about the about page like that, maybe it's a a little bit easier? Um, I've also included about paige examples that I really love and that other people have told me they love and were inspired by in the resource guide that you get when you buy the class in download and you can look at other people's about pages to get a feel for how they structured. It is really about structuring your thing in a way that works for you because you know all the information that's not going to change. So how he handled the about paige, other than answering the questions that I've asked you here, is to forget perfection, you're never going to get it right because you're going to edit it all the time. Because you are a growing, changing person, you are not going to be the same person in two years that you are today, your business is not going to be the same. So it's okay for you to change it. So many people tell me that they get frustrated because they can't get it right just you're not going to get it right, it's never going to be perfect because a you are looking at it and you're judging it because you're not comfortable talking about yourself and also you're never going to get it just right because you are like such a complex being, doing such complex things, you can't know yourself down to, like three paragraphs, you know, so it's okay, if you don't get it right, just don't even focus on that and just get it down when people tell me I've been meaning to reading about page for six months, I say set your timer for twenty minutes just write the answers to these questions on page twenty five or some version of those questions just right, take that, edit it so that you don't have typos, put it on your about page and then continue to tweak it, but if you don't get it down, you're never you're never going to its tubing into scary. So the next step is to turn it into this story you know if he answered all the questions about who you are what you make and who it's for it's gonna be more compelling if it's a story that you're telling if you tell the story of how you hated your day job and then you discovered yarn and then you quit that's more compelling than saying I've been making urine for seven years I make your in like this using this technique that's boring instead tell your story you need to tell the story of how you started the company why you started making the thing like one of my client has a great story about her grandmother teaching heard in it and how that inspired her to become creative and then she had a very creative career that's all inspired you know by her grandmother teaching ordinate that's a beautiful story if you don't have that kind of story and instead you have a frustration story I was looking and looking for natural soap to use on my baby couldn't find it anywhere or I discovered it's too expensive and new mom doesn't have the money so I started making it myself and now I provide affordable yarn for new mothers or yarn s o d I'm very your unbiased eso whatever your answers are we can find a story in it and we can kind of work together to find that story as well and then the last thing is you want to bring your customer into it everything we did in session one about your right person you want to let her know this is for her so you can say in the first paragraph, you know, I make happy yearn for colorful people for knitters were interested in blah, blah blah, right? So you immediately have identified that person you can also bring their story into it, you know, my friend couldn't find natural soap for her baby, so I started making it and then she loves it and whatever or my customers you know, here are three customers who learned how to make a sweater that fits them for the first time their stories inspire me, teo, blah, blah what you do, you see, you just have enough if you need any. Oh, I got like, some dyslexic thing in my brain, and so I kind of have to do what you see is what you get and I posted I did a black post on how I chart differently than most than the traditional way knitters chart because I can't do that if it's this on the right side, then it's that on the you know, I already can't find my way around town on my own um, so I got so much traffic from that blawg post, um but that was about me it was about my customer no but no but that is about your customer because how many customers have that same issue? I mean, I don't do anything with knitting patterns and somebody people tell me oh, I can't relays charts as soon as they see me knitting lice so that is about to customer because you could take that put it on your about page and then maybe the last sentence of that is I know I'm not alone in this if you also have a hard time reading charts he just brought in your customer on and then and then she's going to say I do have a hard time reading charts you are the answer to all of my issues and so that that is a great about paige epiphany I like it ok, so with all of this in mind and if you guys have filled out page twenty five, I'd like to hear what you're about paige is going to include what part of your story or if you're having a hard time coming up with your story let's let's talk about it let's find a story I wasn't on the chat room to be sharing, but they're about pages and if they have any questions about creating their stories everybody's writing so yeah it will you go because I haven't heard from, you know um I've been blogging for a while, so I've re written by about paige many time and it gets easier every time you do it yeah, it started off just being like a couple sentences and you know the more you're into it, the easier it gets so if you're about paige isn't very good now just your patient it will it will get their lutely absolutely and that's something I always want to tell new businesses is that right now you don't even know what your customer wants, you don't know what story they're going to care about you maybe don't even know your own reasons for doing this and that's why we started with spotting your sparkle in session one is because of that well is maybe the first time you ever thought, why am I doing this? Like, why does this matter to me? And you're going to learn that over time and start including including it that's, why it gets easier because you just know more about your business now you just don't know in the beginning and I feel more comfortable talking about it like before him, like nobody cares about this like I don't want to, right? Yeah then you know, people do care about it absolutely you get a little more comfortable on exactly right and he goes back to what we did in session one about using their words as people as you meet more of your customers, meet in person or meet online, you'll hear from them what matters to them and you realize, oh, I should tell people that story that's a really good that does have something to do with what I'm doing today even though I thought I didn't you know, how about you? Um, I haven't read my about pages in a little while, so I don't know e have included it don't know this, but I know um from experience, like I started making bridal pieces because I was a bride and I wanted to make everything and that's how it was, and I couldn't find anything like exactly what I wanted s o I was a little more nontraditional in that sense, and I wanted pieces that were a little different, so I think sharing my experience that hey, I was a bride on dh I get it because I don't I don't know if I I think I said like, I'm a wife so that maybe they got e I don't think I actually shared like you should talk about wedding, you should talk about it share pictures because because you're saying your wife doesn't really indicate that you even had a wedding, I mean, you know, you could have a low got married at city hall er, yeah, I know so you should definitely like highlight yeah, that struck me was really funny makes me want a wedding because I did the low I ran tio more pieces of mike we're going to do a five year this her but I'm going to be nine months pregnant and I know you think in ten years maybe just dio maybe just two pictures just a series of photos you know, I think that would be great because that five years you're pregnant and your baby would have that picture too you know I am I'm telling you, but that is what inspires you to open your shop yeah was your wedding so people want to know that yeah, because it also lets him know like she really gets at what's it like to be a crazy bride and you want to make everything and to feel frustrated and they though don't have the skills you have so that's something to keep in mind is that you could make your own, but they can't so they need you to tell them that you know how it is and that you're going to be there for them and that they're going to get something. So is that what we overuse yesterday unique that, um because of all of your experience and because you have the skills like they don't have a hand so flowers you know so anybody else got so I started doing my stamps, doing a quote today, just as ah, I wanted to create content for my other business, like I don't want to do like another block posed or, you know, just whatever I want to be able to send something kind of fun out and that the more I got into it kind of always like wife and I've done this before or not why is not useful question headed that, but, um, what I realized was I've just spent my whole my entire life around artist and just be there being this exhilarate person I've worked for them was married to one I've done in artistic things and interior design and whatever, but that that kind of my age because my customer, I think I'm thinking, is my age, it's just like, well, what if not now, when so that kind of goes back to one of your questions. You yeah, what are those phrases that I've always used? Yeah, enough, not now, right? When so that, you know, really want an artist formidable statement that should be at the top here about page? Yeah, you know, we need a party, but that should stop your about page if not now, when this question inspired me, teo, I mean, however you would say, yeah, so how about in the chat room? Are people sharing or do they have questions about their stories? People are sharing, you know, it's good to see people posting links to their web sites there about pages, some of them are coming in. Curious, kerry says that my about paige is a story of why I started crafting, and the fact that it is all due to my mother crafting now is a way for me to stay connected with her since she has passed away, you know, some other people reading theirs are our secret tree houses that they're about, paige says. I'm a paleontologist turned cartoonist, how our love of museums and crafts led us to where we are now, who we are, and why we created this this website in this treehouse, and then carlos, you know, says my about paige has a bit about why my shop name is brenda's legacy and a bit about my mother's quirky personality, my products are not really showing that. Then she says, I love this course, even though it's making me too, so much more work on I saw her on she she commented yesterday in the chat that you told me about how that I was making your question of our products, and then I saw again later on twitter, she said this is making a question her whole business like that's good if you get to where you want to be, you know, so be encouraged that if you're about paige is not where you want it to be, you will continue to edit it. You will continue to change and and use the examples that you see in the chat room of people not because they're going to copy them because you're going to see the wide variety of telling your story you know you can talk about your past and having troubles with it and talk about your story of being a bride and your story of becoming an artist that is all and we can see how this is definitely reflective of your right person. It was not talking about yourself it's not self promotion it's sharing a bit of yourself so that you're right person goes, oh, she gets me, you know and that's what we want is for that right person to come to your home and feel like I belong here. You talked about being a great hostess and that's really what this building your home section is about is before pitt somebody comes down that customer path to you you want to get your house in order so europe your pleasant hostess so you welcome them in they feel welcome they feel like they belong they feel like they're not alone that's huge and so many of the businesses I work with you think because you're crafting something that you care about with your own hands with your own background that is really just for you so many artists think well, I just make this for myself why's the meal's gonna wanna buy it but that feeling of not being alone is huge and I'm surprised at the range of businesses that that's actually their goal is to let other people know you're not alone in your wedding day toe want the perfect crown? You're not alone in wanting to like where your memories you're not alone in wanting to express your creativity and you can use my paintings to do that you're not alone in not being able to read charts knowing that you're not alone is just s so comforting and it's really hard to find in some places on the internet so you want your home to be the comfy place where people come in and I feel like I belong this girl gets me she's providing what I need and all my questions are answered ok, I like I can see how this fits in my life beautifully and I go back to being of service is just helping them see how your work that's in their life and really doing a huge surface by helping people not feel alone is so easy to feel like you're a weirdo and especially if you don't live in a big city surrounded by other weirdos when you're when you're by yourself and that's the massively wonderful thing about the internet as it lets you connect with other people like you and you have a responsibility and building your home toe. Let those people connect with you and your work so they feel understood and not alone. So let's end with a home jack, I made you a little checklist on major twenty six to help you. This is page twenty six of your workbook to help you walk through if your home has all the pieces it needs and you are going to go home and look at your website are guess if you're online, you could pull up your web site now and check off that it has everything that you need, so to start with. Do you sound like a real person on your about paige, even before you worry about rewriting it? Go through and see, you know I sound like a robot. Do I sound like a real person and ask a friend or maybe not a friend as somebody in the chat room? Can you look at my website and do I sound like a robot because when we write, we have this tendency. Especially if we're not writers, we don't write regularly to get really formal, and we think we're back in seventh grade and we have to have perfect grammar and make her paragraphs all you know, have the thesis sentence and that we get stiff on, we write stiffly and we don't write like ourselves, but you're going to connect best when you sound like yourself, where people can really read your voice and that makes them feel comforted. That also makes them feel like later when they get your product it's all in alignment, it didn't stand out as being weird. So then you're also going to check that you're clear and obvious link to what yourself, no matter where that is on your website that it's like anybody coming to it could find it. And the best way to test this is to ask a internet on savvy person and someone who's not good at the internet. Some people's grandma's ask them to go to your website and say, let me know what you think about my products. If you tell them, go and find what I sell, they're going to dig, but most people are going to dig, they're going to land on your website and be like, oh, what does this girl do? Click, click, click. How soon is that person quick to your products? You know? So you want to ask somebody to look at it but don't lead them don't say and quick to my empty shop because then they'll be looking for it. You also in a check that you have any information a buyer would need. I keep saying this over and over, but your policies, your product description, every description of every product needs to tell them exactly what they're getting. Exactly. Exactly. So you want to be descriptive and speaks, you're right person, but you also want to have all the dimensions you want to say how big it is. I would have been shopping for versus online, I can't believe how hard it is to figure out well, this set my laptop, right? Like, you need to tell me that it's extensions by ex inches earl's, I'm not going to know and I'm not gonna buy it are is a strap adjustable? Can I wear it across my body when I'm traveling in a big city or not? All of those things need to be in every single product, and this is actually something I see people on, etc do a lot of some of the kind that I work with, they write a really great description, for one thing. Ah but they listed a thing two months ago that had a last great description and then they listed thing tomorrow and they think clarity told them all about my business and that description so in this one I'll just give up just the details well, you need to assume that everyone's only saying one thing and only one thing somebody tweeted a link to this product so they're looking at it they know nothing else about you so they need all the information to buy it right now they need to know who it's for what it is every detail also your policies when do you ship how often do you ship how do you ship do you accept returns? Do you have a guarantee? Do you accept coupons like every kind of policy that would make me wonder in every situation policies knowing that most of us do like handmade products accepting returns is kind of hard because you just made it for that person and a lot of like you know especially with custom orders right? And then if someone wants to return it then it's hard to accept right like to say that yeah ok return it sure well you can have different policies for custom work than you do for work this just I don't know if you have workers just available in your chopper it's all custom but you khun say since this is custom made for you um enjoy it I hope you enjoy it I don't accept returns yeah, and you could you can kind of the reason why you would do returns or guarantees is in order to reduce risk for them so you could do something else that reduce risks like I will send you pictures at the fifty percent point and by making it a seventy five percent point you have the option tio give me two notes on changes to make maybe you chose the wrong teal they thought there was one thing and you chose a different deal so that picture will help them make sure that you're actually sending them which one? But I think you had a suggestion cause you to our custom work. Yes. Um there's no, uh refunds on custom orders but my workmanship is one hundred percent guaranteed. So if it's a problem with the actual workmanship then they send it back and I fix it and I send a basket of them all at my expense, right? That's awesome. But that reduces risk. Yeah and it's risky, you know, so I want them to feel comfortable buying I haven't had any problems but right it's there, you know? Yeah, but if you order a custom piece yeah, you know sorry you're not going that way was shipping like it gets lost in the mail and then and then what well, I guess that's why you at insurance, right? You can also I mean what I've done in the past as if they are never arrived I'll just syndrome this gain I'll make you know, skin and I'll send it to you to reduce that risk and I've had that happen a couple times, but in total, in years of doing business, it was like maybe fifty dollars so that's built into my profit margins is that I'm gonna have teo I mean, for you it might be really different. I'm not sure how expensive your products are. Yeah, I should priority mail you didn't come free priority mail shipping included and everybody's so because it's traceable it's drying out and it does have insurance right now and so if a piece where to get lost, can you remake it? Oh yeah, that's right? And so that's it hasn't happened yet, right? You know, and maybe you need to build that in your timeline like you know their weddings on this day, but you're gonna have it shipped to them three weeks in advance so you only accept custom orders six months before their date or something like that so you can reduce the risk by setting your own deadlines but also what I want to point out what she said is that there's a difference between refunds and returns so somebody could return something tio maybe you could make changes and send them the same thing back and not refund their money yeah yeah yeah but as faras I especially like with the shipping something is something it's lost yeah then I mean I started doing the insurance on it but you know for like little pieces like under twenty dollars or something that I would do priority because they'll also fit in a flat rate box and then that's just five dollars and it has insurance and it has tracking so you can you can watch it come to them and then you know that they're being honest that I was lost yeah so I would write that policy out the whole return thing right that out because that people are going to assume that knowing that is going to make you that much more trustworthy among nc you have your policies and most people don't click into your policy so would you recommend copy and pacing your policies to the bottom of every listing you could do that if you think it's going to make a big difference if you have a guarantee on your workmanship then yes I would paced the policy that most builds trust so that's just about when and how you ship it depends on if you have issues with it or maybe just copy and paste the link is a here's yelling to my policies ready sure to read him before I would also put your policies on your web site on a page on your own site okay? So that if I'm clicking around and I think I cooked at sea then I go back to your side I confined I think how could I return this? You know, you want every person at every stage to find the answer a lot of um sites that I buy from now they make you click a button saying that you're you've accepted the terms right? And I'm sure that it's because of that sort of thing and it does make you stop and think and sometimes I have to go and look and see that I know has that were like it's an extra click for milady don't so I would definitely pointed out like like so so but a distinction would be if you like, I got so that I shipped only once a week, so I would put that at the bottom I ship once a week on mondays ofshit priority I would put that at the bottom of each one because people who have been did bite on tuesday or wednesday they'd be like why hasn't a ship jet on thursday? Why hasn't shipped yet? Because they ship on monday and also this is not a care in emergency until it is start emergency, right exactly I mean till it's christmas and then and then you want to be like this is the last day to ship it to get it by christmas. You must order by this state, so those policies that are very you go back to your customer, what does she want to know? What are her questions? What is going to calm her down? And everybody's is different like you when I buy a scarf? I'm not in any big rush, so I don't really need to know. But if I'm my bridal thing for my wedding day, I need you to tell me exactly when the cut off is exactly when it will be here exactly how to track it because I'm freaking out over everything so that's a little more high tense customer, too. The other thing you need is clearly defined benefits. When we talked about features versus benefits yesterday, your website needs to be all about benefits, and I said that you want to make sure you give each detail of the feature like the size, the length, the fabric, the all the pieces. But in general, your home should be talking about the benefits your home page you're about page or blogged posts, so the product description needs toe have features, but you want to translate those features and benefits in your actual wordy description part and in everything you write about writing about just the size of your purse. All over your website isn't nearly as effective as writing about how I'm going to be used, able to use it to carry on my library books since not gonna break, or how it's adjustable so no matter how short or tall I am, it'll fit me. Those are benefits. So then the last thing is when you're speaking to your right person, which is what all of your website is doing, make sure you speak in her language. It goes back to translating the features in the benefits, but then remembering the benefit she most cares about that need your filling and, when possible, use her words. So one last thing I want to leave you with as we move on to the customer path in the next segment, is that your home is going to shift in change it's never going to be set in stone that's the beautiful thing of the web, the internet, right? Like you can change your web site as many times as you need to that said, you don't wanna go crazy and change it constantly because you want people who came back last week to remember where they find this information, but it is going to change, so you never have to have it perfect. There will not be a moment when you're like, I'll never touch my webs that again, it's perfect, because when you do that, people are not going to be engaged anymore. You need to be changing it, updating it, reflecting everything you learned from your customers. I want you to absorb what they tell you and then make a change that will work. So they ask a question a lot put that answer on your web site somewhere really easily findable I just had my website totally redesigned in april of this, a year and two weeks later, I totally rewrote one of the pages. I changed the buttons that we're showing up on the side bar every two or three months, I changed the the order of the buttons in which button show up because people get add blindness if they see the same thing over and over. So even though I know what I want to communicate, I'm very clear in my people are after four years of doing this, I still change it nearly monthly because I'm also paying attention to what works. When I put a link on the home page of two more people, click it, somebody just e mailed me a couple weeks ago, I couldn't find your podcast anywhere you really need to have it linked better. So I put a link in the home page, but a lincoln, the footer. I make sure that people can get to it no matter where they're at. I guess I was just assuming they don't really care about, and I find it on the bog, you know, but people wanted to be able to go and find it so it's going to shift and change, and so do not worry about perfection. Just get it as great as you can get it each day and don't let it take over your schedule, and we're talking about balancing production in this, your home, get it in order and then that, and then remember, you can always get in order again and again, it's, like you're really home, right? You can't just clean your house once and then be done with it. You have to kind of constantly be tweaking things, figuring out where things go, taking care of it. Upkeep so that's just like your web home.

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As a crafter you have plenty of admirers, yet persuading someone who is interested in your work to become a paying customer is no small feat. Learn how you can create a customer path that gets the people who love your products to pay for them again and again.

Capturing someone’s attention for long enough to entice them to buy is a major victory for small business owners. Learn how to incite people’s interest and pave a path to purchase once you have it. Tara Swiger is a marketer and yarn artist who has helps other creators activate their businesses through smart marketing and strategic sales plans. In Marketing for Crafters: Building Your Customer Path you’ll learn how to set yourself up to sell and how to nurture customers so they keep coming back.

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I spent the last 3 days with Tara Swiger in this amazing class. There was so much information that I knew I was going to purchase the series within the first 2 hours into the first days session. It is something I will want to go over again and again. I'm not going to try to revamp every area of my business at once, but it's nice to know I have the tools to work on each part separately, then go back to the series and work on another part. Purchasing the entire 3 days gives me the freedom to go through each step thoroughly and within in my own time frame knowing I can go back and watch it as many times as I need to. Tara makes everything so easy to understand and grasp. She not only gives you the "what" to do, she gives you the "why" you need to do it. Her metaphor of using a path to get your customers from where they are to where you are is perfect for us visual learners! Thank you Tara and CreativeLive -

Julz P

Tara's great to watch and listen to and it is a good class. I am finding cross-over in a lot of the 'business classes' in terms of content so I have heard most of this before. You will get more out of the class if you haven't watched/bought many CreativeLive classes.


This was a great course, with very clear step-by-step instructions. Even if you're a complete beginner. Thank you!