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Why Mobile Recording?

Well, thank you guys, thank you so much for joining us here on creative live. We're so excited to share with you some of the great advancements that have been done to be able to use your mobile device, whether it's an ipad, an iphone and ipad mini so many options to choose from these days to use those tools to be able to record. And I guess the big first question is, well, why in the world what I do that what's the point of mobile recording? Is it possible? How far has it come all that kind of thing? Obviously the first thing with mobile recording, but the biggest reason why this has been developed and we're gonna get into some really cool aps today we're going to talk about some developers that have made some pretty incredible advancements that have made a mobile recording tools even mohr accessible for so many people, but the biggest reason they've done that its report ability. If you're out on tour with your band, you're sitting in the back of the van for hours and hours at a time. ...

Or you're even just, you know, weekend warrior that you want to jump on the bus on your way to work and want to be able to work on some songs. You have a mobile studio right in your pocket that's kind of the whole idea you could pull out your ipad on the bus and sit there and work on the track. You can sit in the back of a van on a road trip and be able to pull up your guitar and records from tracks. The portability and what's possible is what everybody is really excited about with mobile recording. I remember when I first started, I got one of the very first iphones way back, you know, forever go and download, and I think I got a letter was like a four track app started messing around with it and thought this is never going to be possible. This just doesn't work. It's too slow. It doesn't record very high quality. I just can't make this happen. That has come so far since those days, and there are so many tools now available to make it even easier, so we're gonna get into some of those today. The second thing is that processing in late and see have become specifically around late and see has really allowed players whether you're playing live on stage and whether you're using it as a studio tool just writing demos or recording the latest he has gotten so low that it's hardly even noticeable mostly due to the processing power of mobile devices eso things like your ipad your iphone can run on amps him and be able to play along as if you're playing through what feels like almost a riel amp the latest he has really got impressive third thing the dsp processing has improved dramatically eso being able to actually process tracks pull up pretty intense plug in chains has allowed users and musicians to actually use the tools that they would in a real studio running things like compressors beacuse all kinds of effects on dh pretty advanced amp sims one thing we're going to look at today that's impressive amplitude before which is presented, you know, iike a multimedia for the first time amplitude for actually uses the same dsp processing as the desktop version of amplitude that people have used for years, which is really exciting that hasn't happened until now for iowa's amplitude for just came out like a month ago, so we're going to do some demos and you'll get to hear what those tracks actually sound like it actually is pretty impressive um, live sound versus studio use there's sort of two applications for why you would want to use your mobile device from recording live sound is actually becoming more of a common tool, and I know it's it's hard to sort of accept or hard to get into, to imagine sitting on stage with an ipad instead of an amplifier or, you know, an ipad instead of a able to rig or cerrado r and d j set up but there's a lot of tools and made it a whole lot easier on dh it's becoming more and more common there's a really cool app that we're going to look at, too. It was made by a company called a tasty pixel we're going to look at in the second segment today and that's called loopy loopy is basically a loop based app that allows you to create live loops that you can integrate and sort of mix into your life set up. And I've seen a couple of really awesome musicians incorporate this into their lives set up, she was the live component and then there's the studio component, which even if you're just writing demos, if you're sitting and like I said in the back of your van and you want to sit and pull up some demos and start recording. Of your ideas studio application of having a mobile studio in your pocket is pretty incredible. I know we've all had those moments as musicians, guitar players, songwriters we've got an idea you want to get it down, you can scribble some notes out I'm on what you're thinking, but you know you're in the back of a car or you're on your way to work or you're not in a place where you can capture that and remember it for the future. So the idea behind having a portable studio means that whenever you have that idea, when if you have that inspiration, you can capture it, put it in your pocket, move on, go back to work, and you know that when you have time to develop, but it's still there. Finally, the last sort of piece of this is cloud based storage, which has become a huge component of being able to use online. I'm sorry mobile based products being able to store all these ideas on your phone and then have them sink with the cloud with your desktop aps means that if you're sitting in that weird situation where you come up with an idea you can capture, it syncs with the cloud and when you get back to your studio, you can pull up those ideas and drop them right into your session, whatever you're working on it also allows some pretty incredible collaboration tools. Where if you've got a track you're working on, you want to send it to somebody. But they're on tour right now, or they're in another state. You can send them a rough mix. They can sort of share that idea right there. Guitar part recorded right there in whatever situation they're in and bounce it back to you, and you can drop it into your session. That's, that's the kind of stuff that we've dreamed about for years, and it's actually finally getting to the point.

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Mobile recording tools are more powerful and more affordable than ever. Musicians, producers, and engineers use iOS and Android DAWs, guitar amps and drum production platforms both live on stage and in the studio.

The dream of having a recording studio in your pocket wherever you go is finally becoming a reality. IK Multimedia has released a number of products that allow music creators to play and record wherever they are.

In Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia, you’ll learn how to use Amplitube 4 for iOS with IK’s iRig Pro to record and play guitar through 26 different amplifiers and cabinets.

I Declare War guitarist, John Winters will demo the app and build a track using the new Super-looper feature. You’ll also learn how to program beats with SampleTank for iPad and IK’s iRig Pads. Electronic artist, IG88 will show you how to produce a track live with Sampletank.

You’ll also see first hand how Audiobus has created a world of possibilities by allowing third-party apps to route audio between them, turning your iPad or iPhone into a complete mobile studio.