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Modern Women's Portraiture

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Mentoring with Sue Part 2

Sue Bryce, Lou Freeman, Lara Jade, Emily Soto

Modern Women's Portraiture

Sue Bryce, Lou Freeman, Lara Jade, Emily Soto

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5. Mentoring with Sue Part 2

Lesson Info

Mentoring with Sue Part 2

He's a really good run and this is so interesting because an actor and asking this question I give you a lesson in social media in which is really interesting because a lot of people say to me whenever they doing mentoring they're like just the questions you asked made me realize what I wasn't doing which is now on my to do list to do so that's the whole point right is I'm soon going to know on your social media are you on twitter now? The only reason that I'm on twitter now is industry I follow on twitter creative life framed at a rama if stoppers dp refuse seller lounge rochelle tie so twelve hundred other photographers magazines industry blog's charities groups in networks basically my twitter is set up and I have about thirty four thousand followers on twitter to shear in network it's not about may very really tweet about myself I leave that for facebook facebook is the platform where more conversation happens twitter is more connection fast networking I follow the industry because...

you know frame magazine will have this amazing tutorial on clear cutting background and then I was like, wow, I just learned that off you know bang bang bang I loon I shear I connect to other photographers I follow other photographers and what they're doing on twitter because it's fast in the feeders you know something that you check all of the time I feel like that's what it's really good for for me facebook to me is where I have the conversation instagram is jewel company it's not really conversation but it's maur image based marketing and I focused all my attention on facebook on twitter end on instagram I do not have pinterest I felt like I just did not have time for pinterest and I felt like pinterest to me was like smoking crack you know it sounds good for a little while but you know eventually you're going to come on down and I could not afford any time on countries now I get work from countries people get pens off my before and after and then contact me and go hi I'm in this country I have seen your work from pinterest I'm not on pinterest I get word from penn trees which is absolutely hilarious and I feel like instagram is really taking off okay I feel like instagram is really interesting so he's a little tip on mentoring that I actually came here and I were just talking about this to get instagram followers when I first went on instagram which was only a couple of months ago I would take a week's worth of instagrams and then you know how you look at the fate and you can see all the images like a grid twelve I would take a screenshot of my grid and then I would facebook my weekend instagram and then I'd go I would write to shoes creative life lunch with friends, a walk on the beach in which was a basic overview of the twelve photos that I had taken that week on instagram join me on instagram and I felt that posting there on facebook made uh it's like when you say follow me on instagram without saying follow me on instagram, you know and how many people post are you fine and you like no, I think like my page in a sake? No, but if you posted tin really amazing images and said linked them to your persons page there's a really good chance I'm going to follow their link and like your page so stop asking people to like it and give me a reason to like it and so part of their learning about social media is how much he really putting yourself out there business wise in how strategic is your marketing on social media so everybody thinks I share a lot of myself I'm also a very private person and there's so much of myself I don't share on my social media and there's a lot of myself I wish I could share because you know I come from south or claim and I come from the roots of south auckland if somebody gives you a hard time, I'm prepared to throw down for that I would take my shoes off and I would get in that jelly wrestling pull you want you want to go head to head with may you face me, face me, hit on and you say to my faith, you know, I can handle that that's how I grew up, I'm I can roll, you know, that's that's how I am, so to be defenseless on social media to make it it's time from someone might take a little shot at unit just like a little, you know, wide hook, and you didn't kind and I just want to fight back, but this is girl inside me that just wants our fight, and I can't because you just don't feed trolls, there's no point you've got to find the truth and the criticism and move on in this part of me that wants to react, you know you can't do that do not vent rent, let go or retaliate on social media, so you might think that that's not fear because it's not my true voice, but the truth is nobody wants to hear it. You just look like an asshole. Okay, so the first thing I ask people when even I ask people what they're doing, by the way, I lost my personal facebook page for those of you that followed me, I love my personal facebook page, I got cloned it's a big thing it's called facebook cloning I've heard you know conspiracy theory that it was actually facebook that did it basically somebody copies your images they copy your name because you can have multiple pages under the same name they like your same pages they start to find your friends, your friends and I like I thought were already framed by the time they were related it was alluded to may they already had thirty three mutual friends of mine and then they block you from seeing the page that you can't see it which is really odd it looks like you at first glance because they've got your cover image in your profile shot which is easy to copy and then they report your page is doing personal business and facebook shut you down and just like they're eighteen thousand people nine hundred and ninety nine photograph and four years of posts were dilated and break my heart for for a day and then I was like really uh what am I crying about here? So um be careful on your personal facebook but the thing is is most people would rather be friends with you than like you isn't that weird? We want to be friends, not fans because when you're a fan you don't have the same leverage where is when your friends you have the same leverage so we are friending people on our personal page and we've got hardly any likes on our business page and then we're saying dumb things in our personal page like hey had over in like my page and you're not marketing your business page and then you lose your personal page and there goes all of your connections I am now unable to like somebody's page my business page still exists my likes got migrated but I am unable to tag a single person and I have disappeared off eighteen and a half thousand newsfeed's and I would so hard to build that up and it got taken away. It is not the answer to your business. Your business page is the only thing that you really should be working on and it needs to link to a blogger and you know why it needs to link to a blogger because of facebook feed moves in fifteen minutes but a blogger is an archive how many of you sitting in this room have ab log keep your hand up keep your hand up if you blogged once a week okay five all right that's what we need to do we need to turn our blogged into an archive off our facebook feet and make it a little bit longer in really interesting that's when somebody so let's say I see you and you come up your flag summit I see an image on facebook I like it I'm like oh this is a good image I follow the image to your business page all right, I see your name first thing I do and trust me I may have looked at your website I study with sites I know so many photographers in this industry I know about you I know your website and know your work because it interests may I followed to your blogged you haven't blogged since september last year okay anything thatyou facebook pride to that moment I will not see I've only just liked you where will I get my information from your photos page so I'm going to stalk you by going through your photos and that's all the story that you're going to tell me about you and your business it's weird, isn't it? And yet we think by posting on facebook every day that everybody's up with the novel I will say to me, when did you get that and I'll go but you didn't see that facebook post I put on tuesday and like a hundred people liked it it's just like, oh no, I didn't see that I think I'm one of the most important close friends on her feet she should have seen the faith, she didn't see it kid it was like I must have missed that, I would say on the show and didn't look at my social media gone it was a big deal that hand? I got twelve hundred likes. Okay, so I need you to consider that now maybe look at your block a little bit more in terms of media, like if I have a I can't believe I just said, like like like yeah, so if there is something so you have a beautiful quote or a beautiful poem, you put it on your social media. Go on, put it on your blogged justus an archive, because once that's gone from your social media fade in fifty minutes, it exists on your archive now and that's something you wouldn't necessarily have loved pinterest's image based marketing and video sheer countries had a bigger video shia last year than youtube, not a bigger upload, but the biggest sheer it was easier to watch a video and shear it bigger than facebook, so if you are working actively on pinterest, this is a great place to share your videos instead, your video and an emoto marketing campaign that reason alone should be enough to make you want to have a pinterest yes, I know I'm going to do it when I lin light rain, so I believe in it and I believe that you can work it, but you need to find your social media platforms that work for you facebook works for me, it's quickie, I do dumb things as I walk through the airport with my skin attacked in my andes and I tell stories like that and, you know, having embarrassed myself for a really super long time, and I just remember that the other day because I'm putting on my doozy outside nordstrom and I punch myself in the face on, then I wrote it on facebook anyone thought it was really funny and I think really embarrassed myself for a long time this lots of opportunity for that in vegas, I definitely talk mentoring regarding what other social media isn't working for you. Have you got a channel on youtube and over mere hint up to him, youtube and the mirror, okay, so, uh, hands up if you don't have a channel on youtube or the media, okay, tends up, if you haven't put you gotta channel on youtube and then you know, but you haven't loaded anything in the last six months. All right? So the whole point of that is this is where you're actively showing your most visual media and give what your visual add ist so here's, the cool thing you're a visual, addison doesn't make a slide show that goes on the biggest social network in the world you don't know your average sale, but you're in business, you do not project your business through the next financial year but you hope to survive most of us shooting a genre you do not like and for if you're blogging about weekly yeah you can and you know the best part is you are a slice of the entire world that is emailing me and saying what am I to rick on and I know because everything that I just ask you I actually actively dough I work my tail off a week had on anybody I know I'm awake I'm single for god say there's a reason I'm single all of this working fifteen out today you know come on it's too much and it's something that we're not doing so let's keep going as you take these off I want this mentoring book to be your to do list to be your bible I wanted to be the thing that you wake up every day flick throwing a where we et now because this is a night late so is kicking my ass and I have to front up and answer these questions because if I was sitting in front of you right now and you just paid me three thousand dollars to come to your studio and you're answering no to all of my questions how would that make you feel I actually got so angry with one girl that I was mentoring I decided that every time she said something stupid and negative about itself I would pinch her arm and she's that would like nine bruisers second in a pinch, you really hard to just turn my idea of how stupid you sound right now? And she was like, oh, it's really herning and I said, yeah, and what I'm hearing from you is hitting me it's really hating may help yourself first, please. You are with it. Help yourself free yourself. Educate yourself, loon. Confront yourself. Stop bullshitting to yourself. Stop it. Listen, listen to what you really want, you're lying, you're living half a life. You're not telling the truth about what you want to be. You know what? Tomorrow you're going to see larry jael stand up here. She's, twenty four years old. She's worked at that fifteen hours a day since she was sixteen years old. I never met anybody that works as hard as me. Until I met laura. You want to be the next flower? J workers had his larry does. She will seem up to three thousand emails a week to get work. That girl is driven. She knows what she wants, and you're lying to yourself. So, come on, you want to be the next surprise and explore a j the next emily soto, the next lou freeman, go for it, I need you to get those. Behind the scenes and animated videos I need you to get them going this year I really need you to do that I feel like it's something that I've been saying over no begin I also want to know if you're blogging, archive your blog's and make sure there is a subscription to your blogged if people subscribe to your block every time you block, it'll go in the email feed I have thousands hundreds of thousands of hits on my website and I only have fifteen hundred subscribers on my block when I blogged actively that doubles really fast, you know it's so interesting we want to have the power over what coming into our e mail box so people will come and look at you but they won't necessarily subscribe to you because maybe they don't want to put their name to you because then they considered a follower and maybe they don't want to follow you they want to check you out though lead people come back but give him a reason to keep coming back given something to look at. Do you know the blogger recipe I tell listen every single one of my workshops this is how I built my blogged from nothing to million's forty percent knowledge forty percent positive opinion ten percent personality ten percent cell twice a week at least something old something new something borrowed something blue that's my personal recipe I rotate this something old a photograph that you maybe took teen years ago a shoot that you were totally enamored with teen years ago a photographer you're enamored with teen years ago something from the past something beautiful that inspires you today something new that you just took a shoot that you've just done a story about a sheet that you've just done a story about a client that you've just photographed something borrowed is inspiration featured inspiration meaning linking back to the source making sure your feature I'm featuring so bryce is weak she started a campaign for fifty plus woman I'm doing the same thing I'm putting a call out for fifty past models you know something borrowed is something that you get inspiration from the industry something blue is from the heart it's when I write a blogged about me it's when I write it's something that I feel it's when I write about something that moves me it's something that's beautiful and that right there in that moment is how I rotate. So when people say I just run out of things to blogged, you're not being very creative just remember the wedding something old, something new something borrowed something blue apply this to your facebook to social social media go back through your last fifty posts and read them out loud like their story you'll be shocked at how negative you are consistently or how sell you all about the cell and not about the experience how you're all about the fifty pity now photo shoots next month but you're not I just had the most incredible experience with this girl watch it here and ninety nine percent more likely to watch a behind the scenes video when you talk enthusiastically about your chute then you are to have somebody click a link saying fifty percent off three photoshoots lift a match all right advertise on the periphery think about what you're gonna sell think about what you're going to say think about people you follow maybe not me I'm not the cleverest person in the world there are more clever people on social media but two years ago on on wednesday the first match I opened my facebook business page because I I didn't even have one when I did my fears creative life because they had a personal page uh I opened that business page because I'm next up my personal page with friends and today two years later I've done this recipe I have ninety eight thousand one hundred and seventy nine likes on my business page and I did not buy a single one of them I simply followed that recipe so I was interesting and after follow and follow have a look at people that you do follow the are interesting what is it about how I blogged my style that you like and my quickie and my funny and my personal and my a mixture of both do I give lots of information could now that you know the secret, you know exactly what I'm doing, right? Exactly, um, how many of you are using ofthe question? I want to make a comment I wanted to tell you why I love you because I follow you and sister personality, and I'm still laughing about the comment about I hope you step on the lego in response to big upset about someone taking over your facebook page, and I've been giggling about it all day, so I defended you ever obama leggo, yes really hurt way remember that stuff like that and ingrained in the light you see lida and it's like no, but now I call it sue isms because I just but I connect with you, and I think that's something that you offer to people is your unique personality and quirky itself, and I love it. I try to be funny because, you know, there's, a really big part of me that's funny, but I'm not funny enough when I'm being funny, my friends, I always say to me, you're so funny and, you know, I'm not a funny, you know, when it works, I'm not funny enough, I wish I was more funny you know, people say to me and you should do stand up comedy and I thank you, but I would if I was funny more than four percent of the time so my facebook I try to be positive and funny. I also tried to think of some way tio lighten up you've gotta lighten up. There is too much heaviness in this world. Recently I posted a picture of my new runners. I went for iran, I went like this, I posted a picture of my runners and the sky wrote year because that's important and I right dude, this facebook on instagram what eight is important and on face but what I wear is important come on, there's so many horrible things happening in this world isn't nice just to lighten up a little bit and the truth is we using facebook as a platform to bitch and moan and facebook really should just be kind of comedy central sheer bounce network, lighten up, lighten up so do try to lighten up so if anything, uh, if I noticed I haven't been very light on facebook, I try and bounce it up to a bit more funny a bit more positive, so I've always found that in my personal life, when I do want to vent, I try and figure out a way to do it in an amusing way. And actually that just helps me feel better about it in the first place, so I don't actually feel the need to do it and so sometimes I don't post what I crafted anyway it's still painting and you still feel the painting exactly so you know what? You got a kind of I think to my girlfriend I've got a hashtag on my iphone called thank you can't facebook I think those things to the girls and I write pesh check things you can facebook there's just some things I can't facebook uh this backlash this you know, people if I'm too strongly opinionated, I lose follow us sometimes there's a feminist inside me that just is school reaming to get out and I I have to be careful because I understand that in order to be strong and my opinions I have there are other people who also strong and they're on the opposition and, you know, lighten up it's facebook you going toby keep with facebook it's something that it's a tool and it is a tool that can easily be misplaced miss red, I have to be careful how I write something if I write something that incorrect way I can stab in the tech thread I could just say the wrong thing the wrong way and it can hurt people and then it's like bang I've woken up to threads that have been completely misunderstood be careful when you build a following you open up two more criticism you open up to people who do not know you who are only reading your face value on that page and they will say staff that hurt and it's weird, I call them drive by shootings it's like you didn't see the car, it's, just like you felt the bullet and it's like, oh, you know, and it might be a random person random page, or they might even have a name to it, but they're just expressing themselves and it's. Okay, I have a marketing list that on every marketing seminar and woodshop similar that I've done for creative life, it involves valentine's day. I call them hallmark events, charity functions, campaign marketing giving back, which is what we just talked about audience related expose private events, private party speaking engagements and gift bags staff and sent its client and center's current database rewards program and referral system. This is the marketing list that I take you all through when ever I teach marketing and putting your business out there. I've asked you in the mentoring questions how many of them you actively doing, and I've broken it down to a subject because I got I beat you, you're doing about three fifteen of them and a really good way to get it to do list just off all of those things you might think this is such a basic question do you have a printing business card in? Is it with you at all time? So one day this guy said to made you have a business card and at the time I couldn't accept forward one hundred dollars to buy a business card and I was like, oh no, I don't have one, you know, um and he was like my own business one question I still think about it, all right? That's in your mentoring page, I need to know heavy created a printable brochure for your business. Do you have a digital brochure or pdf for each? Generally you shoot? This usually carries about an eighty seven percent no and that's phrase you khun design that yourself on for the shop and email it to people. Do you have? Have you utilized issue magazine twenty dollars a month unlimited high res issue magazine online that you can bid into your blogged in your studio issue with to use dot com this thing I've ever seen looks like a magazine tunes pages the shadow down the center do you have a gift voucher printed for your business for when you want to give to shoot that has a dollar value so that the people who you're gifting it to still have a dollar value related to the shoot that they're doing and are you carrying these with you at all times? Are you having problems pricing yourself? If you're having problems pricing yourself your biggest your problems are way bigger than marketing because you haven't even got anything to market yet is the priceless directing your average sale where you want it? If you want your average sales to go up, you either need to offer more or put your prices up or change your price list so that it's smaller and it directs your average sale to the money that you want to hear. I've always worked under the idea that I have small, medium or large madam which one would you like if you give people three options, nineteen nineteen of them take the middle road so wherever your priced if you're not small, medium or large ifyou've got eighty seven items on your priceless who's got there who's got the price list that's about three pages long that look it's the length of a bible yeah, I see them all the time you know mine's really simple my images might folio boxes started twelve hundred dollars my average tallis three thousand three hundred what you get for that is the best package because that is the package everybody buys that's what I tell my clients I tell them what they're going to spend because that's my service too many options on your price list doesn't work small medium or large madam I need you to bring it back to that are you creating business to business alliances? So when I first started talking about business to business alliances like working with a cell on working with the studio working with you here salon working with a beauty therapist everybody instantly went out sent out the letter and said let me give away vouchers but they didn't build a network they didn't build a relationship with this person they didn't give back to them so I've taught the girls what the girls are doing now is they're giving gift vouchers through salons but they're paying the head risa for every twelve to eight hundred dollars shoot they're getting their paying the interest one hundred fifty dollars for the lead what two laid within your marketing don't you think somebody who's getting paid for leeds is going to keep providing you work there's no such thing as a free lunch what do you do for free to help other people's businesses every day and that person is sitting at home going why isn't she sending me work? Are you creating a business? Nick work outside of photography fifty backseat you got a whole lot of photography friends you talk about the trouble you with invent with but how many businesses are you meeting weekly that are not businesses that are photography studio that helping you get work if you're feeling told off

Class Description

Beauty is an ever-shifting, ephemeral, and crucial element to capture when taking a successful portrait. Learn the art and science of photographing beauty straight from four of the best fashion and glamour photographers working today — Sue Bryce, Lara Jade, Emily Soto, and Lou Freeman. Through dynamic instruction, each of these world-renowned photographers will reveal the many skills and techniques that create their unique, unparalleled styles.

During a live mentoring session, Sue Bryce will push audience members to define their true purpose and set an actionable roadmap to make it a reality. Sue will also cover how to craft authentic marketing campaigns that resonate with women of all generations. Lara Jade and Emily Soto will reveal the choices that define their distinctive, award-winning styles, covering everything from lighting to retouching. Glamour photographer Lou Freeman will teach what women want to see in their portraits and walk you through the right questions to ask your clients.

The four photographers will then reconvene for a grand finale: six hours of posing education. Sue will teach her signature beauty and glamour poses, Emily will delve deep into creative posing techniques, Lara will cover fashion posing, and Lou will walk you through timeless boudoir poses.

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Occasionally, things fall into place, and you end up with the kind of event that we just watched. It was marvelous to see these four amazing individuals contribute their own perspectives and content and to see them interact with one another. It was honest, brilliant and a must have to view many times over. One of the best courses on Creative Live and further evidence that Creative Live is going from strength, to strength and is worth every bit of our investment and time.

a Creativelive Student

This was such a great 3 days! Each one of those women are so inspiring in a different way. Sue Bryce is my absolute role model and it was a great experience to get to watch and listen to her. She makes her lessons relatable and very easy to understand and remember. So many small tips and tricks that will make a big impact on how I shoot as well as how I market! Thank you Sue. I had never heard of Lara Jade and Emily Soto before this started and I can say thank you to creativeLive for the opportunity to be inspired by two other amazing women in the photography business. The unique style and confidence they displayed was great to watch. I don't shoot fashion, but I was able to take good bits and pieces from it all. I am stepping out of my box... starting today! Thanks again to each of the women and cL for putting this all together. Kristin Campbell Journey Images, Alberta, Canada

Kim Sleno

As a participant in the live audience, this is a fabulous course, from Sue Bryce's honesty in helping a person to look within themselves to find your own motivation, her wonderful real examples of posing women, to Lou Freeman's posing for boudoir this is a course that will help a person learn a craft and where they might want to go. I loved Lara Jade's vision of fashion and how she has arrived at such an early age. Emily Soto brings a different dimension to fashion photography that is inspiring, from her use of vintage cameras to her editing skills. This is a course for anyone wanting to learn about photographing women. I highly recommend. Thanks CreativeLive !!