Photographing Athletic Portraits


Photographing Athletic Portraits


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I am thrilled today. I have been looking forward to showing this and sharing my experience with you. I've been doing this photography for 12 years, and it's definitely been an interesting journey. I absolutely love what I do, and it's been something that I work constantly hard at. Everything I've done has been methodically done. Nothing's happened by mistake or by chance, and it's not happened overnight, so if you're getting overwhelmed or you see, "Oh my God, you do all this stuff," I've been doing this 12 years, so I have a little bit of experience doing this, and I'm finally starting to get half decent at what I do. So it takes time and patience to learn. In this segment, I'm gonna go over how I photograph athletes. And for me what that means is being efficient with your time, because the people I photograph don't have a lot of time. If I'm lucky I get 10, 15 minutes with them, but usually I get a couple of minutes with them, two or three. I've had to do a few photo shoots that have...

been only 30 seconds long. And when you do stuff like that, preparation is key, and being prepared and being mobile to the unexpected is what's gonna help you out in the best possible way. So one of the first things I wanna get off is thanking all the companies I work for, I work with, actually not work for. Bay Photo's been a huge supporter of mine. I'll be showing some of my work and how I market myself actually, and you'll see my actual physical books. I'm a huge believer in showing your work in print. It always makes the impact, and it just makes a good impression in my opinion. Triple Scoop Music are big supporters of mine. I love working with them too as well. In my behind-the-scenes videos I use their music. Profoto, I'm fortunate enough to be in their roster for their Legends of Light, and all the lights we're using here are Profoto today. And Canon, I have a great relationship with them. Canon was my first digital camera that I shot with, it was like Canon Rebel, the six megapixel one they had. That's the first one I had back in 2005 I believe, or so. But one thing I do wanna mention is my Instagram. My reason why I'm bringing this up is 'cause I put a lot of my latest work in here. These are like the last six images that I posted, besides the ones here for Creative Live. But the biggest thing today if you're watching live and you don't get your question in to Ken, I guess the chat room could be really full, we'll be going on Live after this for like 20 minutes or however long for about an hour, and you can ask me any questions directly and I'll be able to answer them. So if you're watching live and you wanna ask me a question directly, just hit me up on Instagram, I'll be going live at 3 PM for about an hour or so, or 30 minutes. But again, this is kinda my work right here, photographing athletes. This is talking about photographing and not having a lot of time. This is Brandon Thomas. This photo shoot that I did with him, these are three images I got. That was done just in a few minutes with a two light setup that I love doing. This was a little bit of a different story. This is a personal project, and I had an entire two days to photograph Jaylen Brown. The caveat with this is with these pictures were taken, I was directing video, so they were done in video light, and the following day I did lit stuff with Profoto lights. But I would say both of these are personal, or actually just the top ones are personal work, the bottom ones were kind of done on assignment, so they were not necessarily like personal work. I was just getting the lighting pat down for a talent coming in.

Class Description

Time is money when photographing high profile athletes. One must be quick and efficient, which are two traits that can apply to any photography business. Five time portrait photographer of the year Alexis Cuarezma will break down how he prepares to photograph and produce a number of different looks within minutes to give his clients different visual options. He'll explain how he sets up his lighting to maximize efficiency and produce a variety of looks within a short period of time.