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Photography Critique with Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl

Photography Critique with Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl

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Class Description

Join internationally renowned adventure and landscape photographer, Alex Strohl as he critiques a select group of adventure, landscape, and environmental portrait photographs. Alex will curate your submissions and provide his expert insight into how you can improve your work in the field and in post-processing. Join Alex to learn from his advice and insight into how to improve a variety of images and inspiration to keep searching for and capturing your unique perspective through photographs.

Ratings and Reviews

Ron Boger

Alex's class is spot on for learning proper technique and process. Alex is a fantastic story teller with his images. How cool is it he shares his insight with us and our images! So glad I came across this offering from CreativeLive and Alex Strohl.


Wonderful class! Thank you for your critique on my photo!

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