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Critique Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Photography Critique with Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl

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Lesson Info

1. Critique Introduction

Lesson Info

Critique Introduction

It's a huge honor to be here. I've taken many classes from here and I'm not just saying that because I'm here but I've actually taken classes from this place and it's such an institution for me at least and for people I know. It's one the few, I feel, like online learning platforms that allow, like it's not, how to say it, it's not vanilla. It's really, I don't know. I've taken classes with different places online and I love learning all the time and I feel like Creative Live is really leading the pack on this. So it's an honor to be here. I wanna tell you about my background with critique. I'm from Europe and we're very critical in France especially with things, as you probably know. And I find it quite healthy actually. It's gotta be taken with a grain of salt always but I found that critique has really helped me push my work forward in two ways, either by showing my work to other people and seek advice from them. And it's not just showing photos to your best friend and be like, hey ...

check it out, look at it. And they're oh, love it, you know? That's great, but you gotta really ask for critiques from people in ways that you gotta push for it. Not everybody wants to say bad things about your photos, so I found that you can develop a technique. You can be like, seriously, I mean it. What do you think? How can i improve this photo? What do you think's wrong? And I don't ask everybody. I just ask a few people I trust with taste, right? Who's giving you this advice? So I'd say develop a circle of people that your trust and you can show images to each other. It's really healthy, and I don't know, it just propels you forward. And then there's a self-criticism, which as every artist, you guys know, it's everybody who does things and puts them out there, a bit part of it is, there's a lot of self-doubt, and you're always not sure what's going on. You know the drill, but there is a point where the criticism helps you move forward. I could improve this. And there's a point where it also can become unhealthy, and it can also kinda hold you back from your potential, so it's very own topic, and we can cover it right now. (laughs) The way that you have to stop this balance and you also need to be confident about your work. So, just keep that in mind that it's not only the self doubt. You just need to have a balance of it.

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Ron Boger

Alex's class is spot on for learning proper technique and process. Alex is a fantastic story teller with his images. How cool is it he shares his insight with us and our images! So glad I came across this offering from CreativeLive and Alex Strohl.


Wonderful class! Thank you for your critique on my photo!

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