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The Class Materials

Lesson 3 from: Photoshop for Beginners: Essential Training

Mark Wallace

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3. The Class Materials

Instructions for downloading and installing the sample files we’ll be using during this class.
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The Class Materials


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Lesson Info

The Class Materials

before we begin, I want to make sure that you have the class materials, you can find those on the class website, the class page, you scroll down to the bottom and you can see all those class materials there, download those and then make sure you put them in a location on your computer that is easily accessible. I have put them on the desktop, on my computer here. Now there are two things that we want. The first is our training workbook and you can see that it has all kinds of information that goes over all the things that we're gonna be talking about in the class and then it has some a little bit of extra information here and there and some of the shortcut keys and things that you might want to refer to later on. You can also use it to take notes and so make sure that you have the workbook, so you can follow along at home. And then the other thing is we have the class materials. These class materials are what we're going to be using now. One thing to note is once you install these and ...

put them on a great place on your hard drive, make sure that you notice that some of these files have different file extensions, they're not the same kind of files. So for example, wanna has wanna dot DMG wanna dot jpeg wanna dot psD. So there are three wanna files but one of them is a raw file. One of them is a Jpeg file. One of them is a Photoshop file. So as we're going through the exercises, I'll be very specific as to which one of these files you need to choose and will be explaining why there are different file types in all of that kind of stuff. Okay. Now that you have the sample files installed on your computer, it's time for us to get going and open our very first file.

Class Materials

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Class Materials

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Mark did a great job at explaining things and going over them multiple times throughout the lessons. My only issue was that sometimes it went a little faster than I could keep up and I needed to rewind it a bit and start again. But from someone who has never worked in photoshop before I 100% recommend this class to anyone trying to learn.

Terri Schwartz

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