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The Real Kids Event System

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Sales Session #1

Lori Nordstrom

The Real Kids Event System

Lori Nordstrom

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Lesson Info

13. Sales Session #1

Lesson Info

Sales Session #1

So I'm just gonna flip through them all first I love this one this one's so cute adrian was climbing on the back of the chair and every single time it was like ah you're perfect it was so cute I love it look at his toes I love this his little toes hanging e I love that too so this one we could even crop adrian out of ethan look so sweet just sitting there that one's with super cute in fact I'm gonna go back is he even tugging on his tie that's kind of like that umm cute love that test normally what would you be showing these on? Would it be that I wanted to spring a laptop okay to the event so we show on the laptop there is a synchronization app that you could do so that you can hold your laptop in your client can hold your ipad and then all they see is just the image I'm going through and I really like that as well. It works with the home you also so that only what you're seeing is the image of you in the middle is what they see so that works really well but all these are going to be,...

um those are the two of them together. I like them just doing their thing in being naughty boys that once that was sweet uh but any any of the two of them together like this would be great for that center image that we talked about I think that might have been doing a little dance cued um and I will say to you guys, these are obviously not anywhere close to what they're gonna look like when I pull the ron finished these um she's a photographer so she knows but in real life mom sitting right here does not care she is not thinking about that at all all she cares about is those looks on our boys faces even this right here you know? I mean, I could tell you I mean, that has hysterical that would make me crack up every single time I looked at it, you know, something like that could even end up being out the wall portrait because it's them you know, they're they're being them cute like that we'll try to get our settings a little better for the next session, but that's katie, I love adrian space in that all right? So normally as I'm going through these, I'm actually categorizing them, but it's for some reason when we sank two didn't get those that setting and what kinds of category I'm dude, I'm actually as I'm going through she's thinking that she's looking at him for the first time before we go back and go through each one individually but what I'm doing as we're doing that as I'm going ahead and say it nope nope nope and I'm I'm narrow them down and we've got I don't know how many images was going to tell you but love that okay thank you oh it's looks that one again ugo that one that one looks like a jury is about to do something really naughty e and that was on the ball like that just looking at it I would just get rid of it normally and she's never going to go through thirty forty images and go wait, what about that one? You know, it's just not gonna happen when we go through it again we took a lot of images in a very short amount of time um I actually I really love these and this one would be very easy to just lighten up his face. So um that's super cute that's the way q I love how he's holding his hand and his little chubby hands and so even like so something like that and in the two previous vertical ones I could see hanging together uh and we could get adrian out of that one I think that was really precious that was out of focus, so that would be you know, as this class to hug was we got I think hopes I don't know why I was there all right, so we flipped there in one time and it pretty much is just like that we just float through and then I'm gonna go back to the light tray here and let's say for instance thes three that we saw I really love all three of those two even together go back um so so then what happens is after we flip through the first time we're going teo then go back and normally like I said I would have this already edit down without even saying anything to her I tell you how many images we have here I can't see it what um but what we'll do now is okay is we will all go ahead since my rating system isn't really working here I'll go through and select a couple of these first ones of the boys and we'll choose a favorite so we've got are we able to angle this over here at all? Can we just e don't think nicole can really see that okay with you guys e I e I would say one of these three let's go back I think that all kind of adrian's which one is the best of even worse ones for that first one for six and as you can see in here I can click and drag and crop that in just right away so very easy tio you know, on the fly even if it's not composed perfectly you just cropping and if you want to if you want it back out it's just all key and go the other way so makes it is just a really nice quick easy we're going to say we love that one of the boys um for time's sake and well let's just let's go through this first row and see if it's rating them like I think it is so we know that so that's the one that's a yes come on huh we're leaving where they are normally just with the arrow keys I can go down when you think about that one I think even didn't warm up until a little bit later I think it looks great and that's not a typical question like I said she's a photographer normally he normally if said I mean if somebody did ask me that I'm gonna tell her I wouldn't put anything on your wall that's not in focus so you don't need to worry about that we'll just choose our favorites okay we like the other one this one better okay and so we've got the ones selected we like for a six and four fourteen or for fifteen with those I love you I love that he's leaning in this one because he's just climbing over that chair and it's just cute little foot up is up there but I liked the angle of his body and that one too and ethan really looks keeping both of those like fourteen okay, so we're going to call that our favorite of the two of them and they're and and let's look down here at thes of then by themselves favorite adrian this hand's ok, I love that that or anything that that one or even of the ones before I think are his eyes closed in that he's either closing this one he's looking down alright so yeah that one or fifty five can't tell which one fifty great and fifty five we're going to go I will get this figured out on the break you guys all right? Okay, so we're just gonna know it's fifty three fifty five and six no fourteen fourteen so when we go into our, uh home view what we're here and we've got your I've got this saved and I have sent nickel uh this saved home you that we did right over this campus that we're gonna tell her she needs to go hang somewhere else um so this is what we designed and how do you feel about the colors you think we did? Okay? Well, yeah, ok, awesome. So we're going to drag this and and and now that we've chosen images, we've chosen vertical images so I'm going to suggest to her actually that she chooses the package b which it makes it eleven by twelves instead of the ten by tens and because otherwise we'd be cropping too much which is totally fine so we're just going to tell her that and we can drop those images in and I've got um I can look right here and see what my colors are I've got emerald and cameo brown cow and this one is being cherry and roman and emerald so I would just make a note of that and then we'll meet click in I can go to her to the templates and choose package b instead let's get rid of these first I'm just gonna hit the b button to delete these and I'm gonna choose package uh be to put over here I'm gonna go back to her client room rooms client bring her room view in there we still have it all size perfectly for that space and one of the tools in preview is you select off three and then these air kind of like your photo shop tools where you can line everything up so I'm going to say, you know to make him horizontal this is teo vertical distributes them vertically and then bottom edge so they're all lined up there perfectly now and so now we can go and click on each one and it will take us to the project builder and we've got her images here normally there are edited images and there it's it's trying to do that but we'll do it we'll do the centre one first get it cropped in there and how cute is that prime collection we're going to get golden color we're gonna find that emerald green there it is and then we're going to trim it with the trend and trim color of a brown of some sort o there's being cherry okay, so cute were going to say that project so so laurie, in this situation I know you're just going full steam eyes nicole are you looking at this saying, oh, yeah like what she's doing and you're thinking of the things in your head or does the mom ever stop you at this point say, wait a minute, wait a minute how's that work we die I mean, wilt I'll ask her about, you know, but typically a lot of that's already handled, you know, I already talked to her on the phone and we even talked on the phone if I was sitting here for the first time, this is not going to goa smoothly because I'm not going to know that those colors were right for her and I had an asked for that before, but I based the color choices that I chose with the surrounding elements that she sent to me that's one of the things that we always ask them to do is to not just photograph the wall we want him to photograph the surrounding elements we do want to face on so that its we've got that image flat straight on and not in an angle but I want to see like if there's a couch or credit enzo or something to the side and she did a great job with that by showing me some of those elements so I could choose the colors and like I said, I had an ass for that before but it's if we came to that point and we needed to change colors, you can see that we can easily do that here because now we literally are rebuilding this because we chose a different size so normally even with kids this age I can get a moment where I've got their little faces together and I started to play that little game with them but they just weren't having it um where you know let's, put your feet together let's put your hand together let's put your tummy in together and then they giggle and let's put your cheeks together and they kind of play this little sequence and evens right on the edge of wanting or you know that age to do it but that three, four, five, six age they want to play that kind of follow the leader game and it's really fun so in my mind I'm thinking faces close together and that ten by ten well, we didn't get that we got this instead and this is justice precious so we'll just change the orientation of the framing that we originally intended so I'm gonna do this as the project I think I saved it already, but I'll do it again so we've got that they're for the middle um we've got this and now because that saved um never mind. Okay, now we're gonna go back and we're gonna do this one and we're going tio I'm gonna do the colors first and we're going to start with brown on this one and add the trim, which is going to be the bungalow trim and the let's try that new. Well, like I said, if you go do it alphabetically, it becomes much easier emerald okay, so what I'll do now reason it wasn't safe before I want to save this project and so that's going to allow me to pull this frame for a second time to put on that wall instead of having to go back and find the colors again and re create it. So we'll do that we'll go back to our image is here and we're gonna find our individual one that we love of adrian, just this one we'll put that in there that's size pretty well for that spot we're going to say, save now, since you're just showing the the small j peg would you say to mom one way or the other oh don't worry we'll lighten up his face and I know I think you said yeah I don't really they don't know I mean like something like that though is pretty obvious we've got a dark face so I would say that to her um I'm also going to tell her even before we start looking at the images I'm gonna tell her you know you know I just photographed you so uh before you get everything anything everything is gonna be perfect um but we're just gonna be making our selections at this time so yes, I'm not sure why my project isn't saving there should be a new frame in there so we're gonna have to build this all right so now we're gonna go find a thin and we liked mr g q here and crop that up and you see how easy it is to just crop and go is this one supposed to be animal thank you because um if it's not we'll get the idea there's the trim we're going to do the big cherry and we're going teo save uh back to our wall so now here we are again and I messed with them so they got kind of out of whack there must separate him just a little bit more because we've got a lot of space there now if this was a studio client I would be recommending larger frames for this space and with the with a real kids event client I'm gonna let the mom suggest that if she says no, can I go bigger with those? Absolutely but I'm not going to take it over the limit with this mom because we've already present hit her with four packages that I'm trying to plug her in too quickly and so but but a lot of times that does happen you know where somebody will say to me you know, I kind of lost their um and you know and they look fine these would look fine just as they are, so I wouldn't sell it if I didn't think that it looked great but um and as you can see, I did this opposite this was supposed to be the round brown frame on the right so I did that the opposite but that's gonna look great with her decor it's gonna look a super in this room and she can move these anywhere in this room she could choose to take this image out, hang these two together and still do another you know, peace there maybe she loves a different one of the two of them that she wants to go hear bigger and that you could take this one out as an accent piece so there's all kinds of things that you can do with the grouping like this and this is what I would do normally if I messed up like that with the client, I would just move these around and just go switch that image real quick and stuff trying to find the colors so we've got that selected for her grouping and one of the things that nicole and I talked about she told me on the phone that, you know, I'm pregnant, I'm about to have another baby, and I really don't know if I want to do this, I don't know I don't want to commit to a package, and so we discuss the fact that, you know, these boys air this age right now and there's only two of them and there's gonna be a baby that's coming along that's going to take the spotlight and how awesome is it gonna be for those boys to say, you know what? I'm pretty important there I am, you know, um and so in a nickel agreed, and she thought that would be a great way to really celebrate this time and the boy's life before that baby comes and takes over because he will, um so we've got that, and then also with your package, nicole, you're going to get to tabletop frames and so do you think you'd like to do want toby to the bois alone are I'd like to find two more of them together, probably together so that where they could be they don't have to stand next to each other I feel like if there's one of each, then they kind of a pear, but if it's both of them together, they can be moved in different places great! And I think there were a few that were both of them together. We're pretty cute, so hopeful there are two more that would qualify to be framed perfect, okay? And I'm gonna explain real quick why I wasn't seeing those projects come in it's because I wasn't building a project, I was taking it from the home view, and so now that I click save home you, there are my projects that I just built, so now what happens with that? Normally I would be building them separately and pulling them into the room view, but I I pulled them in from a template that was already built with the three together, so now that they are saved, they're here I just realized it clicking on this um but now I've clicked save home view and so I can come down here to the saved home views and it's going to be there for me, so before I had this one without the kids in it, now I've got this one with the kids so we've got those theater thing that I can do if nicole says, you know, I really do like that, but I don't necessarily want it in this room, I can go to one of the other rooms that she sent me and she sent me your stairway also, and I can put it on her stairway so we could move it around there and and, uh, do something great for for the stairway. So this time we talked about this a swell, and I told you guys that normally if somebody sends me to different areas, I'm going to design for two different areas, but this was a spot that we really thought could be reserved for growing that gallery when the baby came, so we'll do something special in the living room and in a year or two she's gonna want to move these images somewhere else in the home you don't wantto lose them or get rid of them, but she'll want to move them and then bring in new images of all three of the kids or baby in each of the boys unless there's some crazy photographer that can get them all together. But you know she'll have that space for that, and then she can continue to grow this gallery with the baby, so we'll go out and that's been saying we'll go out and flip through some of the the two of them together I'm going to say let's look at kind of a different situation, he says we've got the one on the chair and wait and the fame the thing with the smaller ones to owe you things with the smaller ones too is even something like that I mean it's so great to have a little out take on a table when you've got the you know the fortunes hanging on the wall so I would even suggest something like that it was just funny that's a good one like that too so when she says I like that are you starting it I am starring it and I can start them with just hitting the one two and three keys so one is going to be a favorite and two and some people do it opposite like a three star is the best you know I'm just used to doing one for yeses and three for nose and two for maybe so and typically um I am going through each one individually I got thrown a little bit I'll tell you with not having this work just like it normally does but typically I am telling her we're gonna go back down through each image individually and as we go through I'm just going to have you tell me if it's a yes or no or maybe your nose were just gonna throw out of the bunch and there were not we'll get those again you're maybe is there going to be your biggest category? Those air goingto be images that we can go back to if you decide on an album or any multiple image piece and the yeses will be your very favorites that we will be choosing product for so as we look through you can just tell me we're going to throw it out or it's a maybe or yes and so that's typically the spiel I don't even go there freaked out over here tv and guess what we have another one way have a five minute break in between it's like a twenty minute break oh wow so you really haven't figured out all right better right uh but that's typically how that normally would go so we're kind of jacked up here a little bit but it's going and we're still you know you could see the process at least how how this kind of works I love that too it's sweet and and what helps with that is right now I'm just kind of going oh let's look at the ones we like but once we have them categorized we know okay? We've got him down to this many images and so well I'm gonna be able to suggest an image boxer, an album or something to add on because we've got this group of images that she really loves right now I'm kind of just flying out of my pants which is also really and really learning moment yeah you know I mean if if stuff happens you just deal with it but this is a good reason for me to have run through this on a different computer before I jumped on it so ivan love that I love seeing adrian's eyelashes and he's so into the you know what he's doing and be with that ball of that that was a good little prop to bring and they like this kate so have you seen any of those stuff so far that you would think I go backto like trey we liked that one a lot hi look a couple of days of the two of them together uh pull those up so this is well once you've narrowed down to favorites you can then pull up a side by side view so that makes it nice to you know really get down teo well I you know I love this these four I don't want to get rid of one of them but I think for my table top frame I'm gonna take this one we still know we've got the other three to work from if we end up with a multiple image piece second to twenty nine and thirty one I could see them side by side actually being displayed side by side thea other thing that I failed to do laurie is tohave an order form with me and you can and preview can just add to an invoice you don't have to do anything written there's ah invoicing system right built in but I always have hand written my orders and so I continue to do it. Um one of the things that we do have is and she likes twenty nine and thirty one of the two boys together so we would go with those for those smaller frames, but one of the things that I would d'oh uh that it does is when we're in the framing it is going teo sorry I'm gonna go back to projects it's going to give me a price right over here on the side it's not going to show up until I do this and if they're honest, if they're on an ipad or something separate, they're not going to see it. This is the price that the client pays, so I've already told you the system I want you to multiply my frames by this much my print costs is already in there, so they're seeing the print costs and the frame cost so that makes it easy where she wants to add ah fourth piece to her grouping I can come in here, look at the one frame and say an additional fran a buddy one ninety five with your package you're going to get ten percent off an additional frame um or whatever, you know, whatever you decide to do, but, um, this that's one thing, I don't choose to use the invoicing system within here, just personal preference. I was taught way back when from tim kelly, that it's very personal to sit and be able to write and take notes and for you to see me taking notes that say, you know, we like this about this one or that about that one crop this one this way, but it is nice also to be able to just save it like she has seen it cropped it saved in here, we save the project, so we always have that to go back to a reference. Any questions, guys, yes. So how do you feel about this process that you're going that you guys are going through right now? I actually really like it because I get to see all of the images, and I know that larry said she would, you know, throw away the bad ones immediately, but I even like seeing they're not so good ones and, um, getting to see how they look in the different frames before committing teo in order that I might not be sure if you know the colors going to be what I think it is concerning the frame on also getting to see the layout in your house is great because it's really difficult to imagine what it will look like in reality so it's nice to get to see that and have the sizes all the ratios there so I think that's really fabulous it's a lot better than just looking at little images on someone's website and clicking that you like this picture and hoping that the actual final product is going to look like how you think it will look so I think it's really really great and um it's okay and I know that I don't know if there's any money transfer your will hopefully not so but I'm not being paid so what you're saying but you know um you know because I looked at this and you know underlying thing here I mean this is were business people you know and making money and but yet you know the money piece I'm not sure when that was I can remember when you said that you recovering that earlier I know that you've said well this is going to be around expect to spend around thousand they actually get all my packages so they already have a pdf from the product menu if they don't have an actual one I also have always with me ah hardbound coffee of it and so if there are questions and they don't bring a lot of times they actually bring it back with them or they've printed it out on the computer I've heard some photographers say they would never let their client send a pdf because they're clients going to print it and it's gonna look like crap I do not care minutes it saves money you know you send up a pdf product many um I always even in my family sessions in the studio one hardbound piece everything else gets pdf tw now with the with the wall uh the sticker thing, I am printing some pieces, but you certainly don't have to you don't have to invest in that money in the beginning, but I'll have ah hardbound piece with the packages in it and this again tomorrow I'm gonna show you guys but I actually have the package is on one side and the build a collection on the other so it means together and that's another just money saver I don't wantto print to different albums and when I'm working with a mom on either way, if they wanted to choose from the other one it's okay um but were they they don't because of the way that we're focused on the one the one is the only thing they get in the mail and so that's, what are the email so that's what they're going to see so it actually has package a package b but eh so she's got this with all the prices already and then I'm telling her based on her wall and everything we've talked about this is the one I'm I suggest so you know and that that's another thing that too if you go home tomorrow and I only do one thing differently you know, yesterday I told you you could just do taking your image offline and meeting with your client in person and double your money this is the second thing I make a suggestion I have to say I appreciated it quite a bit on dh that's the other yeah from the client side because we spoke beforehand gave her the photo of the room talked about the issue of having another baby so photographing them now and, you know, dealing with more images later so having given all that information to her and then having her provide a suggestion did help just with my guidance as to what I should kind of should be looking for and then what she can provide to satisfy what my needs are when I think you know, we've all been to the furniture store, the car dealership or the you know, whatever we're making a large purchase and were were there and there's somebody that really is helpful they're they're taking the time to show us fabrics and options and asking about you know what? You want something deep? Do you want something more narrow? What's your space look like how does that work in your space? And at the end, you don't feel soul? Do you feel taking care of, you know, and so that's the point of even going through this whole process, to make sure that she feels really good about the decisions that she's making and and our clients want her suggestions, they want them. So that's that's. One thing that the typical process with the photographer is teo, do a slide show and show all the images and go through everything, and then, you know, mom saying, yes, I like this. I like that. I like this and we get to the end and we say, okay, well, what would you like? They don't know what they want. They like these pictures and way, haven't walked them through this process and let them know what's available and make those suggest asians they don't know and so make suggestions, do it in person to things that will change your life

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Lori Nordstrom is bringing her Real Kids Event System to creativeLIVE to teach you how to plan one-day kids portrait events that consistently bring in great sales! She’s going to show how her system works for everyone from the mom working from home to the established studio owner looking to reach a new market segment. Marketing, photography, client communication, workflow, sales – three days packed with all the tools and information you need to run successful high-end portrait events each and every time!

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An excellent course, though I wish it had not been over a weekend. Between the craziness of holiday card season (many of us shoot all weekend) and personal activities (kid stuff, church), I could only attend day one live and ended up having to buy the whole thing. Probably will be glad I did because I'm thinking of implementing this program, but that would not necessarily be the case for all webinars I'd be interested in. You guys do an awesome job, and thanks for even offering all this free training!

Photo Jason

This was such an exciting class. I can't wait to implement Lori's system into my business. But it is so much more than that. I always thought I was priced well, but Lori made me realize that I was still way under priced! Best all around photography class. I lived it so much I also bought her other class! Please invite her to come back and teach another course!

a Creativelive Student

I second the whole weekend thing and hoping for the $99 price